Short Summary:
Snow is falling all over the world, paralyzing the population by turning them into plants. Sylvia tries to fly through one of the gates dumping out snow, but can’t. While everyone is contemplating what to do, and with Fudo visiting the new UN, Apollo and Silvia get a chance to get a lot closer. Not wanting to lose another man in her life, Silvia asks Apollo to promise not to die. Their embrace almost leads to a kiss, but Silvia notices a red rose and feels her brother’s presence. Apollo looks around to see nothing, and when he turns his head back to Silvia, he finds her gone, with only a few feathers left where she stood. Snow has also penetrated into the DEAVA shield, and is sprouting plants on anyone it lands on. Jean-Jerome takes charge in Fudo’s absence and sends out Apollo, Reika, and Tsugumi. Initial efforts to destroy the portal are unsuccessful, but Tsugumi’s determination coupled with a new Aquarion Angel attack not only closes the one-way gate, but also reverses it, allowing them to enter into the other side. After Tsugumi faints, Reika and Apollo decide to go through it, but are beaten to the punch by a fleet of the military’s Vectors.

This episode started out fairly slowly, but really ended with a bang. I was laughing hysterically by the time Tsugumi did her Infinity Breast attack. Actually, I was confused on why the team could still form Aquarion Angel, but I guess the military let them keep the Vector Omega. Incidentally, the official site updated with the names of all three of the military vectors: Vector Δ, Vector α, and Vector Ω. Anyway, the production quality of this episode is once again superb: excellent animation and not one, but two insert songs (Go Tight! and Kouya no Heath). Granted they were played right one after the other, but I’ll take it.
Story-wise, most of DEAVA is KO’d at the moment, and the military is taking the fight to the Shadow Angels. I really can’t wait till the next episode to see the huge battle since those military folks really know how to make a battle impressive (particularly Glen, who I assume is in one of the Vectors). It’ll also be interesting to see how the Shadow Angels react to being invaded. I get the feeling that the final showdown will be between Apollo and Toma, with Apollo trying to save Silvia. Just two more episodes to go of Aquarion, and things are really heating up.

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