Short Summary:
Misaki Sumire is from an artistic family, so she has some big shoes to fill with her high school choir singing. Elis, who is initially a little hostile against MIsaki for having such an affluent and artistic background, eventually becomes friends with her. Misaki has been skipping choir practice because of fears of messing up during a performance like she did the year before. Elis identifies that the small turtle token that Misaki keeps with her for luck may only be reminding her of her failure, so Elis takes it before Misaki’s choir competition. Misaki ends up performing wonderfully during the competition, to the delight of her family, her peers, and herself.

I first watched this episode a few days ago and came off with a bleh impression on it. With pending exams and no time to blog, I left this entry blank. I got a chance to watch the episode again today (subbed), but my feelings about it didn’t change. I know nothing about the first Canvas, but I hear that Sumire’s sister was a character there, so maybe the people who have played the game or know that character can relate to Sumire a bit a more. But for me, this episode is mostly just fluff.
The episode came off feeling like it lacked focus. The Elis-in-the-artclub stuff may have tied in with the plot, but it feels like they could have involved Elis just as easily in some other way. That being said, those scenes did offer a break in the monotony of the boring story. Elis decides to remain in the art club, but the dissent from other girls is still present. That’s got to come into play again sometime later.
The animation this week is decent, but very inconsistent. Without naming specifics, each character just looks a little off from how they looked the past few episodes. Judging from the preview, next week seems to be back to the normal quality. A hopefully the plot will be too.

Closing Thought: What is it with Ave Maria being used in animes?


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