In the final battle, there are several matchups that immediately develop: Rey vs. Kira, Athrun vs. Shinn, and the ArchAngel vs. the Minerva. In the SF vs. Legend fight, Kira and Rey trade Newtype reactions while dodging the other’s DRAGOONs. After Kira starts to see Rau Le Creuset in Rey from the way he fights, Rey actually comes out and says that he is Rau Le Creuset. Rey flashes back to a few years ago after Rau died when Gilbert tells him that it is his destiny to be Rau. Kira refutes this by saying that their lives are different, and then he uses a full salvo to disable Legend. In the Shinn and Athrun fight, Athrun actually starts by battling with Lunamaria a bit before Shinn intervenes. Athrun tries to convince Shinn that he’s fighting for the wrong cause, one that will kill the future. Shinn flashes back to Stellar and his sister, but he lunges anyway at Athrun. Lunamaria gets in the way to stop him, but Shinn doesn’t slow down, so Athrun pulls out his SEED mode and shields the attack. Since talking time is over, Athrun uses his beam sabers to cut off Destiny’s arms and leg, sending it crashing into the moon. Meanwhile, the ArchAngel situates itself directly above the Minerva and fires down, destroying the latter ship’s cannons. Athrun then uses the IF’s backpack to destroy the Minerva’s engines. The heavy damage forces the Minerva also to crashes onto the surface of the moon. Gilbert, seeing his forces fall, orders the firing of the Neo-GENESIS at the ORB forces. But because of Yzak’s warning, all of the important ships are able to dodge the shot (which actually destroys several of ZAFT’s own ships). Gilbert then readies to fire his other super weapon, the Requiem. The Akatsuki and the IF rush there and destroy the cannon just as it is about to fire. Shinn has a moment where he sees Stella calling out to him. She is happy to see him, and keeps emphasizing “tomorrow” as she fades away. Shinn wakes up in Lunamaria’s arms, and the two of them weep as explosions rock the Requiem. At the Messiah, Kira uses the METEOR platform to wreck the place, and then enters it on foot to confront Gilbert. Gilbert tries to tell Kira that history will only repeat itself, but Kira replies that they don’t want a world that doesn’t change. Rey and Talia both arrive during the two’s exchange. They ready their guns to fire, and Gilbert is shot. Kira turns around surprised to see that Rey pulled the trigger. Explosions rip through the room as Talia rushes over and puts Gilbert’s head onto her lap. Rey apologizes, and then trails off talking about tomorrow. After Kira leaves at Talia’s request, Gilbert also apologizes, but Talia says that it’s their fate. She calls for Rey, so he comes over to hug her and identifies her as his mother just as the room explodes. The Messiah crashes onto the lunar surface as Shinn and Luna watch on while Athrun and Kira stoically survey all the destruction.

The last episode of GSD gives us some good battle sequences and concludes the series, but fails on several important levels. I didn’t have much of a problem with the story itself: we’ve all heard it before, it’s the stuff they’ve been spouting the entire series. What I didn’t like was that the old cast (Kira, Athrun, etc) were all-powerful and made it out pretty much unscathed. I admit that as a fan of the original SEED, I wanted them to survive, but having them beat all of their opponents so easily to win the day just ruins the excitement. Never mind that the ZAFT grunts are useless, even Shinn and Rey aren’t able to significantly damage Athrun and Kira. And everyone shows up in that ending shot gathered around in their still shiny mobile suits and ships. So I guess the point I’m trying to make here is that the conflict is fairly weak. The elements of Kira, Athrun, Lacus, etc vs. Shinn, Rey, Gilbert could have been used to make a far stronger story revolving around what is right and what is wrong (as opposed to Kira always being right).
And of course, Shinn doesn’t really get a satisfactory ending (yes, I consider death a satisfactory ending for him). Actually, it’s not the conclusion of his story that I wasn’t happy with; it’s the lack of closure in general. After the battle is over, the credits just roll. The story is left just hanging there, without a proper epilogue. I guess you could argue that this leaves the series open to a sequel, but I’m sure there are better ways of doing that. I was hoping at least to see a bit more of Murrue & Mwu and also the reunification of Lunamaria & Meyrin. And a scene that shows that Shinn has actually come out of all this having learned something would be nice.

Final Thoughts: Gundam SEED Destiny is the sequel to Gundam SEED that everyone was looking forward to. Who wouldn’t want to see our old friends flying their Gundams and blowing stuff up? But at the end of the series, we’re left to think that perhaps it would have been better for them not to be there, or maybe for Shinn and company not to be there. Because as it stands, GSD suffers from having too many characters. The original SEED cast was already quite big, with Kira, Athrun, and all of their friends on both sides. Add in another group (Shinn, Rey, etc), and we’ve got too many people to play with and lots of lost potential. Initially, there were good developing stories on both sides. We had a brash young ace, a returning character in the teacher role, and several supporting characters. But the inherent problem is that by the end of the series, they didn’t get enough development to significantly change. Or if they were greatly affected, we didn’t get to see the results (which goes back to the lack of closure I mentioned before).
All in all, this series is at best mediocre, not quite as good as the original (which I admit wasn’t perfect either). I would recommend it to fans of Gundam SEED, but probably no one else. I’ll probably feel better once I see the special episode coming with the last DVD due to be released in February of next year. (see Gunota)


  1. Just a question I’ve been wondering. What’s up with the producers of SEED and their obsession with naked dead-people, naked not-actually-dead people and dead going-to-die people and just naked people on a whole.

  2. Well, Shinn turned out to be the Kamille Bidan on this Crappy Series as expected looking at Luna, it seems that we’ll gonna be seeing them at the next SEED series if possible(Kamille and Fa Yuiri rip-offs)

  3. This series doesn’t even compare to Zeta as much as it wants to be… Hell, even SEED’s a hell of a lot better. Oh well, at least it was still mildly entertaining while it lasted. To bad the plot had such potential and Fukuda failed to exploit it.

  4. I have to agree with G3, they’ve completely wasted the potential they had with this Gundam SEED sequel (like Double Zeta wasted the potential for the Zeta sequel). At least SEED didn’t go overboard with their recycled mobile suit battle scenes like SEED Destiny did. Not to mention, this ending was a rush job (emphasis on rushed). It’s like 2-3 episodes being compressed into one. It’s as if they’ve dragged the story and suddenly realised their running out of episodes to finish it and squeezed it all into episode 50.

    SEED’s pace and use of episodes was better. And let us not forget SEED Destiny had A LOT of recap episodes. Episodes which could have been used to tell the SEED Destiny storyline better instead of being wasted as recap episodes.

  5. o man… thought this final episode is the most exciting but turns out not thrilling zzzz… Both Kira and Athrun defeated Rey & Shinn so easily?! And no damage to Strike Freedom & Infinite Justice?! Geez… wat the hell… Hope they will create another sequel for this, seems incomplete for this final phase… AND COME ON FUKUDA, U CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS!!!!

  6. Um… The possibility of a sequel that I mentioned in my last comment under Phase-49: Well, I think it’s safe to say that this episode was such a failure as an ending that Bandai/Sunrise will most likely ditch that idea >>. lol. Anyway… On the bright side, Fukuda did surprise me with this one. I figgered the one person most likely to survive out of the new cast was Talia, but I guess I was wrong. Oh well. I think I’ll download this ep in a few days just for a good laugh. Ha.

    Phantom Pain
  7. Perhaps they might wrap this up with some sort of OVA. TOO many open questions that are left unanswered but I guess thats how Gundam always is. Ya, the ending for SEED and even the last battle was much better compared to such petty battles here. Not even a good fight in the last episode, they were no contests, Kira vs. Rey = expected some sort of HUGE battle where they fight to the death and Athrun vs. Shinn = *yawn wanted someone to die here too.

    Where on earth was ORB, or did they even play any significant role in the last episode? The one sided-battles frustrated me. If Kira and Shinn was so powerful, this series should have been over many episodes ago. Just send those two out and destroy Shinn and Rey.

    Well, I guess there is some bright side to this series…Kira never cried BUT he also didn’t kill anybody. Common Kira, you didn’t even kill Rey or that other guy (sorry too frustrated right now lol).

    There better be some sort of OVA to conclude or some sort of sequel or I’m going back to watch Gundam Wing or Zeta :X

  8. Shinn did SEED and still got his ass kicked, Athrun is still the best MS pilot in this series. Kira can spam but 1on1 he loses to Athrun (remember SEED ^_^)

    Are we sure Fukuda was the director of SEED? Seriously I haven’t seen an anime just so badly made in awhile, I mean don’t get me wrong I love GS/GSD but thats just becuase I’m a fanboy GSD was very poorly made.

  9. doubt there will be a sequel too little people killed throughout
    it was already like a 4 way war (zaft-ea-orb-clyne faction) if they don’t make some sort of OVA and kill some of them off, i doubt a sequel will be any good.
    and it was literally a copy of the seed ending
    archangel vs minerva ( comparable to diminion)
    3 vs 3 scenario
    SF, IJ, Akatsuki vs Destiny, Legend, Impulse
    (Freedom, Justice, Strike) vs (Calmality, Raider, Forrbidden)
    note Akatsuki and strike blocked a positron beam for AA and all three units of the opposing side were destroyed. also justice and IJ were both in the “wreck havoc on enemy super weapon” missions

    if they must make a sequel i suggest they change the writer!

    strike freedom

    Cagalli showed seed in ep 50 of GS. IN GSD, where is the seed? nowhere to be found.

    IN GS we have a sorrowful threesome in the end. Kira, Cagalli and Asuran crying. What do we have in here? Gladys, Dullindal and Rey, the happy family

    Ah also in GS lacus shows a seed… or seed eyes… is she also a newtype? because in gsd she feels kira ; and besides if she had a seed her power would be to manipulate people through voice.

    Shinn hater
  11. like i said too many characters, if they kept cagalli in the scene then it wouldn’t be a war, it’ll just be a riot.
    also what more can you expect from lacus? she’s a singer

    strike freedom
  12. OMG! This whole series sucked real bad and the plot is weak. The plot was weak throught the whole series from the start the end. Who would have guess they put that stupid scene where shinn sees a dead stellar which is the sae scene in the last ep is GS. God this blows, if they could make the ending a lot more interesting and remake the whole plot, it ould be worthwhile to watch it.

    Infinite Justice
  13. most probably a new beginning is wat they mean
    but it is hell of a bad ending
    it was also noticed by a friend on a forum that the re-used freedom instead of making a new scene where STRIKE freedom dodges Legend’s shots

    strike freedom
  14. hmm i am just curious… when lacus goes into seed mode… does it make Eternal like untouchable??? =.=”” i mean i was wondering if Lacus going into seed mode will it generally help her accomplish any defying stunts like kira and Athrun…

  15. wait for DVD guys

    theres a 40 minute special after ep 50
    another way to make money huh…….

    as we all know
    this story doesnt really…..well….end
    but ive heard a rumor that the staff had chose not to make seed 3 (which is good, i dont want to see kira’s face for another 50 eps……well, but if it really comes out, i think i still will watch it….=_=a)

    if the rumor is true, the 40 minutes will be impirtant
    when the five-minute show came out
    i thought it would tell us what’s going on in the world after the battle
    well… did, but not much
    and then GSD came out

    this time the special is much longer
    i believe it can show the real END of GSD
    even the entire SEED series

  16. As for Talia, you never know, they could pull a Mwu and bring her back some way. Which was crap for Mwu and would be crap for any other time they use it. How the f@ck does everyone end up redeeming themselves!?. What a way too sell your villians as villians. This episode is almost like SEED’s last ep. it just stops with no real ending? WTF!? This whole series is WTF.

    Fukuda! Is this your so call ending? Dude! Is there is to be continue…you better make a very really happy ending especially AC for me and for the rest of AC fans as well!

  18. sorry for double posting! but something I don’t understand..
    what can Lacus do eventhough she is in seed mode? sides what i learnt from science is sound can’t travel in vacuum aka space. how can they talk? weird!

  19. What the…?

    All the wait and for what? A let-down ending.

    Fukuda made a mess of GSD. He should have simplified the story instead of cramming every other GS character into the story.

    It would be better if Kira only showed by Episode 39 and let Athrun have rein on the story.

    Just think. Forget about Kira and the others for a moment and concentrate on Athrun. They should:

    1) Forget about Freedom rebuilt so Kira won’t show until Strike Freedom makes its entry.
    2) Scrap the Savior being totalled by Freedom (muddied the story) and jump instead to Athrun and Meyrin deserting in Savior, then being totalled by Destiny (which is a good reason for getting IJ).
    3) Then show that Athrun and Meyrin gets rescued and then (and only then) does the Archangel and Kira makes an appearance.
    4) continue the story as planned except for the damned clip shows.
    5) have just let Mwu be found with amnesia and forget this Neo nonsense.
    6) have made it that instead of Kira, it should have been Athrun confronting Gilbert in Messiah. It would have been far better since Athrun had been present at the start of GSD and would understand Gilbert a lot better since he knows him longer. Talia and Rey would interact better with Athrun than Kira because they fought alongside each other.
    7) cringe that they gave Kira a gun. I admit he’s one heck of a MS pilot but handling a gun is not his strong point. Better that Athrun point the gun at Gilbert (and with all the moves that he’s got, he is more capable handling the gun than crybaby Kira)
    8) have Cagalli in a more prominent role. Hello? She was there in the beginning. Maybe comforting Athrun after the fall of Messiah.
    9) have Tomino direct this episode. At least there will be death. Lots of deaths.
    10) never let Fukuda direct the sequel to GSD (if there will be one).

  20. Why did SF become Freedom when dodging Legend’s Dragoon rays? Wat are the team doing? Are they too lazy to even realise the mistake or too tired?

    It was so obvious that everyone who saw it was basically having a BIG question mark on them.

    I feel disappointed!

  21. ummmm on if you go to download a GSD ep. and click on the title it takes you to where it gives a brief summary or w/e and at the top it says that the series length is 50ep+1special sooo im wondering if that special would be a movie or OVA???

    on the topic here i liked the episode but i didnt like the ending…and yah like zathras said i think that talia mustve been a surrogate…but i dont like how it leaves u hanging because i myself would have liked to had seen a little after wa life…like what happened to luna and shinn…and what about Athrun and Cagalli did they get back together? God only knows…

  22. If you read earlier posts you’ll find out that it will be released february 24th. 😉

    Why are you blaming Fukuda? Isn’t he just a victim of Bandai? They are giving the money => they are deciding what’s happening. So I don’t think it’s all his fault. If Bandai wants to sell some fingures and tells him to put in old characters, etc. then what should he do? Say “no”? I think it’s rather diffictult to produce an anime without money XD
    So maybe next time we should just make sure that the Director is not dependant on Bandai and everything’s gonna be fine.

    btw: I really enjoyed the last two episodes, even though there have been alot of reused scenes. (would have been better to have ep 49 as 45 so we’d get more fighting scenes and a better ending) => I’m really looking forward to the OVA.

  23. Hmm this series has a habit of letting the superior force lose to a weaker one.
    Like in heavens base where the EAF had the upper hand by destroying most
    of the zaft attack force.
    Three gundams was all they needed to turn the tied of battle.
    In orb they were losing, again a few new gundams turned the tied of battle in orbs favor.
    One ship and three gundam again was all zaft needed to capture Requiem, even though the EAF had a big force gurading it.And in the final battle durandull had 2 super weapon,their force were a lot bigger than orbs,not to mention genisis destroyed some of orbs fleet.Yet they got thier butts kicked in the end thanks mostly to justise ,freedom, Akatsuki and the doom troops.
    Still the ending had a nice battle and I wish it was longer and that Destiny and Legend lasting a bit longer.
    What pissed me of was shinn trying to kill Luna,man this huy really needs to die.
    Final note a lot more people survied in this final episode than in seed.To me it looked like only Talia,Gill,Rey and the people struck by genisis died while the rest were disabled.

  24. srry about that estella haha
    I think that since they did have those big superpowers (genesis & requim) that it seemed to easy or rushed, the battle scenes were good by all means BUT it seemed like ira made rey explode way too fast…i mean when ur comparing it
    to GS it was alot more rushed. I didnt like that the only thing we got to see of Cagalli was little glimpses of her frustrated face on earth..i wanted her to be in the battle somewhere…but then again she might have died if that happened..beggars cant be chosers i suppose. I mean this episode still got my heart racing when i saw athrun and shinn battling i honestly though that one of them was gonna bite the dust..preferably shinn. I liked the part with Luna and Shinn on the moon, if i was shinn id like luna cause she seems to have a soothing air about her when she comforts him…i had a REAL distatse for the Shinn and Stellar thing…BEACUSE IT LOOKED JUST DAMN LIKE THE KIRA AND FLAY CRAP!

    and thanx for telling me about that 40 min OVA i cant wait for that srry i didnt read ahead or w/e lol…i wonder what the content of it will be since we obviously didnt see this one end with a signing of a treaty….did that mean that the war was over anyway?

  25. WTF!!! The shinxstellar thingie sucks!!!! Duh!! If there would be another series…I’d request the writer that he should let me direct the whole thing…(wishful thinking here)…..(^_^) and I’d make it bloodier, “angstier”, nastier, “tastier” than ever!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. @estella

    I, too, am looking forward to the OVA. Maybe, just maybe, the ending that the fans deserve is there.

    Fukuda is the director so the buck stops with him. I really expected Fukuda to learn from his mistakes with GS. What I got in GSD was rehashed animation from GS and almost the same thread with regards to the story. He should have taken control of this (Bandai be damned!). Even with Bandai dictating the shots, he should have taken an original spin on things. Yup, don’t bite the hand that feeds you. But wouldn’t it be nicer to take it that we, the Gundam fans, do in fact pay their salaries because of the income they get from us? He (and Bandai) owes it to the fans. I don’t want holes in the plot, I need closure. Justify the hype. GSD didn’t, it just fizzled.

    Fukuda is good. I expected great things from him. He after all directed Gear Senshi Dendoh and the Future GPX Cyber Formula series. But this is Gundam. This would have made him greater. This should have been his legacy. But he just fell so-so.

  27. GSD was dying ever since Kira appeared (and the process got faster when Wings of Words was chosen for the last opening theme).

    I hoped Kira would finally get killed, and actually got my hope up at the gun scene. Seriously, Shinn was made to be such a minor character (a shame, Athrun didn’t even break a freakin’ sweat beating the guy to a pulp). And Luna. She’s supposed to be a Red and she got owned so easily.

    Though I admit I did get excited near the end of the series.

  28. What does Wings of Words have to do with anything? I’ll agree that it’s a bad choice for a OP, but how does that have anything to do with the story?

    I usually skip over the OP/ED anyways. Not worth watching the same thing over and over again every week (heh.. like reused scenes).

  29. I read above about Kira and how he didn’t cry i’ll give you that. But guys seriously you’re slipping with the details… hrm he killed Stellar. Ya know giant explosion in cockpit and got her killed. He also “Technically” helped get Heine killed as well. But there’s a plus side to this episode Shinn got his ass kicked so badly he cried like a little bitch. I hope he learns a lesson “Don’t screw with Newtypes” 🙂

  30. I watched the endings because I like the songs, but Wings of Words just didn’t fit in. It wasn’t a gundam seed destiny song at all XD. And in the last episode it just killed off the mood after the first minutes.

    It’s true that they shouldn’t have used Kira & Co, or at least not in major roles. They just stole the screen time of the new characters (Shinn & Co.). Because as far as I know it was originally planned that Kira should have died at the end of SEED and Athrun should have been badly wounded (i.e. lost an arm or leg), but because they got so high ratings Bandai & Fukuda let them stay alive…….
    If there’s going to be a third SEED stage (which is unlikely) I’d like it to play at least 20 years in the future (so we won’t see Athrun/Kira and also the Shinn-group (in major roles) anymore).

    And you are right, the series wasted a lot of potential. The first episodes were damn good (and some in the middle and at the end as well), but far too many recaps in the last 10 episodes.

  31. And I also wanted to say that I think Rey had the best character design and character developpement. (Did Shinn have character developpement? We’ll hopefully see it in the OVA – I hope he learned from his stupidity.) So in the end Rey turned out to be my favourite character 😛

  32. They used Wings of Words on a story arc that’s supposed to be the most interesting. In my opinion, Ignited would have made a better 4th opening, and Wings of Words being second or third. Bokutachi no Yukue would have made a good first opening, I’d say.

  33. i like wings of words but not so much for a gundam opening…I’ll tell ya what though i liked Kira alot more in this one because did it seem like the twins switched roles..? Kira isnt the cry baby he used to be i cant rlly remember a time when he cried that ive seen in this series…and then CAGALLI turns from hard ass tomboy to…crybaby of the year and she honestly acts like she couldnt live unless she had someone by her side..she used to be sooo independent and then all the sudden she wasnt and i missed that alot about her. I also didnt like how they played out Athrun and Cagalli’s relationship in this one because honestly by the end of seed i though that they were a pretty damn strong couple and since we have basically no idea what happened in those two yrs between the series i cant figure out why they had such distrust in the beginning i mean i know that Yuuna played a role somewhere with aggravating their relationship, and all but i though that they would stick a little better than they did. So basically towards the end Kira and Lacus were my fave couple because they were the only ones outta the two that were showing any affection for the other, like when he went up in the strike to save the eternal i though that that was cute, and heres athrun and cagalli never thinking about the other i mean they did a couple of times but i dunno..i wonder if theyre back together in the OVA?

  34. I HATE the Kira/Lacus couple. I hate Lacus. Kira’s o.k. I hate Lunamaria. I hate Meyrin. I hate Shin.I hate Stellar. I hate almost every fuckin’ character in GSD, except for Athrun and Cagalli…not much else to say. Oh yeah GSD is bullshit.

  35. Can they just start the astray series?? I’ve been more interested in that than Destiny. If they took out the recap episodes, and made more storyline stuff, would’ve been a hell of alot better, and not smashed together in the last episode.

  36. I was highly diappointed in the end of GSD…. I mean it would have been great if they gave us just a little aftermath… not just END IT after requiem blew up. Also… It made me angry throughout the series watching Athrun & Cagalli slip away… IT SUCKED, but at least they could have given us a reunion.. like why the hell would there be all this AxC hype in GS and even most of GSD (including openings & endings) and never give usa reunion or a hug or a freakin smile between the two of them at the end… and even Shinn and Luna… ok so they are stuck on an asteroid that no one knows they are still alive, WHAT THE HELL??? Like i loved GSD but…. im so disappointed… I hope that the 40 min. OVA is worth my time… I’ll watch it anyways… but I just hope they put something athrun x cagalli in it… or else… i just wasted my freakin’ time on 100 episodes! GAH!

  37. I really am quite amazed at the retardedness of all you people… GSD was so much better plotwise than GS… GS was nothing but fucking countless battles… My god… Overall the CE timeline sucks so there should be no fucking third series… And for those of you idiots who keep complaining about GSD, stop fucking wishing for a third series, you’re being contradictory idiots.

    Random Guy
  38. Goddamn people, just admit that you were happy with the series. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have watched it to the end, and instead stop after seeing so many recaps. Jeez. People never bother with their own opinions anymore these days.

  39. They should have a 3 ways battle at the end – the Coordinator Extreme (those who drop the colony on earth) vs ZAFT vs ORB. So far I am disappoint with both GS and GSD. Both suffer from a good start but bad ending. Both always goes into detail about everything including things that doesn’t even should be in the series until only about 10 to 12 episode left, they start doing a rapid closeout of the story.

    Anyway, here is what I learn from GSD Ep. 50
    1. When someone claims to be someone else, distract them with words like you are not him and then blast him away.
    2. When confront a leader of the team, always mezmorize a member of the team with a speech about the future nonesense to force that member to turn against the leader.
    3. When you are in SEED mode and get knock out, always think of the one you love, naked and have a conversation with her.
    4. Make sure that your MS is nice and shiny so you can get a group picture at the end.

  40. In my opinion, Destiny had a lot more of a understandable plotline than SEED ever had… All SEED ever did was show as many damn battles as possible, which was done most likely to make into stock footage for the following series. As I said before, the CE timeline is garbage, so go watch some real Gundam series, those based in the UC timeline. Then you’ll realize what crap both SEED and SEED Destiny are.

    Random Guy
  41. How’s that? Destiny’s plotline was all over the place, it’s so incoherent that I’d think there were at least 3 different writing staffs that didn’t communicate with each other at all. SEED’s at least seemed like a single story instead of feeling like 3 unrelated stories were Roboteched together in a massive hackjob. If SEED’s plotline was a piece of garbage then Destiny’s was a big stinking turd.

  42. Kira and Lacus relationship in my opinion are quite boring except the part where lacus leave. And i thought AC will stick together when athrun gave her the ring…Jeez!

    To Random Guy: No we are not retarded! You like GSD i hate GSD thats all and besides i think you can see that most of the scence like shiinxstellar are almost the same like kiraxlacus where he handed back stellar to neo(kira hand lacus back to athrun)and the ghost thingy in the end. shinn and stellar in an island almost the same like Athurn and Cagalli EXCEPT that more hyper and talking. loads more that i am too lazy to write down. no offense though.

  43. Man, I was expecting one of the main characters like Kira or Athrun to die. If this truly was the end of the series more characters should have died as it would the end of the series and everything else after it didn’t matter, but it seems like bandai wants to make more money off this.

  44. Since I am an all-around Gundam Fanboy (since the first series was released back in the 70’s) I was disappointed with GSD. I saw a rehash of Z Gundam. I thought at the first, ok.. cool lets see how this turns out.
    Maybe Athrun could be the teacher that Char wasn’t in GZ. but alas….

    GSD turned out to be more of a disappointement. GZ had a really dark side to the ‘human condition’, whereas GSD was more of a “whose morally right’ issue. And in GSD, no real lesson was learned or chacter was fully developed :/

    The opening monolouge for GSD was good, ending the first conflict in GS. And as was said eariler by earlier posts it would have been better if the orignal GS cast just played in supporting roles. Like Amuro Rey in GZ, he had a minor role for a few episodes helping Camille to escape back into space and it helped to show the current exploits of the EF against NT’s (onca again the dark nature of the ‘human condition’) and he (AR) didn’t get to pilot a gundam ms.

    It would have been more poignant if it was Athrun who confronted Gil in the end (like Char v. Haman) with Talia pulling the trigger instead of Rey, and I also think it would have been a better ending had it been Shinn v. Rey (like Camille v Paptimus).

    All in all, I gave the GS a better rating than GSD. The sad thing about GS/GSD on the Mecha Side was that I saw the rehash of the entire UC MS within the 2 series (down rating) :/ hmmm, maybe they should’ve brought back NuGundam and Sazabi :o! The only 2 upratings I’ll give was the is the Remade Hyaku-Shiki (Akatsuki) & Dom’s making a come back and seeing the “Jet Stream Attack” (heavy armor MS, and nasty damage dealers!)

    But like I said, I am a Gundam Fanboy, so I’ll keep watching it, no matter what 😮

  45. I too cannot help but cringe at the similarities between Zeta Gundam and GSD. While Zeta is a classic, GSD tries to be a pale imitation. The worse that would happen is (going by this line of thinking) is making the sequel Gundam SEED: Double Destiny.

    Going by this, make Murrue the only main supporting cast (like Noah) and instead of Junk collectors led by Judau, we will now have Junk Guild members led by Lowe. Kira and Athrun only appear in cameos.

    It would be nice to feature the Astrays for a change instead of having them as cannon fodder. (The Red Frame would be awesome).

    After this? Gasp! A movie length-feature called Shinn’s Counterattack.


    She stayed in Orb crying about how badly her character got shafted by this series.

  47. Ya gotta admit thought the gun scene with Gilbert, Rey, Talia, and Kira kinda would get your heart rushed. But they should’ve done this.

    1) Show a gun firing -.-
    2) Goes to Talia’s face… then Rey’s… then Kira’s… then Gil’s
    3) Gil falls to his death and you hear crying…
    4) Kira looks sees Rey crying b/c he shot Gil

    Way better Gun sequence… make ya wonder if Kira (Mr.BigNewtype got shot 😉 )

  48. gsd had so much potential. and what makes people hate this series is when you grow so attatched to the story then it goes full down hill, in my opinion it just got worse & worse since stellar died

  49. i don’t like lunamaria….and eyrin i suppose it she sabotaged Ac relationship…sorry to hawke fans. WEll got to agree, since stellar died, everything are going downhill. the best is SHINN DIE!

    of everything i just want AC to get together! FUKUDA YOU HEAR ME?!

  50. I’m a little confused about one part. At the end Talia tells Kira to tell the captain of the Archangel that she has a son and she wants them to meet. But at the end, Rey calls her mother. Does she have another child somewhere? And I did like the series, just didn’t think the conclusion of the conflict ended that well. I think it would have been better had they not been able to destroy the Messiah. But after the fight with Kira, Rey sacrifices himself in front of the beam. Kind of a repentance for his mistakes. I would like them to do a third series though because I don’t see how 40 minutes can possibly bring a resolution to all the questions left hanging.

  51. Look on the bright side, it was better than Wing.

    Also I think that a sequel may be able to save the series, as long as Fukuda doesn’t give in to the media and fanboys/fangirls anymore (and also removes about 90% of the flashbacks, but thats kind of a given).
    And the characters in SEED and SEED Destiny have reached the maximum amount of possible character change and character change is a maxim in all Gundam series, therefore, I believe that a new set of characters is needed, and maybe include OCCASIONAL cameos from the old characters, as long as they don’t dominate the entire series.
    While I may be asking alot, I believe that the cosmic era can still be saved.
    And I would also like to add that episode 50, in itself is not a bad episode, but it is a bad ENDING. Final episodes need to live up to a much higher standard then the rest of the series, and, had they aired that episode 10 or 15 episodes sooner, then it would have been a very good episode, but it was no ending, and Fukuda has to make a sequel because nothing will make sense if they dont, and if you don’t like it, then don’t watch it and stop complaining.

  52. i just think the 4th op was really inacurate … well lets see if we see that pretty cagalli in the 40 minutes ova in feb the ending wasn’t horrible but god they left the last final minutes of the ep in such inconclusion really? and i mean shinn didnt learn crap till the endwhich im pretty sure he might start in gundam seed 3 i dunno but the whole talia was rey’s mom wsa so freaking random it like wth they could have explain that.. i dunno i just think Gsd WAS GOOD until the final eps god they wsated an nearly on Meer unNESSSARY but w.e im can;t wait to see what’s happens in the ova and i really hope to see If gs3 Has more way more potential than GSD. that’s all i can say.

    the ending was blah but i can live with that for the anime i give it a 4 its still one of my faves:)

    SEED Mode Lacus
  53. all righty then… i am new to the whole gundam world and only saw gs and gsd (honestly my little bro watched the rest so much i hated gundam anything with a passion for a while) i fell in love with the characters ongs and was hoping for more development with gsd but to my mind all went wonky after cagalli returned to orb…as she pretty much disappeared after that….as did the storyline. it was pretty much one ship playing catch up to the other the rest of the series. and yzak and dearka? if they were going to continue with them which was kinda cool as their personalities are by far the most unique in the series it would have been better to use them for more than 2 secs every 5-6 eps. seriously find a plot and stick to it. if u wanna rehash the past do it right… and wtf was it with shinn? a more wishy-washy annoying piece of @#$% character i have never seen, even kira made more sense in gs than this bozo. ok, my rant is over. frankly i’m just so disappointed…i was so hyped for gsd and i think it was ruined by too many recaps and flashbacks and not enough story…what about a&c? where does that relationship go? m& m?k&l? and the world? what happens to it? hmmm big battle over, no one seemingly in charge xcept poss cagalli? the ova better be freaking great or a new series made (PROPERLY with REAL writers with IMAGINATION!!!) or i am gonna be REALLY peeved.

    ahhhhhhhhh ok then
  54. i did have high expectation for Destiny but crestfallen when it ended up like that. I just hope that sequel will answer all the hanging thing that make us confuse and if better have AC!

  55. I just keep watching the GSD 50 and one mobile suit doenst appear in the end and thats the Orange GAIA Gundam. Wutever happened to it? Did Andy blew it up accidentally when landing after eps 39?

  56. Wow well as ya see everythin is basicaly the same as the last episodes of normal seed……but in all it was just weird….too bad Rey and Steller died, that sucks…..ive actually never seen kira hold a gun in the first season of gundam seed…..

    In all this season of GSD sucked….even worse than inuyasha…actually Inuyasha isnt that bad…..but u get hte picture….

    shinn is so stupid kira and athrun can so kick his ass

  57. I don’t know really looking at this episode it looks WAY to similar to episode 50 of Gundam Seed. They just spruced things up with the extra cast but as always, Kira is the true winner here. But still another nice way to end a series (oh well)

  58. GSD sucks sucks sucks. I stopped watching it after ep 21, but I still like to find out what happened. Is it true that NOBODY DIED???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every anime needs at least two deaths.

  59. (Going back to my notes I made on my LiveJournal…)

    What killed it for the people responsible for GSD was the idea that they can bring back the original characters from Seed. It was all over once Kira Yamato (starring as Jesus Christ) came back. None of the new characters in Destiny had a chance to get a foothold at all. They were just thirdary.

    Then again, this is from Mitsuo Fukuda. A guy who lets his wife create the plot. For a show that’s more manufactured than created, mind you. And then we also get another cannon-fodderish appearance of TM Revolution as yet another of Athran’s wingman who gets KIA. And also the scene rehash & repeats…

    Mr. Fukuda wanted his Gundam universe to be this decade’s UC; talking the talk about how it’s going to be based on what happened in Palestine. (I’M NOT SPITTING YOU!! THIS IS ACTUALLY WHAT HE STATED!!) In the end he ended up killing the franchise worse than Kouichi Tokita (and his Gundam Wing series). And I forgave Tokita a long time ago.

  60. this is funny, so many people bitching about how bad gsd is yet gsd album released last week just hit number 1 on weekly album charts in japan & also set 2nd highest record for numbers sold in first week

  61. shinn needs to die and burn in the pit of eternal hellfire…NO ONE SPEAKS TO CAGALLI LIKE THAT!!! And i concur with all of the AC fans. i hate the ending to the GSD. it leave off so many things. and what the hell happened to Cagalli and Asuran?!?!? WHY is he with Meryin at the end?? EH??!?!?!? WHAT THE HELLL!!! That is like one of my biggest pet peeves in movies. And why does my favorite characters play such as pansy-ish role in the series??? GAH!!!!! >.

  62. FU CK MAN… it should be shinn against kira..cause kiras’f freendom was destroy by impulse ( cause freedom do not waan too fight).Kira could have won athrun( athrun unit the ageis has a abillity which it became a spider like thingy…..athrun knows that he is losing thats y he plan to use the suicide button….. that was one gay move……and somemore..kira has been in war many times and won many gundams…. but stilll he can not even handle shinn in seed mode….. he’s get to be kidding me

  63. The Impulse defeating Freedom part also surprising me I must say, but since Kira is not really in the mood to kill Shinn, Shinn got the upper hand, as you can see in the episode, Freedom beam saber pierce through Impulse head, but Impulse Sword pierce through the torso of Freedom, just like Shinn is really wanting Kira to die for causing Stellar’s death…that battle will favor Shinn more coz he want revenge for whom he lost…
    But at episode 42, clearly we see that Shinn is no match for Kira even in his new Destiny…
    Anyway, thats all opinion ^^

  64. as someone has mentioned…. Kira is kinda modeled after Jesus Christ..
    godly (meaning he could kill u with a tweak of his neurons), doesn’t kill, forgiving, protects, kind, loving, etc… u get the picture. How can you guys not like the guy? He has ALL the good qualities known to man….
    granted he’s not realistic, but neither is a bunch of giant fighting robots in space slashing at each other.
    Shinn on the other hand was just a moronic crybaby puppet. At best he shoulda been just a supporting character. Even the Heine-guy who died in 10 secs after intro was a more likable char.
    So…. they really needed Kira, or the show woulda sunk.
    Shinn beat Kira, coz Kira was distracted by how AA was being creamed. Yet he still survived a NUCLEAR explosion.
    If u were to follow the series, u can tell Kira is pretty much godly at the end of the series, since he can own u even though he doesn’t kill u. All the other chars still hit the cockpits.
    Unlike the other Gundam serieses, Kira is truly without equal, since there is only one of him (the Ultimate Coordinator).

    😀 😀 boring yes, but Good is always boring 😀

  65. i love Gundam Seed Destiny. The show is very creative and well animated. i think it is one of the better anime shows out there. Athrun is my favorite character mostly because he is seems more human than the rest of the humans. He shows emotional termoal during the story and shows emotions.

    stephanie McCullough
  66. I agree with you in somethings but to be honest I also like the idea of kiling Shinn in the process. But still thats the story we cannot change it for better as we think its the best. anyway I’m also waiting for the Final plush. I really want to see it……soon…… One thing that disapoint me too is the Athrun and Cagalli pairing…. I like Kira and Lacus coz they are my favorite character since in the original Seed…. But to think that Athrun and Cagalli not reunited in the final plush disapoint me so much……. come to think that they are one of the original character of the gundam seed and destiny……

    still I hope there’s another gundam seed the fortune….hehehehe
    Hope there Athrun and Cagalli were together again…..Having children…
    Also kira and Lacus …… I really like this two that’s why I’m so sad when Fllay still alive I hate her for using Kira……….

    That’s all thanks for the space provided….
    God Bless….. See yah……………

  67. A you know… these gsd episodes are really awesome just like the gs it has more action than the last gs. So i really really really like it and I will keep my the GUNDAM SEED DESTINY as a memory of my life, so to all of the staffs and the creators of this anime’ more power to all of you and thanks because you make some gundam fanatics an enjoyment thank you and god bless!!!

  68. i’m just glad moon is alive, when i watched gundam seed i tot it was cruel for the creators to let maru fil the lost of a love one 2x. altho i wud like to have seen athrun and cagali get married and also kira ang lakus.lakus is cool in this series altho she is cool in the last one. at least in this series there is not a lot of unnecessary deaths, gundam series are obssessed with deaths.

  69. In seed 1 Flay uses kira to kill coordinators.In seed 2 durandal uses both rey and shinn to accomplice his destiny plan.Maybe rey kill durandal because he realized that he was being use by him.By the help of kira he realized that?.

  70. I support with u john cause rey is a clone of rau said by durandal who gives him a drug.So he was easily manipulated by durandal and help him to achieve his goal .He also easily convince shinn to kill athrun and meyrin.And fight alongside with durandal because he help him alot.But in the end rey shot durandal instead of kira his mortal enemy.Kira convinced him that, just because he was a clone like Rau, did not mean he had to repeat his mistakes and that his life was his own, not anyone else’s.Rey realized that Kira’s desire for a future in which he could exist not the destiny plan that he supported.

  71. But still I thought gundam seed 2 is the best gundam ever produce than the gundam wing.Even though it was little dramatic than the seed 1 because the main chracter is now more matured.They have miscalculated the ending it looks like not realistic .the three ships alliance is invulnerable not like in seed 1.

  72. the last show of gundam seed destiny is so cool at first i thought it was kira who triggered the gun n not rey as rey n gilbert n him have some close connection n anyway the show is cool i give a 100 mark 4 it

    jia jia
  73. seed destiny started off way better than the first seed. a shame it had to have such a crappy ending….and whatsup with changing shinn to kira as protagonists ?? seriously, i dont like either of them, but i think shinn was a way better pilot than kira. honestly, strike freedom was a bit overpowered. design in general however, was okey

  74. Kira is the best pilot, in seed athrun had to self distruct to beat him, and he was captured after o i call it a draw. also the only reason shin downed him in destiny is because a) better machine and b) kira’s attention was on the archangel he had a lapse of concentration.. but it is totally gay he doesnt kill anymore.. and it sucks how they only bring him in properly half way through the season. Destiny in my opinion was not too bad besides the crappy ending – and i really wanted shin and rey to get what they deserved, but they didnt. I hope there is anothe season cause there are lots of questions left unaswered – seed mode, will mwu get his memory back properly and just general i wanna see more of the seed characters we know and love best. SOOOO dissapointed they not in stargazer BTW, this had better not be the end of the SEED series : (

  75. It doest mean that if you did not kill something his totally gay.Maybe you are relating to shinn asuka attidude if u dont kill your a weakling AJ.Your immature if u think that like shinn.It displays only his greatness in piloting.I thought shinn is next victim of kira in this series.His only victim here is people in messaih and in minerva.And strike freedom doest look powerful.Its only rey and shinn is two confedence they why they lost.And stargazer is not good like in destiny.the living cpu there is weakling also.

  76. Duh….Kira is th protagonist of the GSD…If the old characters aren’t there, the story will be only going roundingly..And Shinn didn’t know that Stellar was already happy with her life even though Stellar died… I know that Shinn is upset because he didn’t protect Stellar but Shinn did all his best just to protect Stellar and he has no reason to kill Kira, Lacus, Athrun, Cagalli, and especially the arcangel..’cause Kira and the others are trying to help them to bring peace with the PLANTS & the EARTH ALLIANCE…they didn’t want also to fight and kill more people…UNDERSTOOD!!!!!

  77. all i have to say is about flay and kira. they are so not ment for each other. kira and lacus……. now that’s what i call a love team! they are so romantic…… anyway, skipping to the main part….. why should you even bother copying a scene of flay and kira and doing it to shinn and stella?! it just does not seem right!!!!! you messed up their chemistry with each other!!! although the other parts are good,…. you “CRASH-BANGED” it to the deepest part of the ocean! anyway…… astde from that part…. great show. hope you make another version but with the same characters.

  78. there is a extra episode call final plus has much better ending than this. since everyone in japan dont like this ending, the producer made another ending to it. The made the last episode long as 1 hr or more to say more details.

  79. well this gundam seed destiny series wasn’t totally perfect the story wasn’t as good as seed if u guys think abt it. Overall i think that gundam seed has a better storyline and gundam seed destiny has cooler gundams.

  80. guys a new gundam seed means = a 3rd war in that same era, do you really want that? then everyone of the characters will be saying the same thing “omgosh why is evray1 fihgting, don’t tehy want peace!!one11!



  83. LoL I just re watched the whole series I have to say I did not like the ending at all! I have to watch all the special editions to see what they fixed.
    The only thing I really like form GSD was all the new Gundam designs and they had ZAKU’s!!

    I have watched Wing, Seed, X, I want to watch the “real” Gundam stuff where should I start

    D C

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