Quickie Summary:
Yamato, after returning to Tokyo by train with Suzuka, finds Honoka waiting for him at the station. After Suzuka leaves the two of them alone, Yamato realizes how much Honoka likes him and how much he likes her, so he kisses her. At school the next day, Yasunobu has a chat with Yamato about how far Yamato’s relationship has gone and the next step. That night, Honoka visits Yamato’s room to cook him dinner. Yamato, constantly reminded of Yasunobu’s words, finally boils over after dinner when he forces Honoka onto the bed. She pushes him off, after he kisses her, and runs out. When Honoka doesn’t show up for practice the next day, Yamato goes searching for her at the shrine. He apologizes, but she says that she doesn’t hate him, and the two make up. Yamato arrives home to find Suzuka standing outside. Their conversation is short and after Yamato leaves her behind to go to his own room, Suzuka wonders what she’s doing.

In the manga, Yasunobu hands Yamato a condom during that lunch scene, and he keeps it. That condom becomes somewhat of a centerpiece in Yamato’s mind, and the manga refers back to its image several times. In today’s episode, it’s omitted. Also omitted is some fondling of Honoka’s breast on Yamato’s part (and a panty shot), which is the immediate cause of Honoka throwing Yamato off. I can only assume that they made these changes to make the anime appeal to a wider audience or maybe because they’re not allowed to show the more “risky” material.
I’m fairly neutral on this episode; I didn’t particularly like or dislike it. It’s not because of the aforementioned changes and also not because the animation is poor (which it’s not). As much as I think about it, I really can’t figure out why. Oh well, there’s always next week (where we get introduced to Shirakawa Nana).


  1. Same as manga with some exceptions as mentioned by the post master. Great coverage.

    It’s more than half-way and the anime is presented as it should be. The graphics are above expectations, not like ichigo 100% which deteriorate as the epiosdes passed.

    Hope Suzuka remains a favourite!

  2. I think they handled the episode quite well, especially the animation was top-notch for Suzuka standards.

    The “softening up” was probably necessary, but it also diluted some important nuances from the manga original. In the manga, Honoka is visibly surprised and open-eyed confused when she lands on the bed with Yamato towering over her. Her surprise grows when he reaches out to touch her breast – “E? Cho..(tto)” (Eh? Waitaminute?”), especially with the current look in his eyes. Initially she’s holding him back with the left hand against his chest, but seeing his excitement watching him she eventually removes it, allowing him to bend down and kiss her. We get alot of “dokidoki” sfx, but Honoka is looking flushed but visibly distressed. And when Yamato reaches out to grope her breast again, she yelps and escapes. “I can’t do this after all. You are scaring me…”

    Trust is pivotal for Honoka, who only saw the kind and gentle Akitsuki so far, and who is scared by “Yamato in heat”. Still, she clearly tried to give in to him, until his proceedings became too much for her to endure, triggered by him. This part is getting a bit muddled by the anime direction, but alas.

    As for the rest: For the flow of the story, a very important and interesting episode. Time for the final main character, Nana!


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