Bleach – 362

「復活!死神代行・黒崎一護! 」 (Fukkatsu! Shinigami daikou・Kurosaki Ichigo!)
“Revival! Substitute Shinigami・Ichigo Kurosaki!”

After seeing Ichigo’s insanely powerful Getsuga Tenshou, Ginjou tries to turn tail and run, but of course Ichigo won’t have any of that, especially after all the crap they put him through.

Bleach – 361

「新たな姿!護廷十三隊、見参!」 (Arata na sugata! Gotei juusan tai, kenzan! )
“A New Appearance! Meet the Gotei 13!”

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Bleach – 356

「敵か味方か!?銀城の見えない心! 」 (Teki ka mikata ka!? Ginjou no mienai kokoro!)
“Foe or Friend?! Ginjou’s Unseen Heart!”

Ichigo finishes his usual shounen training regimen, and this time he even gets to go through the blind swordsman procedure (we all know that real swordsman don’t rely on their eyes to fight).