Short Summary:
Since the ring is in her possession, Sayaka gets visited by Bruga, Chane, and Hermes. They get her to put the ring on, and then hypnotize her. In front of the council in Realm, Ureshiko tries to plead for the current world again, but to no avail. The council tells her that because of her actions, Cruje is now weak. Her punishment is to be sent to a Limbo-ish jail. Sayaka, who is being led around by the magical girls in animal form (Bruga as a dog and the twins as crows), is spotted by Yuki, who goes and scares the animals away, temporarily freeing Sayaka from their grasp. An embarrased Yuki confesses his love to Sayaka, catching her off guard. Sayaka asks if his feelings will never change, and from his answer (which we don’t see) she gains new motivation. In her prison, Ureshiko is paid a visit by her mother, and they have a conversation about protecting the town. Her mother’s last words tell her to think about her most important person. At home, Tatsumi starts having delusions of Ureshiko and realizes how much he misses her. He starts to cry, asking for her return. Those feelings cause a vortex to open up and swallow Ureshiko. It opens up in front of Tatsumi and deposits her into his arms. Overlooking the town, Sayaka has once again been taken control of by Bruga and company who intend to use her powers to create a new world.

For being such a powerful ring, you’d think the ring would protect Sayaka from being controlled like that. It seems to me that Sayaka is being used just a bit too easily. Also: Tatsumi longs for Ureshiko and she appears? Again, that seems a bit too convenient, even if her mother did predict it.
Plot gripes aside, I enjoyed the episode’s production value. The animation was pretty good throughout (got a little shaky toward the end with Tatsumi running around), as was the music. Bruga’s dog form is just scary and ugly (reflective of her personality perhaps).
I think that next (and last) episode, Sayaka (being controlled) will try to create a new world, but Ureshiko will stop her (and the other girls). And, since Sayaka is the new owner of the ring, Ureshiko’s trust in Sayaka coupled with her love for Tatsumi will allow the two of them to finally kiss.
Closing Thought: Yay! They changed the preview’s “still no kiss” for the final episode. You just know that there’s going to be one…

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