Short Summary:
With hordes of mafia men searching the streets of Shinjuku for her, Glass Heart fights a couple and evades the rest, ending up in a warehouse. She stares at a mirror pointing a gun at herself and trying to get Kaori to appear. She almost kills herself before Kaori stops her, evoking memories of a time when Kaori showed Ryo her organ donor card, and told Ryo that she got it specifically for him in case something ever happened. But her message to him is that she didn’t want him to die, and he promised that he wouldn’t. When she regains control, Glass Heart hears some men trying to enter the warehouse, so she ambushes them and escapes. Meanwhile, at the Cat’s Eye, a familiar figure has entered and sat down. The man, whose face reveals him to be Lee Taijin (the guy who was assassinated last episode), tells Umibouzu that he is searching for his daughter. Mochiyama arrives and nearly has a heart attack when he sees the mob boss. However, Ryo comes in soon after and tells Lee Taijin that it was his brother who was assassinated.

This episode manages to stretch two chapters into an entire episode by adding some filler. Fortunately, it’s not really filler – they show how Glass Heart goes from being on the streets to getting to the warehouse. The manga just shows her retrieving some hidden guns, then appearing at the building. And as several adapted-from-manga series have recently done, they also consolidate storylines here, cutting down on the jumping around that the manga does which makes for better plot continuity. So I’m pretty happy with the way this episode turned out in all respects. There’s really no need to mention animation, as it’s once again great.
It seems that Lee Taijin is alive after all. Ryo ended the episode by saying that the man who was assassinated was his brother. More important than that is the fact that Lee Taijin is searching for his daughter, and I’m sure many of you can guess who that is. Next episode should have a lot of explanation about who his daughter is, and how Ryo knows about the brothers.

Closing Thought: I get the feeling sometimes that I’m the only one who cares enough about this series to watch it raw, or watch it at all.


  1. Well I certainly would be watching it RAW if I was confident enough with my japanese. Until then I have to wait for A-kraze. But the show is really cool from what I’ve seen. It deserves more attention than it gets.

  2. Don’t stop blogging this show. You may be the only one doing it and until the fansubs catch up (if they catch up) I’ll have to rely on reading your summaries. I’ve never cared for City Hunter (like DBZ there’s just too much of it to invest any time watching any of it) but I am intrigued by this new series and hope to follow it through to the end.

  3. YOu got another person here who is dying to watch this series. So just waiting for more episodes to be subbed. Doesn’t understand Japanese, so didn’t want to watch raws.
    Just to let you know you ain’t alone in caring to watch this series.

  4. I’ve been a fan of City Hunter for 12 years now. I though I hit the motherlode when ADV released almost all the stuff (they didn’t release CH’99). I found out about Angel Heart yesterday entirely by accident. It’s so depressing so far. I got really attached to the characters. Anyways, until Anime Kraze releases more than just the first episode I’m relying on you to give me my CH fix.

    How come they’ve subbed up to episode 4 in french… but only 1 in english… heh

    Saeba Ryoji
  5. well i rellay appreciate ur work and i enjoy readi it since i can’t understand japanese…
    i really loved city hunter when i was a kid and cat’s eye (lol) so i’m really happy to c a sequel (kinda) of it…so far i only seen 3 eps (only 3 subs so far) so don’t feel like u’re the only 1 cheerin for that anime hehe…


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