Short Summary:
Sia’s father learns that Sia and Rin’s relationship is progressing very well. He decides that they are getting married, and starts to go around town making preparations, dragging Primula with him. In the process, he inadvertently spreads the news to everyone. Rin and Sia return from a date to learn about it from Mayumi and Itsuki. Sia is thrilled to hear about the marriage, even if it is a rumor. Kaede and Nerine have both also heard the news and are less than happy. At her father’s request, Rin spends the next day with Nerine, which culminates in her confessing to him on the swings where they first met. Sia, who had talked to a sad Kaede earlier, also walks by in time to hear Nerine’s words and see Rin’s reaction. Realizing what she’s doing, she meets with Rin again at school and tells him that she likes him more and more. She says that she wants him to like her back and eventually choose her.

Here’s the R-15 shots for this week: Kaede and more Kaede.

There was a lot of discussion last week on how SHUFFLE! is going to continue if they have so much focus on one girl. I guess this episode shows us one way of doing it: going to an extreme (marriage) then backpedaling to status quo. It’s a decent way of keeping the story going, though part of me thinks that having him choose a girl this early would bring some great angst later (especially if he’s not completely certain). But that’s just me…
I came into this episode thinking that it would be Sia confessing, but it turns out that it was Nerine, then Sia. It shows that Nerine still has a place in Rin’s heart, based on his reaction. Sia and Rin have gotten pretty close, but they’re not to the Junichi & Nemu point of no return (Sorry, I can’t help but draw parallels). There’s definitely hope yet for the other contenders (Kaede, Nerine, Asa).
Next episode is about Mayumi and Rin’s teacher (what’s her name?). We’ll have to wait a bit longer to see a Nerine, Asa, or Kaede arc…

Closing Thought: We got a glimpse of evil Sia! Except that they didn’t really do anything with it. Makes me wonder if they’re going to develop that further later.


  1. hmm Primura will not win unless she starts calling him onii-chan…


    Well i wonder right now who is gonna get Rin.. from what i see right now all of them have a very good chance… i kinda liked this ep though i am a shia fan…. anyway about evil shia, i think they will develop her story since she is in the op song… also i think Licorice and Nerine also have some story development later on….About Asa and Kaede, I am not too sure coz the climaxes of their stories don’t really link so having them in the same scene in the op doesn’t really make sense…

    Like i mentioned in the last ep, with Tick Tack’s focus on Nerine, the producers may choose to end with Nerine so that in future when they do tick tack they can have the flow in continueing the story… but thats just me ^_^ oh well will most probably be blogging this tomorrow gtg now…T_T

  2. Short, but sweet. Rin’s situation, in my opinion, so going to be complicated, considering that women are generally emotional and five of them are having the hots for him. Thinking of a solution to this problem will be so difficult that rational thinking (which is what men generally are) will not do the job alone. Kaede, Asa, and Nerine are becoming uneasy about Rin seeing Lizzy.

    Making this more difficult will be Lizzy’s evil side that some of us here are talking about. We see some that both on the mirror and while she was beating up her father for being too loud. What if that evil side will manifest itself to Rin; will it create a situation which is difficult to mend once it’s too late?

    For those who are unfazed by this and still root for Lizzy, say “I.”
    For those who are rooting for Kaede whom Rin has virtually stuck with, say “Me!”
    For those who are rooting for Nerine, say “Hear, hear!”
    For those who are rooting for Asa, scream because we have a May-December affair! (Kidding.)

    (For those who are curious, Lizzy to me is Sia to you.)

    Thanks for telling us what’s for next week (about that sexy teacher; I didn’t get her name either) because last night when I watched it, it was cut off at the middle of the ending song. Oh, and the WOWOW website only listed 12 episodes.

  3. To Anza:

    It’s up!

    to Nanami:

    You know, there’s one way to resolve this growing tangle…Rin dies and makes everyone miserable! That’s one possibility based on an image from the game I’ve seen.

  4. Kiryuu: Don’t forget about Futakoi (original). They opted for the easy way out, too.

    That 36th screenshot reminded me of the the first and second episode of Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan, when they used that to cover up the very blood part (you know, the “buy the DVD to see this scene uncensored” thing)

  5. Funny ep, Evil Sia looks Sexy >:D

    Everyone looked somewhat evil in this ep, hint of things to come?

    Nerine, Primula, Sia all got some evil shots (Nerines in the dark, Prim with the cards, Sia’s is above) I think Kaede had one… can’t remember XD


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