Today’s insert song is Spitz’s 「スピカ」 (Supika) from their 1998 single 「楓/スピカ」.
The final episode! I’m not going to post any screens yet b/c I don’t wanna spoil it for you guys, and as usual the full post will go up once C1 or Solar puts out the sub. I am very pleased with the last episode. It basically wraps up Takemoto’s journey and shows his return home. It’s pretty much all about Takemoto though, with a bit of Hagu-chan; so nothing much more about Yamada or Mayama. But I liked the ending, and I am very very very happy that they play Waltz as the ending song (the old ED sequence too!). A great way to end the series.

Edit: Ok, I lied. Here’s 3 spoiler pics from the final episode (Click at your own risk): Image 1, Image 2, Image 3.

2nd Edit: If any of you really wanna see screens, I uploaded the rest of them. Just type in and Clover – 24 – XX.jpg into your address line, replacing XX with 01 through 63.


  1. I also liked the episode, though I can’t help but feel that it was very badly paced – for example they spent too many times on the old lady, time that could’ve been spent on, say, Morita (he played a surprisingly small role in this episode, even though he was shown pretty depressed over Takemoto’s absence in the previous one). Ah well, all in all, it was a nice episode. Now to pray for a continuation after the manga ends… (And yeah, I also loved Waltz in the end.)

  2. Hmm.. liked the ending, even if it wasn’t what I was expecting. Wrapped up Takemoto’s bike journey pretty nicely.

    But fans of other characters won’t be impressed, since everything is still up in the air. I guess the manga is the next logical step.

  3. Great episode after all. I am looking forward to watching the rest 2 episodes and the Movie. By the way, can you release all Honey & Clover insert songs in a .Rar file so everyone can get all insert songs?

  4. I love your site! Seriously! 😀 I check it out to see what shows I should watch next! I really liked the updates on Vampire Knight and Vampire Knight~Guilty~ and honey and Clover. Actually your site is one of the two that have induced me to watch Honey and Clover! 😀 <3 <3 <3

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