Short Summary:
We open with a pair of flashbacks showing Kenji and Nanami playing together and even bathing together. In the present, Nanami wakes up and goes to Kenji’s room to pull him out of bed. On the way to school and after being teased by their friends, Kenji starts calling Nanami “Konoe-san,” so Nanami starts to call him “Tomosaka-kun.” At the end of school, the two are approached by Sakura Hiromi, who greets Kenji, but can’t find the words to say much else. When Kenji gets happy thinking that she might like him, Nanami becomes angry and walks home without speaking to him. However, even Nanami’s mother knows that Nanami can’t stay angry at him for long and that the two are inseparable. Nanami, who seems to have forgiven Kenji, pulls him to go with her to water the fields. The two fully make up after a conversation about taking care of each other while they were sick.

This episode is alright, more of the calm atmosphere from last week. The animation is inconsistent throughout the episode, with the character faces looking rather slim in one scene and normal in the next. Certainly not Suzuka horrible, but it is noticeable. I’m liking all of the piano BGM pieces, but the double dose of Goto Yuko per week is somewhat getting to me.
Those two are pretty inseparable. It seems that everyone, including Nanami’s mother, is already calling them husband and wife. I reiterate what I said last week: What’s the point of the series if their relationship is already cemented? I’m kind of hoping that they’ll pull a KimiNozo type shocker to turn things upside down, but somehow I doubt it’s going to happen. The peace continues next week when we’re introduced to the Hikari-chan that they keep mentioning.


  1. KimiNozo is one of my most HATED animes ever mainly cause of the fact taht he didnt end up with the girl i wanted him to end up with. Its that blue hair womans fault in the first place that she got hit by a car cause she wanted to keep guy with her for as long as she could. I HATE that ending thought the shocker was a pretty nice touch. I hope they dont pull a KimiNozo ending EVER. Let that aniem be forgotten but nto the shocker. If he had chosen the girl who got hit by the car then it would have been GREAT>

  2. if u played the game… u will know that there is a climax there is abt to happen… no matter how close they are… nanami is gonna pull a shocker on us all(i think coz i never finished the game myself i am halfway through july only hahahaha)

  3. Well, yeah, something shocking does happen to Kenji, but it in no way affects their relationship. The fact is that they both know eachother’s feelings already, but they don’t like being honest in front of eachother.

    And in case you still haven’t finished the game, it’s a happy ending, not what you’d expect from that shocker ^_^

  4. Forgive me if state anything in this comment that may contradict your impressions in the later episodes you have summarized on for I haven’t read them as of yet. I just wanted to respond to your reasonings behind why such a notion should exist where two characters have strong-ties already… Personally I find it considerably refreshing and rather endearing to watch such intimate scenes between the two, and this ultimately makes Lamune the show that it is. Having the same predictable shyness and competitiveness shown typically in many countless titles, if not the majority is rather boring and somewhat of cliche to put it bluntly. Lamune doesn’t try to be a soap opera where emotional battles commence, but a beautiful relationship between two childhood friends who have yet to properly realize their love. Given the length of the show as well, I take this title for what it was, and nothing more. Again, apologies if you have changed your views on this upon finishing the title.


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