The ArchAngel and the Eternal join up and head towards the Station One of the Requiem. After Lacus announces herself, the defending ZAFT forces don’t oppose them until a commander tells them that they are really fighting LOGOS. The battle starts, but Shinn and Rey do not participate since they have been moved to Gilbert’s base. As Athrun and Kira disable wave after wave of ZAFT forces, Gilbert and Rey fill Shinn’s head with more propaganda talk. Shinn seems reluctant to sign on with them, but he remembers Rey telling him about his past, that he’s a clone. Rey’s last line said that Shinn’s needs to protect the future, evoking an image of Lunamaria in Shinn’s mind, and so Shinn finally tells Gilbert that he feels the same way as Rey. Back in the fight, the Akatsuki and the DOMs have been sent out. They make short work of their opponents, including a shocked Lunamaria who had just heard Meyrin trying to convince her to stop fighting. She survives though, and moves back to the Minerva, which is deadlocked with the ArchAngel. Talia orders the Tannhauser to be fired, and a wide-eyed Murrue can only watch as the blast approaches them. However, the man who makes the impossible possible strikes again by blocking the shot and then destroys the Minerva’s cannon. In doing so, Mwu/Neo suddenly regains his memories, and calls Murrue by her given name. Reaching Station One, Athrun and Kira, who run into Yzak and Dearka but don’t fight them, use their METEOR platforms to cut the relay cylinder apart. Meanwhile, arriving at the moon base where the Requiem is housed, an ORB fleet opens fire. Their weapons are ineffective against the Requiem’s defenses, and soon a large asteroid base (Gilbert’s) appears over the horizon. It has its own super weapon – a Neo-GENESIS cannon – and the first nuclear cartridge scatters the ORB fleet. As Destiny and Legend launch to engage the enemy, Kira and Athrun abandon their METEORs and head into the final showdown.

This episode starts off really quickly, and the urgent background music gives it a very fast pace. It dives pretty much straight into the battle, and continues on that way for the entire episode. I would say that I enjoyed the battle, but it’s pretty one-sided in favor of Kira, Athrun, and company. Pity they use the METEOR cheesiness, but I guess SF and IJ are just overpowered in general compared to everyone else. The real challenges (Shinn and Rey) are still ahead.
Mwu really shines and shows off the bling bling that is the Akatsuki Gundam. If the Akatsuki has that much potential (blocking a positron blast, creating a huge shield around the ArchAngel using the DRAGOON system), then it feels like Cagalli really wasn’t using it to its fullest. Or maybe Mwu is just that good. That entire scene is predictable as soon as the Minerva fires the Tannhauser, but I like it all the same. I kind of wish Mwu had said something about making the impossible possible to complete the scene, but he brought Murrue to tears anyway by calling her by her given name.
Shinn shows several visible signs of inner conflict this episode, despite pledging to fight for Gilbert. Athrun will of course be trying to convince him that what he’s doing is wrong when they fight next episode, but I think that he’s going to survive to the end. Lunamaria might have to die to redeem Shinn though, since he needs something to jar him away from the dark side. Rey and Gilbert will invariably die for being the bad guys, but I doubt any of the first season’s characters will (they’re too popular to kill off). The body count’s nonexistent this episode (not including grunts), and I don’t think it’ll get all that high in one more episode.

And so, one more week of GSD. I almost don’t want it to end…almost…


  1. It’s leading up the final battle (well it is the final battle, which is sad in itself)

    Honestly the final ep will be hit or miss, I’m just hoping for DEATH OF THE NEW CAST! for the most part (but have Shinn live, he still has to grow up -_-;;)

  2. As long as Kira and Lacus go back to making babies on their tropical island, I’ll be a happy camper. (I was really hoping that they wouldn’t make more than a cameo appearance in Destiny anyway)

    Still, it’d be nice if the Hawke sisters survive.

  3. All I have to say is.. WTF at Akatsuki’s insane power. Not only can it survive a direct Tannhauser shot with no apparent damage, but the DRAGOONS can also form a huge shield (much bigger than AA) that can take a direct hit from Minerva’s Tristans. Wow.

  4. intresting haven’t watched the episode itself yet but im most defently sure depending on the final episode (ova) may be done i reallly do think they should do extra episodes/ but w.e anywaysi think shinn is still a child noy knowing how to deal with war and he’s taking the nearst side … i dont know anymore will shinn defect to the AA side or not??? and did u see Neo in action really i give him props.XP

  5. Now, everyone is going to be in SEED mode (mainly you know who), hehehe… amazing fights.

    I heard a rumor that they are making a third G-SEED series. They said it called Gundam SEED Eternity. Can anyone comfirm that if its true or not?

  6. I heard that Fukuda and the rest of the retard squad might make yet another crappy SEED sequel, but my source said that it all depends on the ratings and model kit sales >_>.

    Anyway, it looks like Neo/Mwu got some awesome fight sequences in his shiny new Akatsuki. It was kewl watching him shield the Archangel in the famous Nu Gundam style ^^. Kinda freaky seeing him all wrapped up in bandages during his flashback, though…

    Phantom Pain
  7. I’d love it if the ending were sort of like Zeta. You know, Shinn gets his brain fried and Luna assumes the responsibility of changing his diapers.

    But something really bad needs to happen to Shinn. I just hope it doesn’t involve something bad happening to Luna as well.

    Go Hawke sisters!

  8. ****Megaspoiler****

    My analysis:
    Shinn is going to live to grow up. He gets “crushed” by Athrun,
    but survives, only to realize he killed Luna who sacrificed herself
    to save Athrun. Shinn gets his gun and heads for Dullindal’s
    headquarters to rid himself and the world of this nuisance. Bang.
    There goes Zala … erm, Dull Indal, under TV live coverage.

  9. Still looking out for the raw with the actual OP intact ^^;

    Mwu remembers… heck, the shields… so like Amuro’s

    if they really do a 3rd series, i’m all for it ^^

    agree with dot, hope nothing happens to either of the Hawkes

  10. Don’t bring the Shinn vs. Kira crap here, in Destiny BOTH suck -_-”

    and people lets get this straight, no matter what ‘source you have’ (we all know its your lame ass friend making up bull shit) THERE IS NOTHING CONFIRMED EITHER WAY FOR A THIRD SEASON OF SEED.

  11. HEH!
    As long as Shinn dies, it will be a happy ending. Yes, I’m a fan of Kira (hopefully he’ll PWN Shinn & Rey). Shinn is just someone looking for revenge. That, is not what we call ‘Hero’ in the book.

  12. hehehehe i was right so akatsuki’s mirror coating is used for this kinda “dirty” work… since last time mwu got pwned by the “lotenshi” kinda weapon.. this time he is immune to it… haha it was a miracle he survived…

  13. It’s not a miracle Mwu survived, its just the writer’s wanting to bring him back. Kinda stupid considering the killed Fllay off for good. He was exposed to space, there’s no surviving that. Rather than creating new story concepts they went and rehashed all the old ones. Characters should stay dead!!! We got almost none of Izak, Deakka, and Bart, who would have, in my opinion, added a hell of a lot more than Mwu, Shinn, Rey, and Gilbert.

  14. I still don’t understand why they brought Mwu back.. it’s not like I hate him or anything (he was one of my favorite characters in Seed) but he died a heroic death.. why couldn’t they just leave it at that.

    But I guess it does fit in with his motto. Making the impossible possible.. surviving in space without a helmet.

  15. the difference between cagalli piloting akatsuki and mwu piloting it, mwu probably has more time to learn more of its moves. remember cagalli used it as soon as it was given to her, so aside from the usual guns she really won’t really know how to utilize it fully.

  16. For those wondering how Mwu survived without a helmet, they’re basing Destiny off of the Special Editions in which Mwus helmet was removed from that scene.

    I wish they hadn’t brought him back too, but hey what’s done is done and at least Mwu gets to kick ass again, look at it that way!

    Egg Salad
  17. Shinn should die anyway. From the start he was angsty and stuff scolding people just because the death of his sister. not that i say its a happy thing but he never even considered the other. Gah!

    And Fukuda is such an idiot. Destiny is total disaster. He even seperated Athrun and Cagalli! He better make them together again! NOw let’s hope the four heroes in Seed stay alive!

  18. haha looks like Fukuda will Fuk this one up yet again [Hey lets fire a big beam cannon at Earth / Moon again!] This is the 2nd to last episode and Im guessing the last episode wont do much since there’s only so much u can show in 20 minutes thanks to Fukkun flashback em’ all.

  19. Fukuda spoilt the whole series. My God, pls just kill off everyone and end the series. Destiny lacks the anticipation I always have when watching the UC series, everything are just ripped off from the old series (MS, story and etc).

  20. The scene where rey and shinn meet durandull reminds me of the return of the jedi.Where durandull being the emperor ,rey as darth vader and shinn as luke.Might be just me though.Oh and durandall space fortress being the death star.

  21. Making up bullshit my ass! For one thing, none of my friends even like GSD, and I wouldn’t post info that I heard about through word of mouth. My source (the Gunota Headlines blog) is one of the most reliable on the ‘net when it comes to Gundam. And besides, I didn’t say that another sequel was “confirmed”. If that was the case, then everyone would’ve known about it by now. I highly doubt that it will be titled, ‘Gundam SEED Eternity’, though >>. Anyway, here’s the article I found, along with the URL. To find it on their site, scroll down to Monday, August 15th, 2005:

    Note from Gunota: “Again take this with a grain of salt.”

    “The following blog has a report/dialog between a customer, store owner, and a Bandai staff member during a Bakuseed (miniature electric motor car) tournament. That, of course, makes this report hearsay but still of interest as far as possible commentary on the state of Gundam at the moment goes:

    The Bandai staff member commented that currently DESTINY as a series is unpopular with ratings on a downward trend (see below for that) and merchandise not selling well including Gunpla (something also mentioned at Plamoya-san’s Useless Diary). The store owner adds that Bakuseed is outselling Gunpla at his store. The conversation switches to a possible sequel after the customer said “I guess no sequel then. Wanted to see one.” The Bandai staff replied that they are currently exploring the idea of another SEED sequel which will again feature Kira and Athrun, concluding a SEED trilogy. The ending of DESTINY will be made so a possibility of sequel can occur. If it were to happen, they won’t be doing it until after next year as time slots are all filled up for the 2006-2007 lineup. It is currently set as a trilogy, however more sequels will be made if proven popular.

    Ratings are down compared to the first SEED (averaging 5.2% currently), though still better than the 90’s Gundams on average. But from another perspective, things look worse when you compare it to the numbers for past MBS shows in the same timeslot (righthand column figures) as DESTINY will have to fight uphill to not wind up with the lowest average ratings.”

    Phantom Pain
  22. it’s boring dat evrything’s almost e same…since then we can predict somethings:
    -Rey will die(4 sure)…
    -Messiah will get destroyed(dunno hu)…
    -Archangel wil survive(as usual)…
    -E gd guys will win!(du-uh)

  23. One thing’s for sure. There’s a LOT of recycled scenes in this whole series, esspecially the mobile suit battles. That’s one of my biggest gripes of GSD. I mean come on, the Murasame’s mobile armour mode in space?! And they move like they’re flying in atmosphere? That’s lame. The Akatsuki’s DRAGOON units are cool though.

    Damn shame about the ORB fleet though. We never get to see it in action. We actually see EA, ZAFT and Izumo-class ships fighting side-by-side. This reflects the Clyne Faction’s strength (esspecially the ZAFT ships). Did anyone confirm the Kusanagi surviving the Neo-Genesis cannon’s blast? Or was it destoyed too?

    Personally, if they are following Gundam Z as closely as I believe, I think Gilbert will win this round, paving the way for the 3rd and final season. He’s just too powerful and well established to be taken down in only one episode. In Gundam Z, the AEUG defeated the Titans but was bled white in the process. This paved the way for Haman’s Axis forces to reclaim Zeon and extend its power over the Earth Sphere in Gundam ZZ. They were only defeated due to an internal power struggle with a rival faction which led to an all out civil war. Although Haman’s faction won, it was so badly battered that it allowed the revitalised AEUG and Earth Federation to defeat her.

    So, I won’t be surprised in the 3rd season if Dullindal’s Destiny Plan eventually receive opposition not just from ORD and Scandinavia but the Earth’s civilian population in the long run. I also won’t surprised if Conille finds herself fighting again but ironically against ZAFT this time. If Shin survives, he’ll find himself oppressing the same people he helped liberate earlier.

  24. I got the impresson that only the earth ship was destroyed fom the genisis because it wasen’t as fast as the Izumo class and zaft class ships.
    I agree that there are to much recycled scenes.From the preview,it looks like the same scene as the battle of orb.I want to se justice do some new moves like freedom.The new justice just hasen’t been given enough screening time to show it’s full potential. But it wouldn’t suprise me if durandull gets his ass kicked in the next episode.But I wonder if Mirvana would defect in the end.
    The destiny plan is to change everyone geneticly.Isen’t that the same as destorying all naturals.I’m suprised that not more earth nation reject that plan.

  25. I don’t know sh*t about Gundam Zetta and Double Zetta so i’m enjoying the series…although it’s disappointed me in a way…i’m a go for the Gundam Seed Trilogy…although i hope that MBS and Bandai won’t recycle footages again, i, or we’ve had enough of that i think

    my opinions:

    the AA [can anyone tell me what’s the meaning of that? all i know is that the groups name is the Clyne Faction] will have a hard time getting near Messiah coz of Rey and Shinn, most likely they’re more of a match for the entire [Clyne Faction] fleet, and will slaughter a number of pilots before Athrun and Kira come to the picture, mostlikely the DOM pilots [like the Astray girls from last season] will die a completely pointless death. Meyrin will survive[d-uh, she’s inside THE Archangel] and i believe Lunamaria will as well[coz they killed Shinn’s 1st leading lady, or angst will abound] it’s unlikely Captain Gladys and the Minerva will defect, coz her son’s still in PLANT. Shinn will realize his mistake in siding with the wrong people when Stellar’s ghost hanuts him on the battlefield [reminiscent of Fllay from the last episode of SEED] Rey’s end will be the same as Kreuze’s, as for who wins, we’ll just have to see for ourselves…with the balance of forces [SF and IF vs. Neo Genesis Cannon and Requiem] it’s still anybody’s ballgame, but i know who i’m rooting for: go Kira! kick all of their asses! XD

  26. he sure talks a lot during each fight.Hell he allready annoyed me during the first episode when he keep asking why this happend during the fight.Though kira also talked a lot in the beginning of seed ,he at least got cooler during the end.But shinn he just got more annoying.
    It was fun to see his exprstion when kira and athuran came back to kick his ass,when he thought he killed them both.

  27. Kusanagi is destroyed? I thought they dodge the NEO GENESIS in time. Only a couple of battleships, mostly Earth Alliance’s are destroyed. But anyway, can’t wait for the final episode. I hope they don’t do the Star Wars bit where the bad guys win while the good guys retreated which sets up the 3rd season. Think Empire Strikes Back.

  28. …In my own opinion I think everybody should die….you know what they say…all is fair in love and war…But I don’t think it’s a good idea…or…everybody lives except that Gilbert guy…he’s very annoying…I hope he dies with that super weapon of his…and eliminate his ideals of genetic determinism is it?? WTF is that anyway? (^_^)

  29. Destiny really sucks! it was nothing compared to Seed!
    Fukuda’s brain are all dried up i suppose. Now I con’t even dare to think what will happen to them in final phase. He probably make something unbelievable and let me hate him eve more….lol

  30. Listen up, because of the last episode, I might never get to see this show on Canadian TV. Download time!! Does everyone realize that ORB is Japan. A tiny island with all the right ideals, that is technologically advanced, yeah, pretty much sounds like Japan describing themselves. Anyway Japan’s cool. DOes anyone knwo about GS Astray?

    ..:: M A X P O W E R ::..
  31. Ok, first off… Gundam SEED is garbage and Gundam SEED Destiny, though garbage, is a bit better than SEED because it isn’t just the same old pointless fighting in every single friggen episode. Should there be a third series? HELL NO! The whole CE timeline is so fux0red that there is no need to clutter the airwaves with more of that crap. Shinn must die, but won’t cause he’s a faggot and Kira has to pwn everyone… that’s all there is to it…. and for those of you who never watched any UC Gundam, take your thumbs out of your asses and go watch some quality Gundam shows…

    Random Guy
  32. You kidding, Random Guy? The “same old pointless fighting” is way worse in Destiny than it was in SEED! Practically the entire final battle was stock footage. SEED at least showed some new animations for the finale.

    If SEED is garbage then Destiny is feces.

  33. SEED Destiny never relied on flashy battles for every single episode to get the fans to watch… I don’t claim that Destiny is good, but SEED is absolute crap cause that’s all it ever was… indeed it was the “same old pointless fighting” every damn episode. At least Destiny had plot discussions that led into these battles, which at least didn’t seem to be as plentiful as in SEED. But if you guys love the flashy “eye candy” then go ahead and believe that SEED is better than Destiny.

    Random Guy
  34. Plot discussions are only an improvement if they do something worthwhile. Destiny’s really haven’t done that. Did we really need TWO EPISODES IN A ROW dedicated to the death of Meer Campbell? She wasn’t even that important to begin with! Did we need a clipshow that was nothing but Kira and Athrun telling us what we already know?

  35. Sinn… well…
    Asuran rules, and the third seed:

    “Gundam Seed Destiny OVA
    For those who do not know yet, GSD willl have it’s own 40 minute OVA instead of the 5 minute OVA from GS! It will be released along with GSD DVD Vol. 13. (…)
    New Series After Destiny (Gundam Seed Eternity?)
    Fukuda has another interview lately again. Though he has been quite worn-out because of various pressure, he may challenge to have a third series and he is thinking of choosing 3 characters from GSD as his next series main characters. It is rumored to be called “Gundam Seed Eternity”.

    66;えてのご感想をお願いしま&。 率直な感想としては、『SEED』 のとき以上に疲れましたね 身体もボロボロになりまし たし、色々な意味で のストレスも当初の想像以
    でした。『DESTINY』全体を振り& ると、主人公を3人配し 「3軸の物語 」、そして「人気作品の続 」という2つの挑戦を開始 当時から自分に課していた けですが、その難しさを今 回改めて思い知りましたね

  36. To Random Guy
    Hmm.. interesting point of view and pointless to argue as well. (Obvious reason)
    I’m more interested in what series you really like/love.
    Maybe we can start the comparison from there instead of baseless opinion “this one crap” “that one garbage”

    I believe the value of the series depends on our own preference and perception. What we looking for in the series. What we saw in the series. How much can we understand the series. Etc.

    I myself like SEED better then DESTINY.. thanks to certain annoying guy *cough* but then again it’s my preference.

    Lastly, please have respect to Fukuda and the team, i believe they already tried their best to produce the series. Instead of cursing them.. If we have an idea, send them suggestion or something. Bashing a product is easy, making one is the hard one. Anyway, rants off.

    Thank you for ur time and understanding.

    Bad Guy
  37. As I looked at those pictures above, I thought Mu Miflaga died on the first season, and what the hell is up with this!!! Mu couldn’t survive from that blast when the dominion fired at the archangel, there’s no way in hell he would of lived!!! On one of the final episodes of GS (season 1) showed his helmet floating in space. And there’s another machine that has the same fire power as the G.E.N.E.S.I.S, this is starting to bug me! Well I guess every ending of each Gundam Seed season has to have the same kind of machine built to destroy earth…..
    Well I’m sorry to say all of this but it’s true, ok.
    But when I first saw G.E.N.E.S.I.S on GS episode 48 that thing freaked the living shit out of me!!!

  38. There is no way GSD is the last part of Gundam Seed, the fact it ended in such a manner would not make sense if no sequel was to come. Just think about it, no anime writer is that stupid. There must be some gigantic secret that will lead to another war and all that jazz but I am sure if there is a third part it will end it from there. Making a fourth would be going to far. Also I am sure the third part would have the best ending, and make you want to say “I am glad it turned out this way” instead of “WHAT!??! THAT’S IT!?!?!” If my theory is wrong, boy am I pissed at the Gundam Seed series for ending it like that!!! I hope that isn’t the case none the less ^_^

  39. I say well said Bad Guy ^^
    Its depend on one’s preference and perceptions
    Anything we all talk about the series is our own opinion
    And only now, I started to find 1 person to really respect the hardwork of the team who make this series… coz before this, all I heard is how sux their work is, how they screwed Shinn and Rey blah blah blah… they just know how to talk nonsense

  40. Just cut the crap you guys…

    GS+GSD just rocks, its a great serie, and its wel thought over…
    nobody have’s to die from the old series, but i sure op the rumor over GSE(Eternity) is for real.

    So if someone can confirm that one and keep his crap for him self then that would be most apriciated.

    Sven aKa Gundam Destiny

    Sven aKa Gundam Destiny
  41. And about the fact form Mu la flaga that he’s still alive, that’s correct…DO YOU EVEN NOW WHER “DESTINY” STANDS FOR…

    Its al about the DNA he ain’t alive he is just reborn like a cloon or sort of.
    That’s why he’s having trouble whit his memory…pay a little more attention to the serie you guys..

    Its full of emotions and wars like it could be in this time(without the Gundam’s then)

    Sven aKa Gundam Destiny
  42. So guys you tihnk GS and GSD suck?
    well let me tell you guys something whoever thinks it sucks and thinks it’s nothing more then pointless fighting are the ones who just mindlessly watch anime without really thinking over everything that happens in it.

    there happen so many different things in it about love,war, clones, and a great plot in both series.
    and if any serie deserves to be continued it sure is GSD.

    the plot was always interesting and amazed me more and more at every passing episode.
    so before you go giving crappy comments about some animes just because you guys cant understand the whole plot and just watch the fights and pay attention only to those, you should better think to just shut up.

    Do you guys even know how much work must have gone making this anime, to make all these surprising plots, all these fantastic graphics and you guys go complain cuz the fights look alike.

    well that’s all i gotta say to guys like you.

    for the other ones, GSD Rulezzzz and i really hope GSE will have an even better plot and of course have more of Kira’s Piloting in it:D

  43. o.o stellar dies in Gundam Seed and Luna and Shinn have a relationshipe( we all know that)
    wait…i’m not talkin about them, ima talk about Athrun and Cagalli, their relationsihe is on the ROCKS, and i heard that fans got really angry and sent letters and emails 2 the producer and yeah…so the producers might make a endin with Athrun and Cagalli, it might be a rumor…who knows

  44. Kira will always be the hero in all gundam seed episodes. kira is the man. i think its better that shinn will be cut out of the picture he’s no hero but an ignorant fool all he knows is fight. And i like to see kira kick he’s ass!!

  45. to CHAN:

    Shinn ins’t such a bad guy, its just that he blames everybody about the war that killt his family, its like a trauma.
    In the serie you can see that he isn’t only a litle brat, but that he also feels.

    That’s the beauty of gundam, there is so much more than just the serie, its a complex.

    Gundam Destiny
  46. Mwu La Fraga!!!!! MY HERO, They couldn’t have written a better story for him. Even though hes lost dazed and twisted by evil, He is still in love with Marureu. It took him a whole 50 eps to realize but i would love to see what happens after its all over!

    Gundam History X
  47. to CHAN:
    Kira is such a arrogant fool he’s not a true hero, he the one accidently kill Shinn parents, that change shinn attitude into a very aggressive person than any other.

    To Kira Yamato:
    you are a true looser, a fool, nonsense talker.

  48. This series sucks so bad it should be burned. Shinn is ugly and annoying and those two pink haired ZAFT girls aren’t too far behind. Everyones head was inflated in destiny and the purple haired guy is still giving me nightmares. Gundam Seed itself was good but this show is a sad excuse of a sequel. Somebody cancel this series! I’d rather watch Sailor Moon!

    Okies I’m done^^. Have fun y’all.

  49. To Kira Yamato:

    LOL!!! *cries* ^_^ you crack me up.

    Anywhoooo lighten up people, no need to be so harsh. Even though destiny really lacked the complex characters and storyline i’d say it was a nice good angsty cry. Compared to the first Seed, Destiny does pales in comparison to Seed with too much interlopping storylines and the writers not giving Shinn enough air time to show his “depth” and growth but, Destiny was enjoyable and even though not as good as the first, it definately does not SUCK. Think how much pressure it is to come up with a better storyline to such an awesome prequal. Seed has got to be one of the G series best since MSG GZ and GW (Admit it, eversince those guys there weren’t that many sucesses with the G-series =_=;;)

    Appreciate the gundams while they’re popping them out. =_=;;

  50. i want to be king of gundam new body shinn anime for JOEL PEREZ love setsuna f. seiei gundam seed destiny love mai hime destiny cool no more arika yumemiya get out arika thanks JOEL transform into shinn asuka for JOEL PEREZ I HAPPY CODE THIS IS GUNDAM SEED DESTINY AND MAI HIME DESTINY SHINN ASUKA LOVE SETSUNA F. SEIEI THANKS YOU MAYO KAGURA YOU WELLCOME SHINN ASUKA JANUARY 5 2008 GOING TOKYO CITY GUNDAM SEED DESTINY AND MAI HIME DSTINY



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