<「Too Early to Win Too Late to Know」 As Bleach: Sennen Kessen-hen – Ketsubetsu-tan reaches its concluding batch of episodes, Yhwach makes his way to the Soul King’s palace. But little do he and his friends know about the extent of their royal welcome.


This was a major episode for the Royal Guard as Squad 0’s best rolled out to show off their skills. But of the bunch, it was Shutara and Nimaiya who got to flex the most as their abilities got to shine the brightest in their faceoff against Yhwach.

It’s astounding how Kubo managed to top himself by making Shutara one of the most beautiful women he’s made just from the sheer elegance and the tranquil malice behind her graceful demeanor. With her deft hands, sewing needle, and piercing stare, she makes quick work of her opponents and looks damn good doing so. Satou Rina is always impressive, but she brings cold, brutal sophistication to Shutara’s voice that makes her absolutely magnetic.

Nimaiya was also a ton of fun this time around as his crafty moves and lethal swords make him a force to be reckoned with. In just a short span of time, he wipes through most if not all of Yhwach’s men with an unfinished sword that he hadn’t managed to perfect. Although I can imagine Yhwach pulling off some 4D chess to get past them, there’s at least a great effort to make the Royal Guard look like they’re worth their salt.


With the next two episodes, it appears at least a fraction of it will focus on Ichigo and his friends being rocketed back to the Soul Palace. It’s great to get more Yoruichi as always, but I really enjoy that Ganju gets to have some time to shine as a late addition to the crew. It allows for some of the more overlooked side characters to gain some spotlight, and above all else, I’ll never turn down any mentions of Kuukaku.


  1. I cannot delve on how much social media has trickling the spoilers for this fight into my life. No idea how I have block it out decades before when reading the manga…but…ooof…. Le sigh….I leave my condolences.

  2. this season like manga a decade ago leaves me brokenhearted, there is so much promise in these characters and this story but the execution feels rushed and not well thought out. After last season’s masterful showing, I had the hope that maybe the anime was going to expand and stitch the story a little better. From what I remember it seems to be a very faithful adaptation of the manga, which ironically is what is hurting the story. I will likely keep going back to the first season of this arc over the years but I can’t see myself doing the same for the rest of Bleach. Original Sin ( no spoilers) is in my mind still a great concept, I hope it gets a good translation in the anime.


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