Short Summary:
A still shocked Kisa lies in a vegetable-like state banging her head against the door. When her cell phone rings, she just snaps it in half. Over the phone, Miki tells Ayumu that Akira called asking about him. Meanwhile, the graffiti, including the infamous “Trust Yourself,” has been getting some press lately and has attracted the eye of Toudou Asako. She accidentally spots a winged fish symbol on a pillar nearby and another one leading away from the graffiti. Following the trail of winged fish, she finally comes to a rock where she finds the homeless Hatori Jirou. The two seem to be already acquainted and spend the rest of the day talking. Akira arrives at Rieko’s home and they converse about the seeing the material fairies. Akira tells Rieko that Makki, Kisa, Shigeki, and she have all seen them. Rieko later calls Shigeki to tell him that she’s seen the lights. She wants to meet with him, and he agrees. She waits for him that night, but he never comes. When she calls him, Shigeki apologizes, and then hangs up. He tries to call Kisa, but her phone is offline, making him quite frustrated. At the time, Kisa is in her room trying to reassemble Bun-chan. On her bed, the base of fin of the metal fish that Bun-chan helped to attach starts to glow.

I’m kind of curious what happened in the immediate aftermath of the incident from last episode. It seems that Ayumu got out of it unscathed, though I’ll bet that Kisa will hold a grudge against him as long as Bun-chan remains in pieces. As for getting Bun-chan back/reassembled, the hope there lies in the metal fish’s fin (the one that glows). The curious thing is that it glows orange (hot colored) instead of blue (cold colored).
That’s it for now; I’ll finish this entry sometime in the next few days when I get a chance to think about it a bit more.

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  1. Yeah, I’ve already watched this series. In english it means “Absolute Boy”; it was shown on the abomination called animax. Omni, its going to end somewhat strangely, so I’m trusting in you for explaining it to me.


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