「I am the Edge」

Bleach: Sennen Kessen-hen – Ketsubetsu-tan amps up the intensity as Gremmy weaponizes his thoughts to create adversaries, weapons, and weaknesses to put Yachiru and Isane in a tough spot. But as it seems like an uphill battle, Kenpachi makes his grand return to overcome the power of imagination.


I was in trouble during this episode because Isane is finally back in all of her glorious glory. My only regret is that Isane didn’t have as much to do in this episode since she doesn’t have as many offensive abilities and wound up having to accept that both Unohana and the captains she vowed to protect were killed. As it turns out, Yachiru and Isane were placed there less to have a chance against Gremmy, and more to bait out Kenpachi.

Needless to say that with Gremmy, he made the most out of his moment of glory. Had it not been Kenpachi, most of the Soul Reapers would have a tough time contending with some of the most berserk abilities this dude had. His ability to imagine different weapons and outcomes is absolutely nuts when it leans into some extremely broken possibilities. Abilities like creating an entirely unique Sternritter member, making explosive clones, summoning a giant meteor to destroy everything, and surrounding himself with a barricade of assault rifles would decimate most of the people in this series.


Of course, Gremmy’s biggest flaw is that he was up against someone like Kenpachi, who is strong enough to defy most of the outlandish abilities that Gremmy pulls out. Kenpachi would be the type of guy to cut apart a meteor and slash through a barrier between the Soul Society and outer space.

For someone who defies convention, Kenpachi could easily laugh in the face of someone like Gremmy who relies on the most basic methods of trying to kill someone. Similarly, a foe like Kenpachi would be the only type of adversary that could trip up Gremmy and trick him into catastrophizing over his opponent. I could count the number of Soul Reapers who would be seen as a “monster” by Gremmy, and one of them is the Kenpachi before Zaraki.

It is sad that Gremmy didn’t have as much time in the oven given how much potential his ability has in being completely nuts for other Soul Reapers to fight. Setting him up with Kenpachi automatically swept him under the rug when he could’ve been a far scarier opponent against a different dude. Still, it was neat to see the theatrics behind the extent of Kenpachi’s power. Where the fight was a better way of gauging exactly what it meant for Zaraki to be strong enough to be Unohana’s successor.


  1. Kenpachi is too awesome to just have ONE episode focus on his awesomeness! Gremmy didn’t realize the name he used wasn’t actually his real name, and indeed, he has no real name anyway. To be fair, Gremmy’s power, while one of the strongest when used the right way, didn’t match with his personality. Gremmy was flighty, and easy distracted, which led to his downfall. However we know any Stern Ritter that dies has their power migrated over to Yzwach, which does not bode well for Ichigo. And Gremmy’s now all but a brain in a jar, which means they could do anything else with that brain in the future.

  2. What isthe point of introducing all these sternritter if you are just going to kill them off so easily? You would think the anime would further develop the sternritter and give them extended fight scenes

    Zemo x2

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