Short Summary:
Akira is filming the view of Yokohama from inside a ferris wheel when it comes to an abrupt halt. The numbers on the clock in the center go crazy, hinting at an electrical malfunction. Below, Masaki is looking for her but is instead found by Mika. She knows that he’s working with Akira and reveals that she’s seen the material fairies before. Meanwhile Shigeki finds Kisa sitting alone and talks to her about turning into a professional Shougi player. He meets with Rieko later that day, and she worries about Kisa to him. Shigeki says that he and Kisa are alike, but Rieko refutes that by saying that Shigeki has shougi while Kisa has nothing. Shigeki almost angrily defends Kisa, and leaves Rieko in tears. That night, after Hana-san closes the store, she and Shigeki play a game of shougi. Back by the waterfront, the ferris wheel finally starts to move again right as the clock strikes midnight. The next day, Rieko learns about Shigeki’s match from Hana-san and rushes to the league game. She arrives just as Shigeki is leaving after having lost his match. Although he assures her that it wasn’t her fault, she can’t help but feel that she understands him less and less. Kisa, who is still sitting at the same spot she was yesterday, types another message to her future self.


  • After this episode, there’s no doubt that the love polygon is Kisa < - Shigeki <- Rieko <- Makki.
  • Having said that, it seems like no one is happy, especially not Rieko. Shigeki emotionally pushes her away not once but twice, leaving her crying both times. I’m getting flashbacks of Shione and Takuma now…
  • Kisa is definitely more comfortable around Shigeki than anyone else. Not only does she elbow him, she also blushes (kinda) when he’s around. Still, for saying that she’s not alone because she has Bun-chan, just the act of typing a message for her one year later self implies that she’s lonely.
  • Closing Thought: What is the significance of the ferris wheel starting up again right before midnight?


    1. Okay, sorry to spam but I thought it was a great ep. And I think Sukawara was really cool, just taking the mic and talking and talking and then giivng it back and walking off. I don’t know why it stops at 12:00 though. In Tana the ‘magic time’ was 2:00… but in Yokohama it seems like things go berserk at various different times.

      I’m worried about Kisa next ep. The title – “Encounters and depression of a 17-year-old” (something like that) – might imply that she would do something awful like… I dunno, crush Bun-chan or something. Rieko might say or do something terribly awful to Kisa…

      I wonder if Shigeki’ll remember Kisa’s birthday. It’s worrying that he’s losing his chances to become a pro too, because what happens when he’s 26 and he can’t be a pro…


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