Short Summary:
While Saori and Tsuyoshi are on their trip together, we flashback to the beginning of the series, after Tsuyoshi first helps Saori in the subway. The story then proceeds from two different perspectives: Ushijima (the Hanshin Tigers fan) and Matsunaga & Kawamoto (Tsuyoshi’s friends). As Tsuyoshi gets advice from the message board, Ushijima is also looking for a lost love, who he finally finds and hooks up with after fighting with his own feelings for the length of the three months. Tsuyoshi’s friend Mastunaga posted on the message board as Guitar Otoko even before Densha Otoko showed up. He spent millions of yen when he was tricked into buying a guitar. He eventually meets and falls for Yuko (Saori’s friend), and ends up playing his guitar at the Tokyo Dome to get her attention. After seeing him singing his heart out, she relents and invites him out. Back in the present, Tsuyoshi and Saori are staying together at a hot springs. He freaks out at the prospect of sleeping in the same room with her, and gets back on the message board to ask for help. Before he can get much advice, Saori returns and invites him to take a bath together. Of course, he goes with her.

This special final final episode is mostly recap, side story, and parody of the series we’ve all grown to love. The recap, which comprises a good half of the episode, just goes through some of the important events that occurred in Tsuyoshi and Saori’s relationship. The side story includes Ushijima and Matsunaga’s stories, neither of which are particularly interesting. What is interesting, however, is getting to see how their stories mesh and extend scenes that we’ve already seen from the drama (like the group date between Saori’s friends and Tsuyoshi’s friends, or how all of the message board folks put up all of the notices in Akihabara when they were trying to find Densha Otoko). The third part, the parody, really makes it worth watching this episode. The episode starts out with Jinkama and Sakurai on the same roof where Tsuyoshi confessed to Saori. They replay that scene, except that Misuzu responds completely differently when it’s her turn. That same scene is parodied again later in the episode when Kawamoto and Matsunaga dub over Tsuyoshi and Saori. Both parts are extremely funny. The other big draw for this episode is the extended ending for Densha Otoko and Hermes. Basically the beginning and the end of the episode are devoted to them, allowing us to see somewhat of an epilogue on how their relationship is developing. If you’re a fan of the series, you’ll definitely want to see this episode.


  1. this was a laugh out riot! I was cracking up the entire time while watching!

    I’ll admit the ending was real cheesy but kept true to the “Densha Otoko Happy Ending” ideal.

    … the acting of the last scene by Yamada’s friends… FRICKIN’ PRICELESS!

  2. I really loved Densha Otoko, the drama. After watching the special episode. I found myself shouting out of joy like all the others when Tsuyoshi returns to the forum. I partly wished that the series would go on, with more laughs and more exciting moments that continue Hermes and Densha’s love.

  3. olas a todos esta serie es de lo mejor losiento por no hablar en ingles pero es que solo se español ,.. bueno la gente que me entienda ya sabra que este dorama es uno de los mejores!! venga densha otoko!! gambareee!!!

  4. yeah….this densha otoko is realy a good dorama…i was nearly fooled by the unexciting actor on the front cover..when i asked the girl at the video shop….for some dorama of her favourite..the 1st cd boxset that she took…guess what…???
    DENSHA OTOKO!!!!!!!..

    thank you sales girl…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Omg densha and hermes went thru so much to be 2 gether… i wonder will dat really happen in reality… and wonder whats the base on real story like… really wanna hear it out…

    all the best to single ppl out there ^_^ b

  6. yeah…. i’ve just finished watching the series but i havent watch the special….. doushiyoo….. (‘-`) i really wanna watch it. i guest i have got o hunt dow the vids, search through the aladin channel …. BITTS (`o’)>

    Dony otaku
  7. i love souri so much she is so beautiful i hope i see her in person
    densha otoko is good love story and funny and i always rent that dvd
    i think i see it 10 times or more

    ryan mamades
  8. Oh I know it says please don’t ask for link or give link…. but I really want to find out where I can find the special episod. I have 1-11 on my website (altho it is in chinese) , if anyone want the direct link just drop me an email at .

    What I am looking for now is subtitle (english, the one I have is in chinese, but I want to show them to my friend who can’t read chinese).

  9. a-a-…ano…,
    hi im from k-k-kuantan, pahang , ma-…malaysia…desu…
    i love this story
    Cant wait to watch the movie….KI-TA!!
    lo…long o-oto-otaku!!!!.!!!!

    malaysia densha otoko
  10. OMG ! I just heard the saddest news…..the real-life Saori is dead (;_;)

    Apparently Densha hit her around the head with a meat-cleaver after she teased him one-too-many times – expressing how ugly she thought he looked in that bandana. The real-life Densha (who can’t be named due to privacy laws) is in the process of getting a stripey-suntan and won’t be paroled for 18 years.

    There’s a moral to this story….beautiful girls should never and will never give unattractive freaks a chance with them. If they do – they end up like poor Saori who was manipulated whilst vulnerable and then savagely murdered for being honest.

    Densha Otaku
  11. Haha KJ from Singapore, i also like Densha Otoko very much it even though it may seem hard to believe its a RL event…. but it really shows anything beautiful can happen in life. haha i love Saori chan and Jikama san =D

    Kai Jun

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