The promotional video to the opening song of Blood+: 「Aozora no Namida」 by Takahashi Hitomi.
This song has been getting better everytime I listen it, so I was really looking forward to see the PV. It features part animation, part CG, and part Takahashi Hitomi (ie. real life..kind of). We see Saya fight a couple of Chiropterans, and get injured by the second one. Her sword goes flying into the real world, and Takahashi Hitomi picks it up and uses it to kill the monster. She then goes above ground to a world full of them, and her eyes glow red. It only occurs to me now that she looks almost a bit like Saya with that short haircut of hers. So I really enjoyed watching it (as you folks may know, I like my PVs with mini-stories).

A big thanks to doobie for finding this PV.


  1. grrrr so this is only a mp3? Without the video?
    I tried playing it with mpc and vlc but it only played the audio without the video
    Then where can i get the file where i can see the above pics from the promotional video that Omni put up?

  2. yeah, they did a really bad job with that music video. Geez, she is only 15 and the songs that she is creating are great. All gundam seed/destiny songs where grerat, including the one she song. In this op theme song for blood i believe is just as great.

  3. LOVE Aozora no Namida! Just bought the single in Japan while on holiday and am listening to it constantly. I’m trying to transcribe the lyrics using my hiragana and katakana knowledge but unfortunately the words don’t actually mean anything to me apart form a word here and there. I’m looking for the lyrics or an Engish tanslation too.

    She’s cool!

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