• I just got through a period of exams, so regular blogging should resume shortly. On the schedule for today are Angel Heart and Lamune, but I will also be finishing the Shakugan no Shana post that I skipped last week. Last ep of Tsubasa Chronicle (maybe) and Canvas2 (also maybe) too.
  • Bleach tomorrow will be blogged late. Very late compared to normal (I estimate the post’ll be up sometime in the evening).
  • Some of you may have noticed that there is now a Donation Button on the sidebar. Popularity for this site and all of the sites on AnimeBlogger has gone up quite a bit recently, and we’re starting to feel the crunch. If you have a dollar or two extra, we would really appreciate some donations.

    DreamHost is nice enough to have a direct donation option, so you can be sure the money won’t go to anything but hosting.
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