Short Summary:
With exams finally over and summer here, the group goes out to celebrate. On the topic of summer vacation, Junichi invites everyone, including Kotori, to a hot springs. Kotori is reluctant to go after hearing Nemu’s name, but ultimately agrees. Aisia, who has been practicing her magic (though not all that successfully), walks in on Junichi and Nemu about to kiss after discussing spending time together over the summer. They quickly separate and start talking about vacation again. Aisia overhears and invites herself into their conversation and their plans. The siblings try to convince her to go home instead, but Aisia tells them that she has no where to return home to. Nemu gets Junichi to talk to Aisia again the next day. Aisia tells him about how her only relative was her grandmother and how she used her magic to create happiness for the people around her. After her grandmother passed away, Aisia came to Hatsunejima looking for Junichi’s grandmother and thus became friends with Junichi and company. Realizing that Aisia really has no place to go back to and finally understanding why Aisia is all about the magic, Junichi goes as far as pledging to support her in her magic. The next morning, Aisia leaves early and sees Misaki sitting on the swings again. Aisia shares her worries about whether or not her grandmother herself was happy. Misaki tells her that if she believes in her dream, it’ll come true.

My initial reaction was something along the lines of “not another Aisia episode.” After watching it a second time, I feel a bit more positive about it. Aisia gets some actual development, more than just the normal magic -> happiness. A glimpse into her past and we realize why she’s always talking about magic this magic that. I’m just a bit curious how she got across the world after her grandmother died though…
I am continuing on with this series on the firm belief that all of this is setting up for some major angst and drama later. Kotori gets a few lines this episode, which is hopefully a sign that her involvement starts here. Of course, something’s still gotta happen for her to even stand a chance against Nemu. Dunno what that could be, but I hope it catches me completely off guard.
In the preview for next episode, Utamaru mentions swimsuits and summer, making it sound like a fanservicey beach/pool episode. However, the title 「心の扉」 suggests something more serious. *keeps fingers crossed*


  1. F@ck Nemu!!! She’s sooo damn annoying. May Aisia be developing feelings for Junichi? Considering the intro is her and Kotori mainly, perhaps Nemu is finally getting kicked to the curb. Could Sakura possibly make an appearance at the end?

  2. Eh~! Junichi recieved a slap from Nemu. Hehehe… Nice Job he deserves it XD.

    Now, I want to see your amazing summary and impression/comment soon cause they are great read 😀 can’t wait.

  3. i think in order for dcss to rock Nemu has to go… she is that extra little thing that isn’t supposed to be here..

    *dodges barrage of stuff from siscons/nemu fans*

    well i decided to only blog this series if anything interesting happens and if Kotori gets more development… hmm i don’t really mind if Jun’chi ends up with aishia at all… Anyone other than Nemu is fine for me… :/

  4. Well lets start off by saying I love DA Capo ( 1st and 2nd seasons) and am a great fan of Nemu, but I do feel great sympathy for poor Kotori since Junichi has practicaly tossed her aside. If Nemu had not returned I was so hopping Kotori and Junichi had become a couple =^.^=

    But I have to ask this one thing that has anoyed me since Nume returned…

    What is going on with the time line ?

    From what we know:

    1. After season 1, Nemu and Junichi spent 1 year together before she left (at this time we did not know she went to Nursing college)
    2. Two years have passed since Nemu left and Kotori has become the main person in Junichi’s life
    3. By what we can see Junichi still hangs out with all his friends from season 1 at the same school he attended back then (of course he has new aquaintances now)
    4. At the end of season 1 Nemu, Junichi, and all their friends were roughly at the same age and level of education.

    If everything I’ve mentioned above is correct why has Junichi and all his friends ( these are Nemus friends as welll remember) made no academic progress at all ? Looking at the school atmosphere, the laid back attitude of the students, the fact that they are all still together at the same school as in season 1, you can do nothing but asume that they are all still in Hyschool !!! Now forgive me but last time I looked Hyschool does not last forever, by all means they should have gratduated and moved on to their respective colleges / universities based on what profesion they wanted. Basicaly they should all still roughly be at the same level as education that Nemu has reached, assuming of course Junichi and the others havent goofed off and failed many highschool terms (wich is highly unlikely).

    The fact that Nemu has been at nursing college for 2 years, has now returned as kind of an intern would mean that shes on verge of completing her studies and entering the workforce as an adult. Just this simple fact gives incredible depth and character devolopment on Nemu’s behalf since shes striving to become an adult just like every normal student. But when you compare her progress to Junichi and the others well its like time passed them by and simply forgot them, if you did not know that 3 years had passed since the end of season 1 you would have simply assumed that season 2 was continuing were season 1 left off.

    I’m not sure about the rest of you but from other animes I’ve seen such as Ai Yori Aoshi series, Love hina, and countless others, the simple hint that educational progress is being made to push forward to becoming an adult does play towards character development. Once they tosed Nemu back into the series as the school nurse I could not help but feel my stomach churn on what I consider a major plot flaw, now every time I see Nemu and Junichi together I can not help think that Nemu (an adult now in my eyes) is in love with an imature hyschool kid, its like their both from two completely diferent age groups seperated by a vast diference in age.

    I can understand why they did this… they wanted to keep the “gang” together for the relationship interaction and the eventual reintroduction of Nemu and all the drama created by it… but come on its so unbelievable. You can argue that they are all atending the hyschools afiliated college but can you honestly sit there and tell me they are going to offer every course that Junichi and his friends want ? very doubtfull, at least a few would have done what Nemu did and applied to the main land to attend school there because those classes were just not offered on the island. That asside, even if they were in the affiliated college why does the place reak of hyschool then ? we never see lecture halls, or for that mater any hint of higher learning going on… they could at least show Junichi studying some carrier oriented course material at home to give the hint hes working to become something with his life.

    Everytime I think of this it feels like my brains going to have a meltdown, Nemu has become a huge anomele… Oh wait shes not the enomele Junichi and his friends are, after all Nemu has progressed as expected.

    Anyone else feel the same way ?

  5. Neko, in season one, they were in middle school, going into high school. Season one ended just as Jun’ichi and Nemu were beginning their first year of high school. The vocational school that Nemu got into only required a Middle School education (schools like that exist in Japan), so she went there *instead* of going to High School. Jun’ichi, Kotori, and all just entered their third (and final) year of high school in the spring, which places the current timeline two years after the end of season one. Nemu is back on a work term, as part of her vocational training to be a nurse (notice that she’s also working at the hospital part-time as well). So… no anomolies, or anything like that… it’s just that the Japanese school system is a bit different – you can go to vocational school after completing Middle School, and don’t have to complete High School. Hope that makes sense and helps clear things up…


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