Short Summary:
At school, Shana replaces the now-gone Hirai, except that she’s now masquerading as Hirai. Yuuji gets pissed off at her for that, but that only attracts negative attention to himself from his classmates. Marianne (the doll) comes to school in order to attack Yuuji, but Shana transforms and defeats her. Friagne, her master, appears and introduces himself to Shana, but disappears before they can fight. The damage that Marianne and Shana caused has injured everyone in the room, so Shana wants to use Ike’s life to repair the damage, but Yuuji has her use his own lifeforce instead. That night, he finds Shana on the rooftop and offers her some coffee. As he leaves, she sees his dim torch flare up again, surprising her grealy. Elsewhere, several people have arrived in the city, including an old man and a large breasted woman with a talking book.

The animation this episode is alright. The fight between Marianne and Shana, followed by Friagne’s appearance is fairly pretty, but there is also the lack of detail that BluWacky pointed out. However, the plot still bores me. Maybe bores isn’t the right word. The plot doesn’t excite me. For all of the surprises that Yuuji pulls on Shana concerning the importance of life (trying to save people, allowing his own life-force to be used), they all feel fairly predictable for his type of character. And while Shana is quite cute eating melon bread, and serious while fighting and talking with Alastor about everything, it doesn’t feel like there’s much more to her character than that. They didn’t even show her rebuilding the school.
Hopefully the new characters shown at the end can breathe some life into this series. Next episode looks promising if it features a lot of Marjorie/Marco and Shana like the preview shows.


  1. Bah, you may not like the series (I’m a bit disappointed myself), but you can’t deny that Shana herself is awesome. At the very least, she has a tremendous capacity for melonpan. 🙂

  2. well yuuji is not a total whimp he whines yes , but he did jump to stop shana from killing the rinne where shinji ikari would probally pushed the rinne to save himself , he did try to help his friend who is about to fade
    soo overall hes ok theres worse whimpy characters out there

  3. Exactly, if you saw a stranger with a sword going to kill another stranger, would you jump in the middle between them like Yuji did? I don’t think he’s a wimp, he is just way out of his league and doesn’t have any way he can effectively fight by himself.

  4. “Exactly, if you saw a stranger with a sword going to kill another stranger, would you jump in the middle between them like Yuji did?”

    Well I certainly wouldn’t expect the same person who saved my ass to cut my arm off and make me believe that I’m going to die of blood loss until I learn that I’m already dead. I don’t think Yuuji was expecting Shana to cut his arm off either since she saved him the first time.

    Well I saw the RAW and Yuuji did seem a bit more courageous as he offered his own torch to save Ike (although yelling at Shana for acting cool about taking Yurika’s place was a big no-no). Hopefully Yuuji does get courageous and not stay a whimp to the end like Ikari Shinji did.

  5. hmm…. i read the manga and novel and shana’s character does change… but as what omni said it is pretty predictable…(c’mon shana starts crying and going ard hugging ppl and fighting over another girl for yuji’s affections etc… this is exactly the kinda change that i predicted b4 reading the novels or even watching the 1st episodes) oh well i kinda miss the action/romance genre so i will most probably keep on with this….

  6. Okay, lack of combative abilities in a male character does not automatically make him a wimp. It’s clearly not Yuuji’s role (for now, at least) to take part in the fighting. I think he’s meant to be a balance for Shana, who is undeniably strong physically, but rather “dead” emotionally.

    Judging by the opener, I think it’s fair to say that a romance will develop between the two — I just hope it won’t at the expense of Shana’s character.


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