Short Summary:
Seishirou briefly loses control of the feather, and so it summons various aspects out Outo country into Edonisu country, including several Oni. While Ryuu-oh and the Oni Slayers fight them, Syaoran begins a climb to get within reach of Seishirou. Seishirou himself is busy asking Oruha if her real name is Subaru and if she knows anything about some vampire twins. She replies negatively to both, so Seishirou decides that there’s no reason to stay in this world any longer. Before he can go, Syaoran tries to hit him with his sword, but fails. As Seishirou disappears, he says that he’s certain that if Syaoran is searching for the feather, then they will meet again. The residual effects of the feather’s power makes the Oni already present even stronger, and the entire team has to fight to defeat them. Once they are gone, Mokona lights up and starts the portal out of the world. Sakura and Syaoran reveal their real names, and Syaoran promises to Ryuu-oh that he’ll get stronger. Fei Wang Reed and his assistant have been watching this entire time from their own world, and make preparations for the next world that Syaoran and company will go to.

They extended a single chapter into this entire episode by adding in the Oni in Edonisu aspect. I don’t feel like it really helps or hurt the story, it just fills more time. I was also disappointed that they used the same shots of Oruha, Seishirou, and Syaoran for what seemed to be most of the entire first half. On the plus side, I like how they relate to the song Sakura sang several episodes ago by having Oruha talk about Sakura and Syaoran’s relationship. And the issue I had last week about Seishirou seeming too powerful is also addressed in this episode by having him lose control over the feather (if only briefly).
Next week will be the final episode of the first season of Tsubasa Chronicle. It looks to be, from the preview, a lot of original material – which has so far been a bad thing. But, how I really feel about the first season will mostly end up depending on how they finish it off (cliffhanger or otherwise). One more episode to go!

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