Short Summary:
Syaoran and Ryuuoh run from the encounter with Seishirou and make their way back to the cafe. As the Oni slaying group discusses whether or not the I-1 is the same as the new breed, Syaoran watches over Sakura and thinks about his past with Seishirou. The next morning, Sakura asks Syaoran not to hide his feelings from her, which reminds Syaoran of something similar she said to him when they were little. After breakfast, he and Kurogane head to City Hall and obtain information for finding the leader of the Oni. The receptionist sends them to a tower, which turns out to be more of a cave that they have to fight through. At the end, they find Sumomo and Kotoko there to welcome them. Kotoko informs them that the person that Syaoran saw, Seishirou, is actually an interferer and not the I-1 nor the new breed of Oni. At the same time, Seishirou arrives at the cafe, looking for the Oni Slayers.

It’s interesting to watch how the production team takes apart the manga and reassembles it for this show. This episode covers a tiny bit of chapter 42, most of chapter 43, and half of chapter 44. But don’t get me wrong, they’re doing a good job with it. They moved out the flashback part of 42, cut out a couple of pages of the Fye and Seishirou scene in 43, and the rest of the Fye and Seishirou scene in 44. The trend here is that they appear to be letting Seishirou remain a mystery to us, the audience, for a bit longer, while they expound other elements of the story.
I wish they had gotten the original voice actresses from Chobits for Sumomo and Kotoko, but Shimizu Ai and Shitaya Noriko did a pretty good job capturing the feel of the characters.
Next week will most likely cover all of the aforementioned things that they moved/cut from this episode. The shot of Syaoran disappearing in the preview tells me that they have to go up to the end of chapter 45. Also, based on the upcoming episode titles, I can see what they’ll do until episode 25, but episode 26 (the final episode of this year) has me curious about if they’re going to cliffhanger us in any way for next year.


  1. Ah, so that’s who was voicing Kotoko.

    I also cracked when I heard Shimizu Ai’s voice as Sumomo. It works but I definitely did not expect her to be voicing a CLAMP’s character anytime soon. After I heard Shimizu’s voice for Sumomo, I was half hoping Kotoko’s would be Nakahara Mai.

    I mean come on, Ai and Mai have been together in at least 3-4 series so you never know ^_^;; (Mai-HiME and Onegai Twins for example. Also Mai did one of the guest chars in Akahori Gedou Hour Rabuge that happen to be a rival of Ai’s character in the series so…)

  2. I keep seeing “next year next year” on different blogs. Is that confirmed that it ENDS on 26 and continues next year? I mean, the DVDs seem to be having 4 episodes each starting with DVD2 which suggests 52 episodes total, so I cant imagine them stopping the TV run now and continuing in 10 months, ridiculous.

  3. Okay, nevermind I just went to the official site, how do you know it resumes next year? That information I havent seen anywhere. And its still unusual for a 26 episoder to be released on 7 DVDs, never happened for BeeTrain (always was 2 eps per dvd).

  4. *Digs through information archives*
    According to some trading cards put out earlier this year, there will be three total seasons of TC:

    To quote Chibi Yuuto:
    “April/2005~September/2005 – Tsubasa Chronicle Season 1 (airing right now);
    October/2005~March/2006 – CCS 3rd Season (rebroadcast);
    April/2006~September/2006 – Tsubasa Chronicle Season 2;
    October/2006~March/2007 – Tsubasa Chronicle Season 1 (rebroadcast);
    April/2007~September/2007 – Tsubasa Chronicle Season 3.
    October/2007 and on – Rebroadcast of Seasons 2 and 3.”

    Source: Chibi Yuuto’s LiveJournal

  5. I read the chapter manga for this episode and I must say I enjoyed watching it animated. I can’t wait to see more of Tsubasa…This series is turning out to be one of CLAMP’s greatest work…and WOW! 3 seasons of this series…Can’t wait to see all of them, hehe..

    Btw, I didn’t know CCS has 3 seasons? I thought it has only 2 – The Clow Card Arc and The Sakura Card Arc…Or am I wrong?


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