Short Summary:
Ayumu and Kisa happen to meet one day by the “Trust Yourself” graffiti. Ayumu is able to tell that Kisa can see the material fairies and he trades phone numbers with her. This day also happens to be her birthday, so she’s feeling particularly lonely since it seems that no one remembered. She ends up meeting with Shigeki that night, and he actually gives her a necklace as a birthday gift. They call up Ayumu, who arrives and brings Dosshiru and Shisshin with him. Kisa lets Bun-chan out, but it has a negative reaction to the other two mechanical fairies and starts flying away. The two hot-colored ones chase Bun-chan down and a large explosion occurs. Afterwards, a completely shocked Kisa picks up the pieces of Bun-chan that fall to the ground.

I am very impressed with this episode since I didn’t expect any of this to happen (at least not yet). You have to feel bad for Kisa, since she just lost one of her only friends. I can see Kisa (or Shigeki) becoming quite vengeful and blaming Ayumu. Whatever happens, the war between the two colors is really heating up (no pun intended). And just what the heck is that ring in the sky?
The music that played during that “battle” final scene has quite an epic sci-fi feel to it – akin to E.T. or Close Encounters of the Third Kind. That coupled with actual action (I can stand only so much dialogue), makes the chase/fight scene one of my favorites so far. And now I’m actually looking forward to the next episode of Zettai Shounen. Hopefully, the story picks up the pace from this point on.


  1. Nice. Your was fast and short. And understandable to :D. Hehehe… finally Ayumu goes into action. Anyways, I feel sorry for Kisa that no one remembers her birthday, but didn’t she tell anyone about it before? Oh well, the anti-social type. Shigeki’s birthday gift to Kisa was hearthwarming present. More love points to Shigeki, hehe. I never expected the fight between the cold-colored and hot-colored to be a huge explosion and another event is about to come to. Now, I can’t wait to see this subbed by Triads soon.

    -Poor Kisa, Bun-chan is gone.

  2. “Poor Kisa, Bun-chan is gone”.

    Poor Kisa, indeed. Not even a happy birthday note from her parents.
    But it’s not 100% certain that Bun-chan is gone. Remember that Kisa thinks the blue light itself is Bun-chan’s true self, and the mechanical bits are just a covering. She might be right; she might be wrong. But I hope she remembers that thought before despairing utterly.

    Can Ayumu now talk with Dosshiru and Shisshin? Miku could understand them, but there has been no previous hint that Ayumu could.


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