Short Summary:
Continuing their conversation from last week, Kaori explains that she is part of Glass Heart now because of the transplanted heart. Glass Heart realizes that the feelings she has for Ryo are not her own, and escapes out the window when the eavesdropping doctor accidentally falls into the room. The doctor goes and alerts Ryo at the Cat’s Eye, telling him that the girl he saved that morning had Kaori’s heart in her. Meanwhile, the Taiwanese mafia boss Lee Taijin arrives in the city, but is assassinated by sniper bullet during a meeting with Mochiyama (the guy Glass Heart almost killed on top of the car). His replacement sends Mochiyama out to help him find Glass Heart, who might have been the assassin. Mochiyama tracks Ryo, who’s with Saeko, down after remembering that Glass Heart mentioned the XYZ board. Ryo doesn’t really care to talk to him, but Mochiyama mentions Lee Taijin’s death, which piques Saeko’s interest. Ryo wonders why Mochiyama is still alive after having witnessed a mob boss’s death, and comes to the conclusion that Mochiyama is being used to spread information. However, Ryo is stunned when he picks up and sees the picture of Glass Heart that Mochiyama drops.

This episode feels like it moves a bit slowly, though the death of Lee Taijin really starts setting things in motion. For now, Ryo is putting the pieces together and has finally realized that Kaori’s heart is in the assassin Glass Heart’s body, who is the same girl he saved earlier at the train station. He has been refusing to believe it, but now that everything is falling into place, he has no choice but to do so. And Glass Heart spends the episode realizing who she is and slowly coming to terms with it. She’s definitely not the assassin who killed Lee Taijin, but that raises the question of who did. But that’ll be explained later…much later.
Just like the previous weeks, today’s episode follows the manga very well, but with the story elements moved around a bit. Next week will have Glass Heart trying to kill herself (again).

Closing Thought: I keep having to remind myself that Glass Heart is supposed to be 15 or 16 years old. With the way the character designs are, she really doesn’t look it (and the same applies to the manga).

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