Short Summary:
The day that Hikari comes home, Kenji brings a hermit crab to school and teases Nanami with it. Hikari later suggests to Kenji that they (including Nanami) should play with fireworks together. Hatano, Kenji’s friend, brings the fireworks and they all have a good time. There are some special fireworks that shoot off small teddy bears. Kenji races Hatano for it, but Hatano manages to grab it to give to Hikari. Fortunately there is another of the same type of firework, and Kenji beats Hatano this time. He gives it to Nanami who promises to treasure it.

I thought that Hikari would bring something interesting to the show, like conflict. But it appears that even she knows how close Nanami and Kenji are, and does little things to help bring them together like launching the teddy bear fireworks. But it’s hard to say that those two are getting closer, because they can’t seem to fully admit their feelings despite being practically married already. And the animation this week doesn’t help the story any. Nanami’s facial proportions change too many times to count, and the animation of the bus that brings Hikari into town just makes me cringe.
Next episode’s plot doesn’t seem to be much better (episode about Isawa Tae and cleaning up the beach), though the animation at least looks decent from the preview.


  1. The lack of conflict is the strong point of this show. The moments when Nanami shows how incredibly moe she is and how much she loves Kenji, and the rarer moments when Kenji admits to himself and others that he loves her, too: those give me a big emotional hit of a kind that is rare elsewhere, where the emotional effects result from conflict. To tell the truth, I dread the conflict that I’m sure will come.The extreme unevenness (to put it kindly) of the animation is totally secondary to the moeness and the “true love”.So far this is a harem show where the little sister wins from beginning to end.

  2. hmm i don’t really think this was half… oh wait… maybe it is hmm… coz i didn’t really speed through the game so i am kinda like slow to this.. 😀 anyway, i think it would be safe to say half is when kenji repairs the bike???

  3. I was talking approximate. It’s been a long time since I last played the game (in fact, I haven’t played it since last year), so correct me if I’m wrong but there’s a School Camp after this event, and the climax comes at the end of the camp. From there, it’s one way hill for Kenji and Nanami.


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