The promotional video to the fifth ending of Bleach: 「LIFE」 by YUI.
I noted on my Bleach 52, 53 post that I like this song a lot more than its live version. And now after hearing the full song in its “true” form, that still holds true. YUI’s live performance skills might require some work, but her singing in this is pretty good. The PV shows the singer looking very isolated in various city shots, with the words “Have your dreams come true?” coming up. I’m happy to finally be able to hear the full version of this song, and seeing the PV is an added bonus.


  1. Hello!
    I was just wondering where you get all your PV’s!

    Are they torrents? If so, I’d appriciate it if you could direct me to them…
    thankies ^^;;

    By the way, I like YUI … hehehe ^_^

  2. Hey, this might be a stupid question from me, but does anyone know YUI’s full name? Her singing is awesome and I hope to obtain more of her future songs, but I don’t want to get her songs mixed with some other singers named yui horie or yui makino. Thanks 🙂

  3. THESE ARE THE LYRICS TO LIFE by YUI, this is my site if you want to download the song, its on my 1st rotation 2nd entry 4rm the bottom. Directions are posted.


    Dorodarake yo najimenai tokai de
    I’m covered in dirt in the city I cannot get used to
    onaji you ni waraenai
    I can’t laugh the same way
    utsumuite aruita no
    I walked looking down
    hogiashi de surechigau hito tachi
    The people who miss each other walking in a fast pace
    yume wa kanaimashitaka(?)
    Did your dream come true?
    stashi hi mada mogaiteru
    I’m still struggling
    Kodomo no koro ni modoru yori mo
    Rather than returning to your childhood days
    ima wo umaku ikite mitai yo
    I want to live the present in a better way
    Kowagari wa umate tsuki
    I was born to be scared
    Hi no atru basho no dete
    Going out to the place where light shines
    ryouude wo hirogete mita nara
    and spreading both of your arms out
    ano sora koete yukeru kana(?) nate omottanda
    I wonder if i can pass the sky? so I thought
    tobitatsu tame no tsubasa sore wa mada mienai
    The wings for me to fly i cannot see them yet
    Kantan ni ikanai kara ikiteyukeru
    Since things aren’t easy, that’s shy i can live
    nureta koinu hoinu hiroi ageta dake de
    just holding up a wet puppy
    chotto waraechau hodo
    I am able to laugh a little
    namida ga kobarete kita
    my tears are starting to fall
    aisaretai aisaretai bakari atashi ittetayo ne
    I want to be loved, I want to be loved, so I kept saying
    motomeru dakejya dame
    you can’t just keep demanding
    kodomo no ko wa mama no koto
    When I was a child,there was time
    hidoku kizutsuketa hi mo attayo ne
    I hurt my mom badly
    Kawaritai ima zenbu
    I want to change everything now
    hi no ataru basho ni dete
    going out to the place where light shines
    kono te wo tsuyoku nigitte mita
    I held that hand strongly
    ano basho ano toki wo koushite
    That place, that time, like this
    I can change my life
    ” ”
    demo kokoro no naka subete wo totemo tsutae kirenai
    But i can’t say everthing in my heart to you
    Kantan ni ikanai kara ikiteyukeru
    Since things aren’t easy, that’s why i can live
    Hi no ataru basho ni dete
    Going out to the place where light shines
    chizu wo hirogete miru kedo
    I opened up to see the map, but
    I know, you know, mayoi michi mo shikatanai
    I know, you know, that getting lost isn’t that bad
    I can change my life
    ” ”
    Sugitekita hibi tsumete
    Stuffying the days that passed
    ima no atashi nandayo
    that’s is me now
    kantan ni ikanai kara ikiteyukeru
    Since things aren’t easy , that’s why i can live

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