Short Summary:
As the Destiny Plan is explained to the masses (complete with chibi animations), Shinn and Rey discuss everything that’s going on. Rey explains that it’s their job to use their strength to protect the world that Gilbert creates. After Rey gets a rather serious look on his face, he stumbles to his bed to take some pills. After resting for a bit, Rey later tells a very surprised Shinn that he’s a clone. On the ArchAngel, everyone realizes that battle is inevitable and Lacus reaffirms that they have to fight for the future. In his asteroid base, Gilbert orders the Requiem readied as he watches Cagalli and Orb along with the Kingdom of Scandanavia oppose him. After seeing the leader of the EA waving his fist in the air on television, Gilbert orders his fleet to move in and the weapon to be fired. But before the ZAFT fleet can engage the EA, the Requiem fires and wipes most of the EA out, along with the base on the moon where their leader was staying. On the Minerva, Shinn and Lunamaria are shocked to learn of the Requiem firing again, but are even more surprised when Rey tells them that the ArchAngel is the next target. While ArchAngel crew watches in horror, Lacus proclaims that they can’t run away. The ArchAngel launches with several ORB vessels (including the Kusanagi), while the Eternal is also shown moving with its own complement of ships.

While there are some developments to the story, this episode is largely a transitional one. Rey admits to being a clone, and we see him taking pills. I’m not particularly surprised though, as it has been pretty heavily hinted throughout the series. It’s interesting to see Rey take the pills, but I only mention that because I like seeing Rey less than composed. Aside from Rey development, the firing of the Requiem against the EA forces the ArchAngel crew to jump into action. Not much else happens aside from that…
To put it bluntly, for a third-to-last episode, this is incredibly dull. Not to mention that are four minutes worth of recap at the beginning. You would expect, from a series with the Gundam moniker, that the last set of episodes would be straight action and plot twists. And death, lotsa death. But that’s not quite what we get: instead we hear a lot of repeated rhetoric in terms of the “we must fight,” “we have to protect” kind of thing.
The final battle will get started next week. Preview shows the DOMs fighting, Akatsuki using it’s DRAGOON system, and Luna feeling the impact of a hit. The extended preview shows SF and IJ in the METEOR weapons platforms being fired on, and Athrun firing some missiles using the METEOR. That hints at some good action, but I hope they don’t recycle a lot of shots or even reuse shots from original SEED.
Closing Thought: Man, if only they could bring in “Kill ’em All” Tomino for the final episodes…


  1. nice bit of speculation is confirmed in preview for 49.. atkasuki (sp?) has a dragoon system o_O

    not too much action this ep just setup for the final stage. looks like 49 is going to be loaded though

  2. I usually just read the posts but now I can’t help it…

    I’m very disappointed with destiny…. very disappointed it’s about to end still I feel like the story is not progressing anywhere :S what? do they plan to compress everything with just the last 2 episodes? :S I’m very disappointed I expected more from the series 🙁

  3. Quote: Closing Thought: Man, if only they could bring in “Kill ‘em All” Tomino for the final episodes…

    Nice idea but don’t forget he isn’ “Kill ’em All” Tomino anymore since he made the Turn-a therapie. Anyway i bet he would still make a better ending.

  4. [Gilbert] “I hope we can wrap this up soon… it costs a lot to rent a space station of EVIL from George Lucas….”

    In all seriousness, like a lot of people I’ve found Seed-D’s progression to be mired down in mindless transition eps (look, Athrun’s moping again… Cagalli’s crying again… there’s Shinn, throwing his development out the window again), stock animation overuse (somewhere in Fukuda’s basement there must be a secret room where he stashes the real Seed D budget), and the notorious clipshows (yes, review episodes can be useful, but come on… Seed D is starting to remind me of the closing arcs of Wolf’s Rain). Now, here we are, at the end of the road, and a potentially epic conclusion has hit more than a few speedbumps. It’s almost as if the staff gave up sometime after the first dozen episodes.

    I’m neither an Archangel crew fan or a Minverva crew fan. Both plot threads had a great deal of potential. Cramming two stories down our throats, however, has given us a half-baked product that’s neither filling nor satisfying. There’s a lot of fat that needs to be trimmed off too (I’m dreading a stock animation finale). The last two episodes might redeem the show a bit, and leave us a bit more content, but it’ll be hard to forget the tedious, painful journey that carried us to Seed D’s end.

  5. Dude, the whole thing with the chibi animations was just plain weird ;>>. You’d think that they were trying to explain the Destiny Plan to pre-schoolers or something… Oh well. Sure, that might’ve added some strange element of comedy to this episode, but the way things have been going in the past five eps, how do the creators expect GSD to be taken seriously anymore?? It’s almost as if they’re saying, “Ha ha! GSD has a crappy ending and we know it!” lol. But yeah, anyway… I am looking forward to the final lightsaber duel between Darth Rey and Shinn and the two bishie Jedi Knights, Kira and Athrun. Not to mention the destruction of Gil’s Requiem Star and Mwu’s desperate struggle against Chewbacca…

    On a final note, I thought I’d post this again for anyone who didn’t see it in my post for the last episode. The info isn’t completely accurate; I just found these decent ep summaries and created my own condensed versions…


    Phase-48: We get to hear about Dullindal’s Destiny Plan AGAIN. And it’s doubtful that there will be any fighting or good moments of character development >>. Somehow or another, Gilbert craps a backup control system for Requiem, and prepares to fire it at the EAF Arzamas Base.

    Phase-49: And from what I read it hit it’s target. Go figure >>. The Archangel and the Eternal head to Requiem’s first relay point to destroy it, but the Minerva arrives to intercept them.

    Phase-50: Finally! The curtain on Rey’s past has finally been lifted. I think that he was created for his own pre-set role in Dullindal’s plan, but I don’t know all the details. Anyway, the final battle ensues… It’s Athrun VS Shinn, and Kira VS Rey…

    Phantom Pain
  6. Hmm somehow i have hopes for the next Seed series, Destiny is basicly on the story level of ZZ (if not worse) so if we put our hopes in it maybe the next series could be Zeta level.

    Personaly i never understood why Destiny is compared to Zeta, sure its the second series in one universe (something that didn’t happend before) but there nothing that can be compared to Zeta (except the Murasame design).

    In Zeta it was about the official good guys had turned evil and one organisation controlls them, a organisation build up by people from the ex evil and ex good side from the last war created a counter organisation and fight the ex good guys.

    In Destiny it was about the good badguys beginn to fight the evil bad guys who can’t even win a single battle. The good bad guys however are cotrolled by a evil bad guy, and the good guys fly around the world stopping a giant mobilsuit once and finnaly decide to stop the evil bad guy.

    So where is the simliarity which brings people to compare this series.
    This episode should have made clear the Destiny is more than belowe ZZ level.

  7. yeh im a dissapointed about the ending on gundam seed destiny where they might cram everything into the last 2 episodes because i didint even get my Strike Freedom Models yet i preordereda month ago. well people are going to say theyare going to extend it insted of 50 episodes to like 60 or something. and they might make a gundam seed BREAK or something like that. i don’t know. i say just wait and find out.

  8. I don’t know about you guys but I think that this series was one of the poorly wriiten ones like zz gundam until the king tomino stepped in. How can you possible manage to have 2 episodes in which pratically the series had to be concludeed. If were them I woudl feel that I would need to extend this series another 5 episodes. Till episode 55 and those last 7 episodes should be jam packed with fighting and losses. I have no clue how they are going to redeem themselves in just tow episodes.

  9. [QUOTE: nice bit of speculation is confirmed in preview for 49.. Akatsuki (corrected sp.) has a DRAGOON system o_O]

    Second pic went up about 2 months ago.
    As for 49, well…What I’ve seen of it confirms my opinion that Fukuda’s a lazy bastard…On the other hand, I’ve seen a screenshot of what very well could be the death of one of the very few characters I actually want to see die.
    Here’s to hoping…
    While I’m at it, here’s to hoping the other ones kick it too…

    Shinn Asuka
  10. Yeah i definitely agree, but Rey will die, we know that, and has the Earth forces ever won a battle without losing tonnes of their troops, or sacrificing, or by workinh with mobile suits instead of giant cannons> geez.

    ..:: M A X P O W E R::..

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