「The Fundamental Virulence」

The latest episode of Bleach: Sennen Kessen-hen – Ketsubetsu-tan let’s Urahara send out some fun impromptu healing minerals that allow the Soul Reapers to both regain their Bankai and make them poisonous to the Sternritter crew who stole them. But because the show likes to dabble in a game of Hot Potato, Yhwach gives his soldiers a little jolt to surpass the limitors that were placed on them.


It was pretty interesting to see how Urahara walked through the mechanics of the Shineyaku stones. Where seeing how the Quincies interacted with the Arrancars they had captured inspired Urahara to look deeper into replicating hollowfication for a short spurt of time.

Even with the story’s impulses to randomly beef up any character out of the blue, I can admire the logic behind Shineyaku because it ties into why Urahara kept himself holed up in Hueco Mundo for the longest time, and kept Ichigo’s friend circle close by. I’m curious how much of a role Grimmjow and Nel played as well considering how they were within his parameter around the same time things were popping off in Hueco Mundo.


It was neat to see all of the Bankai being restored, especially with Hitsugaya, but nothing comes close to how hype it was to see Shinji’s Bankai in action. The new anime was said to have new original material that would delve into details that were initially left out of the manga, so knowing that Shinji’s Bankai would have its first time appearance in the anime was something I had been anticipating.

Shinji’s Bankai, Sakashima Yokoshima Happoufusagari, definitely didn’t disappoint with its disorienting effects causing a swift, violent counterattack against Yhwach’s footsoldiers. With its main ability being the chance to reverse perception, the moment Shinji tricked them into seeing each other as enemies immediately got them to take out their own comrades.

His fight with Bambietta so far is very interesting as well since she has to navigate through a confusing labyrinth to even get a clear view of Shinji. The smooth R&B that plays during Shinji’s attack on Bambietta was also fascinating considering how they dropped this suave, lyrical song while Shinji is upside down, bending, and warping all over the place.

It’s sad that Yhwach’s jolt will likely just cause her to escape from this with a massive attack because it would’ve been neat if there was some kind of mental gymnastics she’d have to make to JoJo her way out of his Sakanade effect. Nonetheless, the next episode should give us a clearer idea of what kind of obstacles Komamura, Hitsugaya, Soifon, Ikkaku, Yumichika, and Hisagi will have with their new, beefed-up opponents.

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