After being kidnapped, Tsukushi finds herself dressed up expensively in the Domyoji home. Tsukasa thinks that by prettying her up and giving her expensive things, she’d be happy, but Tsukushi is furious instead. She storms out, wandering from room to room looking for her clothes and sees a picture of a beautiful woman in one of them. By the front entrance, she encounters Tsukasa’s mother, who has her kicked out (in her own clothes). The next day at school, Tsukushi finds a message plastered over the dining hall window saying that she has had not one, but five abortions. She goes out to her secret stairwell spot and yells that she’s still a virgin. Rui happens to be nearby and teases her lightly about it, but doesn’t say much more. Her friend Sakurako visits her at work, and apologizes for ignoring her at school. After the two make up, Sakurako spots Rui sitting nearby staring at several walls of advertisements with Toudou Shizuka as the model. When Tsukasa approaches Rui and starts talking to him, he leans in as if going for a kiss. However, it turns out that he’s just wiping something off her face. Incredibly flustered, Tsukasa bids him farewell and quickly runs off with Sakurako.
The next day, Tsukasa is happy to see that she doesn’t have another F4 notice in her locker. The problem is, Sakurako finds one in hers. She’s pelted with flour and abused until Tsukushi arrives to stop them. Using a broom, she bats away a bottle that someone throws at her, except that it spills its contents onto Tsukasa’s shoes. Tsukasa then wants her to lick it off his shoes, and, after much consideration, it looks like she’s actually going to do it. But Rui steps in once again to save her. Tsukushi’s mind is filled with thoughts of him for the rest of the day. When she arrives at school the next day, Tsukushi is surprised when everyone greets her. She finds the three bitchy girls all of the sudden apologizing and wanting to be her friend. They invite her to Toudou Shizuka’s welcome-back party, which they claim is casual dress. So Tsukushi arrives dressed semi-casually, only to find that the party is full formal-wear; she stands out like a sore thumb. The three girls claim that they were only joking when they said it was casual. Despite that, a man actually approaches her and says that she looks really cute and pretty. The girls show up just in time to scare him off by saying that Tsukushi has had five abortions. While they make fun of her, Rui and Shizuka arrive arm in arm. The girls tell Tsukushi that the two of them are lovers and that she has no chance. While telling her to go home, they dump their drinks on her. Tsukasa is sitting nearby and starts to move over to intervene, but Rui gets there first and hands her a handkerchief. Shizuka then sprays some champagne on the girls, making them fall into the nearby pool. Shizuka takes Tsukushi and dresses her up. She asks if perhaps Rui likes Tsukushi, but Tsukushi replies that it’s not possible. After Tsukushi is presented to the crowd like a princess, Rui comments on how cute she looks. Tsukasa starts getting angry about how happy Tsukushi is to be dressed up here, but not at his house. He gets snaps at Shizuka, so Rui comes to defend her. Tsukasa punches Rui, then tries to walk over to continue the fight, but Tsukushi pushes him aside. Everyone gasps because the two land in an awkward position: with Tsukasa on top of Tsukushi, kissing her.

I congratulate you if you’re still reading this; I realize that I wrote a rather lengthy summary. -_-;;
It suffices to say that this episode is quite good. There are a couple of side storylines being developed concurrently with the main plot, including the ones of Rui & Shizuka and Tsukasa and his sister; the former is the centerpiece of a large part of the episode, while the latter is briefly hinted at in the beginning. But we still mainly focus on Tsukushi and her troubles at school. Like last week, they follow the general manga storyline, but with heavy changes. The kidnapping, the girls pretending to be her friends, and the party parts of volume one all happen, but they throw in the Shizuka elements which are later in volume two. The accidental kiss doesn’t quite happen like it does at the end of the second volume, but the kiss itself is there. So again like last week, there’s nothing really wrong with it all because it follows the main timeline.
Those three girls (Yuriko, Erika, and Minako) annoy me so much. Their voices just grate on my nerves, and they’re so mean to Tsukushi. But I guess that’s all part of their characters. As for Tsukasa, he acts like a jealous little schoolboy the entire episode, but it’s clear that he’s developing feelings for Tsukushi, whether he shows it or not. The accidental kiss between Tsukasa and Tsukushi seems a bit implausible with the way they fell, but it makes for a more interesting story. Tsukushi, however, likes Rui who likes Shizuka, who doesn’t reciprocate his feelings. Next episode, we’ll get to see Tsukasa’s sister, who is played by the lovely Matsushima Nanako (famous for several roles including Fuyutsuki-sensei in the GTO drama). I look forward to it!

Closing Thought: Come to think of it, the most recent appearance of Matsushima Nanako I remember is in a drink commercial from a few months back. But then again, I don’t watch many dramas.
Closing Thought #2: Wow, I didn’t know they were making Grave of the Fireflies into a TV special. Too bad the story is too depressing to watch…


  1. this drama is uber interesting; the differences between the taiwanese version weren’t drastic but nevertheless fantastic to watch! thanks for the screencaps! it keeps me alive while waiting for the subs! =)

  2. Downloading the chinese sub now. After watching Ep1, I can say that it is as good as the Taiwanese one. I haven’t read the manga though, but at least the story flows quite smoothly. I’m wondering whether Tsukasa will do something about his hair?

  3. Plus, when she’s like “What is this, Harry Potter?” just made me laugh out loud. Ah, just two episodes and this series has me totally hooked. Looks like everybody ends up crying in the next episode…Tsukushi, Tsukasa, Rui…heh “Onee-san!” and the date!

  4. Man the storyline is okay but i cant stand the f4 boys other than oguri shuna nd tsukasa.
    The taiwanese f4 boys characters > the japanese f4 boys characters by far . I mean the japanese f4 cast doesnt even come close in terms of coolness to the taiwanese counterparts.

  5. Oooh…Hana Yori Dango was my favorite shojo manga…I’d want to watch this so much (but without subbing it’s is impossible).
    I’d really want to know how you can remember the differences between the manga and the things you watch…I swear I try, but I never can remember this kind of things (specially after so many time like in HYD).

  6. anybody know what actually she’s shouting? something like “arienai ???” and what did she say when she’s about to punch domyoji the first time? (in japanese) 😀 thanks… i love how they make this dorama!

  7. ohh. subtitles for this drama is found at d-addict. just search for the raw in the torrent section and then click on the Subtitle thread, and get the subs there 😉

    Basicly she said “Go to hell” then she socks him 😀

  8. Planetarium by Otsuka Ai. It’s a fairly recent song that’s being played everywhere. Off the top of my head, I think she’s sung it live on Music Station twice, CDTV, Music Fair, and Music Fighter.

  9. Tsukasa’s resemblance to Michael Jackson is especially eery in this episode. I agree, the fall was kind of physically impossible… Also, Tsukushi seems less tough in this version compared to the Taiwanese. I haven’t seen the manga, is she supposed to be like this? Either way Inoue Mao is so cuute… especially love the Tsukushi and Rui scenes.

  10. this japanese version of f4 is ok, but the japanese f4 really cannot compete with the taiwanese f4. daoming si alone is a mere few centimetres taller then shancai, now how can this be? he’s supposed to be a staggering 180cm in the comic book. as a result he completely loses that air of arrogance and handsome nonchalance that the most powerful figure in school is supposed to hold. huazhe lei does not have the mysterious or sense of intrigue as the taiwanese one possesses, and tengtang jing is a tanned and aged looking model. she’s supposed to be like a swan, a goddess, perfect, and immaculate. instead she’s looking like a 30-yr-old who stayed too long in the sun! even the the script is excellent (how far from hana yori dango can it go?) but watching these uncharismatic actors is such a turn-off. the only saving grace belongs to huazhe lei’s never-changing role as hero, and shancai looks prettier then the taiwanese one. but if i were you, i wouldn’t even bother catching this show. the taiwanese version, suffice to say, comes up tops without question.

  11. konnichi wa!
    I think the song requested by “rebekkah” isn’t Planetarium, cause I’m searchinc the same song which is not at the OST. But appears, 4 example at ep.07 (about 25:36 min.aprox.) and ep.09 at scene in the cefeteria with makino and Rui, min 43:29 aprox.)
    I love that song, anyone knows the title or where i can get it????
    Onegai shimasu…Arigatou.

  12. i think the taiwanese version is better, jap version goes on fast and the many character in jap version wasnt that delicate enuff, for example, tsubasa suppose to be much much more arrogent and TALLER… RUI suppose to be more mysterious and look more prince charming… and the most funniest part is that the story goes way out of da manga! isnt it supposed to be on da beach where tsubasa took tsukushi’s hp? and where da hell the Teen Of Japen comes from? and da scene whereby tsukushi beat up da host to demonstrate self-defence…. ISNT THAT MISS CONGENIALITY??? welll… if u wanna watch a better hana yori dango, and wanted to experience that heart-wrenching moments…. go for da taiwanese version! that’s far more better that Jap version! and…. wat i feel…. jap f4.. the only gd looking guy is sori-something, the tea ceremony guy (in tw version it’s meizhuo). LOL… da funnie part is… in jap version… the gals are pretty.. and f4 is like boooo… CATCH THE TW METEOR GARGEN!! it shld satisfy u…

  13. I wonder why ppl like the taiwanese version better…the few last episodes are sooooo long and draggy. I think the jpns did a really good job in making this compact while still showing how the feeling develops between the two. One thing i can say is the ending in this one is much more memorable than the tw one. ah well, just my 2 cents.

  14. I wanted to ask a question bout the Hana Yori Dango TV series… I’m watchin it right now.. And there’s a song where a girl is singing in the background… I really love that song… But does anyone know the title of the song??

  15. This is way better than the Taiwanese version. The guys there can’t act.

    althoguh there are parts in MG that I like… but still, HYD is far mroe superior in terms of acting and production.

  16. well…..i watch once taiwanese version but i dun lik da drama coz it was long n boring n da hairstyle alomos da same. i lik da japanese version coz dey really did a really good job keeping me watching until my eyes tired…..for me japanese version is nicer. no offence

  17. excited na akoh!!! sana ipalabas na dto yan sa pilipinas…pero bakit ganun parang 9 episodes lang,oh well,pero sana i-air itong dramang itoh!,i’m so happy that Matsujun will played the role of Doumyouji,gosh,isn’t it perfect,pero mas type ko ung hairdo niya sa Gokusen

  18. sorry, but what’s so good about the Taiwanese version?
    Or u guys just prefer they follow more closely to the manga?
    in my own opinion, the manga is a flop.
    The author tried too hard. And it became a draggy story.

    I prefer the japanese drama when they actually piece the parts in such a way.

    I love the Tsukushi here. She’s not as wishy washy as the manga, anime, taiwanese drama.

    The counterparts just like playing hard to get. They (the Tsukushis) are unmoved and unmoved after so many things that Tsukasas have done them. And I felt that the Domyoji Kaede is more humane in the Jdrama. And she’s funnier when she tasted the salt and there was another scene she actually used the YES hand gesture.

  19. Awww, Hana Yori Dango, don’t get offended is a bit off. I don’t like this Japanese version. I don’t know, maybe because I already seen the Taiwanese and Korean version of this. The story is flawless, but the cast? Hmmm, not so very good. Sorry.

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