Show Airtime in Japan (GMT +9) Airtime in US (EST, GMT -5) ANN Entry Premiere Date
Shakugan no Shana Wednesday, 24:45 Wednesday, 10:45 None October 5th
Karin Thursday, 24:00 Thursday, 10:00 Link November 3rd
Paradise Kiss Thursday, 24:35 Thursday, 10:35 Link October 13th
Black Cat Thursday, 25:25 Thursday, 11:25 Link October 6th
Mai-Otome Thursday, 25:30 Thursday, 11:30 Link October 6th
Hana Yori Dango (Drama) Friday, 22:00 Friday, 8:00 Link October 21st
Blood+ Saturday, 18:00 Saturday, 4:00 Link October 8th
Jigoku Shoujo Saturday, 24:00 Saturday, 10:00 Link October 4th
Lamune Saturday, 24:00 Saturday, 10:00 Link October 8th
Ginban Kaleidoscope Saturday, 26:50 Saturday, 12:50 None October 8th
Mushishi Saturday, 27:50 Saturday, 13:50 Link October 22nd
Canvas 2 ~Niji-iro no Sketch~ Sunday, 24:00 Sunday, 10:00 None October 2nd
Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~ ? ? Link Fall 2005

Note: All times are given in a 24 hour format, using what I call relative day time where times are extended to show which day they belong to. For instance, Friday morning at 1:30AM would become Thurday at 25:30 to show that the episode aired late Thursday night. Also, please notice that I’ve adjusted all the times for Daylight Saving. Meaning the EST times won’t be correct until that goes into effect on October 30.

By no means is this list complete, these are just the series I plan to watch the first episode of. Check out MOON PHASE for an entire listing and AndrewLB’s Fall 2005 Wiki for who’s tentatively subbing what.

A brief run-down on my choice of shows:

  • Shakugan no Shana – If only the art of this series looked like the front page of the website…Another show I’m just sampling to see if I like it or not. The book covers seem to suggest a lot of girls with swords.
  • Karin – The title character is a reverse vampire: she expells blood instead of sucking it. In the event that she can’t find someone to stick her blood in, she nosebleeds and hilarity ensues. I enjoyed reading the manga, so I’m looking forward to this.
  • Paradise Kiss – Yay! Yazawa Ai has recently become one of my favorite mangaka, and I just finished reading ParaKiss a week ago, so I’m very much anticipating this series. Paradise Kiss is the story of a Yukari, a high school student who’s unsure about the direction of her future. She meets a group of students who have a clothing brand named Paradise Kiss, and her life changing adventures begin…
  • Black Cat – Another series that I’ve read the manga of. Black Cat is about Train, an assassin turned bounty hunter. The story is very reminiscent of Cowboy Bebop, and has plenty of action. I’m not so keen on the character designs, but we’ll wait and see how good the animation is (since Gonzo is the studio).
  • Mai-Otome – The sequel that needs no introduction…I was originally not planning on blogging this series, as I’m sure everyone else will give it thorough coverage. However, I think I’ll do the first episode and see how well it fits into my schedule and how much I like the series. I wonder how much of the manga is going to actually make it into the anime (specifically the issue of Mashiro’s gender).
  • Hana Yori Dango (Drama) – Since Densha Otoko is ending, I thought it’d be nice to pick up another drama series, especially since I know the basic story of this show. I’ve also seen the Taiwanese Meteor Garden, so I’m curious how this compares. As an added plus, it airs on Friday. Monday would be ideal, but I can live with Friday…as long as it’s not another Thursday show.
  • Blood+ – A very interesting looking show, featuring another girl with a sword. I’m not sure whether I’ll like a series such this, as it seems rather dark. However, it is taking GSD’s time slot, which has been the slot for many a popular series.
  • Jigoku Shoujo – Not really sure about this series, but it seems rather dark. I find it odd that this show is premiering on a Tuesday, but the normal airdate is listed as Saturday.
  • Lamune – The webpage shows a lot of girls, and I kind of like the art. The top of the page talks about how summer becomes special for two people, making me think it’ll be some sort of romance, maybe harem show. Worth a look. Hopefully it won’t turn out to be like Amaenaideyo!!.
  • Ginban KaleidoscopeMOON PHASE has said a lot on this series, which is about figure skating. The character designs don’t appeal to me too much (nor the theme of the show), but this is another show that’s worth a look. And hey, I trust anime to make any sport interesting…
  • Mushishi – Another show I know very little about. The website makes it look rather mystical, and I’m hoping for a strong storyline.
  • Canvas 2 ~Niji-iro no Sketch~ – I’m pretty sure this is a harem series, and I’m not expecting much out of it. For now, I’m watching this series for lack of anything else on Sunday. If it’s crap, I’ll dump it, but the art doesn’t look too bad (at least on the website).
  • Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~ – The manga for this series was recommended to me by Mentar, and I found it good enough to add the anime version to my watch list. Short summary goes something like: boy gets hit in head with UFO, turns into a girl. The girls around him proceed to go after the new girl form (shoujo-ai galore). I guess that last sentence alone got this put on my list lol.
  • The real killer here is that several of the series I’m anticipating the most (Karin, Paradise Kiss, Black Cat) all air on Thursday. Add in Mai-Otome and the currently running SHUFFLE! and I won’t be able to handle it all. Odds are that two of those series will go on subbed status, giving me a bit more leeway for when I blog it. The other big day is Saturday, but I can honestly say that I’m not really excited about any of those new series, so I can almost guarantee that I’ll drop at least one of the Saturday series. Still, I need something to fill the Gundam SEED Destiny void , and hopefully Blood+ will be good enough to do that. Oh, and there’s absolutely nothing that interests me on Mondays. Anyway, we’ll see how the first few weeks of the new season go. The schedule will undoubtedly change several times in the first few weeks (especially since Kashimashi still doesn’t have an airdate).
    As a final note, I have posted the Fall 2005 Schedule. That list includes all the series I’m planning on watching, including the ongoing ones (Bleach, FMP! TSR, SHUFFLE!, etc).

    If you have any suggestions/corrections/questions about any of the aforementioned shows, I encourage you to leave a comment.

    Edit 2 Days Later: I think I’m going to pick up the Hana Yori Dango drama coming out in October. Charts updated to reflect this change.


    1. Mushishi doesn’t have much of a storyline, I’ll tell you before hand – it seems more like scattered adventures of the main character, Ginko, and how he deals with various cases where Mushi (strange unique creature thingies – not bugs) interact with humans and have odd results (like Mushi that eat silence and eat sound and so on). I’ve only read 3 tankoubon of it (STILL waiting for #4 to arrive…) It’s got great art and a very unique atmosphere (it’s set in neo-1900s-Japan … no, maybe a bit later?) I hope they do it right in the anime.

      Not interested in Noein, I take it?

    2. The art style of Noein really bothers me…however the main reason for me not including it is that both FMP and Suzuka are ongoing (both on Wed, as is Noein), and I’d rather not pick up a third Wednesday show (or fourth if I keep Shakugan no Shana).
      A lot of what I choose to watch depends on when it airs and what else I have on the same day. I am almost willing to pick up subpar shows if they happen to air on a day where I have relatively nothing (as was the case with Amaenaideyo!! and Fridays).

    3. All of the animes you listed are new to me, except for Paradise Kiss, which I highly anticipate. Hopefully someone would sub it… I read the whole series long time ago, and I love the series so much… except for the frustrating ending xD. I wonder if they’re going to go with the manga’s storyline, or if they are going to tweak it a little bit…

    4. hmmm Blood+ seems a very good anime ! … since its going to take GSD’s place .. I have no choice but to watch it ^^;

      I appreciate your efforts and the info u gave about each anime..
      Why don’t you add the rating for each series I guess this also will give us a good idea about the storyline ^^.. ne?

    5. You can find the first volume of Mushishi scanlated by Mangascreener on the following website:

      I read that volume and I’ll tell you beforehand: prepare to be disgusted. The story is meant to be a horror one and there are many disturbing scenes. The best way to describe it is to say that it’s about special creatures (Mushi) that infect humans in various ways causing bizarre diseases and conditions. It’s also about the Mushi expert Ginko who tries to cure people from these conditions (a witch doctor if you like).

    6. hmm pretty much the same as what i am picking up except for the fact that u left To heart 2 and Happy 7 out… anyways this means i have an extra 6 animes to upkeep. Assuming that FMP! TSR has more than 13 episodes and Gundam Seed Destiny has more than 50 i would have a total of 11 shows to blog weekly…

    7. I’ve linked to this entry from the webpage that i made with synopsises, images, subbers and start dates for most of the new shows.

      , I hope you don’t mind me including Ginban Kaleidoscope from your list!

      I also will be picking up the Hana drama, the manga is quite interesting 😉

    8. Can you tell me the end of Kashimashi-Girl Meets Girl manga story ? Actually I really want to know about it. If you can show me the screencaps of this manga, I’ll wait. But if you can’t, that’s OK.


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