Short Summary:
Hagi hands Saya the sword and she squares off against the Yokushu. As her own blood stains the blade, Saya cuts the monster in half, but then faints after she sees herself covered in blood. Hagi and Kai take her away from the school as the military closes in, though Hagi disappears after laying Saya down on a nearby rooftop. The next day, her father comes to visit her at the hospital, bringing food for her growling stomach. David also shows up, and her father leaves the room to talk with him. After eating, Saya is washing up when she starts to have flashbacks of the night before and her bloodstained self. She rushes downstairs to find her father, and sees him and David talking about her. David asks what George plans to do since Saya is always going to fight. He leaves after saying that they don’t have much time. George hears a door open and realizes that Saya overheard their conversation and ran away. On the beach, Saya hears cello music behind her and turns around to see Hagi. She seems to recognize him, and asks him who he is. He replies that they once again face each other as Kai arrives looking for her. Kai is angry at Hagi for whatever he did to Saya, but when he tries to hit Hagi, Hagi throws him to the ground. After Saya protects Kai, Hagi once again vanishes. Saya can remember that she’s seen him before, but wonders what’s going on. Kai reassures her that he and her family will always be there for her and whatever happens, Saya will be Saya and they will be her family. After Saya and Kai arrive home, George gets a mysterious phone call with the noise of someone heavily panting and a dog barking. In a phone booth somewhere in the city, a hooded man, whose hands rip open to reveal claws, devours a dog.

This turns out to be another solid episode with as good animation and quality as last week that finishes the battle last week (great fight scene, but a bit short) and raises a lot of questions. For starters, who is Hagi and how old are he and Saya? Why does David have a black and white picture of them (or at least of Hagi and a girl who looks like a long haired Saya)? And how does Hagi keep disappear like that? Is it a power granted to him by his hand?
As you can see, the questions I have all center on Hagi the mystery man. On the other hand, we seem to be getting plenty of talk about what Saya is: a warrior whose purpose is to fight the Yokushu. What does still remain clouded is what happened a year ago that made Saya lose her memories. There are a lot more episodes to go and we’re really just getting started here.
The preview hints that next episode might tell us some stuff about the past, along with showing a battle in the present when the Yokushu from the end of this episode attacks. The scene of George wielding Saya’s sword alone makes me want to watch the episode. Speaking of the preview, I love how the music that they use there – it sounds like a war epic instrumental.

Closing Thought: Last week I had lukewarm impressions of the OP and ED. Having heard the songs a lot more, I’ve grown to like both of them, especially Takahashi Hitomi’s 「Aozora no Namida」.


  1. could hagi and saya be bro. & sis 0_o?they kinda look alike or is it just my eyes.Whats their relation, and george looks too hardcore to be an ordinary old man, my fav. character is kai coz hes human and tries to fight hagi ,hopefully kai doesnt die too soon

  2. i agree on the kiss being a blood exchange thing…consider the timing. hagi needed to awake her in order to fight the big bad monster…something i never understood from the movie, tho. how are some “vampires” hidden in human bodies and others are just all-the-time ghoulish? hagi’s hands look human normal in the flashbacks, but now one hand seems to be permanently clawed.

  3. me too. ever since i first laid eyes on him, i’ve fallen in love with hagi. ^.^ sigh, he’s so hot and cool at the same. okay okay, back to the anime.

    i also agree that the kiss is a blood exchange thing but didn’t it also like passionate too with his hand on her chin. of course that was probably there so she wouldn’t turn her head. hahhaa. i doubt there are siblings, more like (past?) lovers i say.

  4. I was just wondering when the next episodes come out for Blood? I have 1-4, and I am dying to see the rest of it! Yeah, I agree with sakana, hagi is both hot and cool in a mysterious sort of way. I don’t know about all of you, but I really want to know what she sees behind that door in that one memory, where all you see are her hands. Anyway, if someone could email me when the next ep comes out, it would be much appreciated. Totemo Arigatou Gozaimasu yo


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