• The Music Release Dates section of the Fall 2005 Schedule is up. It should include all of the opening and ending songs for the shows I have listed on my schedule, including the shows I’ve dropped, but not the shows that haven’t aired yet. Click here to see the list.
  • The tagboard should now display correctly for all the pages that it’s shown on (the main pages). Previously, if you clicked on “Previous Entries” at the bottom of the main page to see entries further back, that second page that you would go to (and any thereafter) would not load the tagboard. This has been fixed (thanks to moyism for pointing out that I was editing the wrong thing).
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    1. Well according of nipponsei’s release
      •Black Cat OP: より子 (Yoriko) – 「ダイアの花」 (Daia no Hana) will be out on the october 19th. Also that the new Full moon wo sagashite final live [ come on i know you loved this] will be out on the same date and it’s a pv

    2. Well i can’t really check the offical site thought because i don’t understand japenese. Well i just want it to be out as soon as possible it’s a really good song ^^. Well anyways i found your site really helpful and it’s one of a kind.

    3. #Nipponsei doesn’t always update there Release Schedule in time, and usually get their dates from CDJapan. As you can see at CDJapan, the date is also 2005/11/02 (November 2nd, 2005). The date probably changed, because I seen it happen before with T.M.Revolution’s single “Vestige”. It was pushed back another week or so.


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