Short Summary:
Arika is getting adjusted to school and classes, but feels like she’s forgetting something. Shiho bursts into the classroom and drags her out and into a room where Akane and Chie are waiting. Shiho lays Arika’s uniform in front of her and accuses her of selling it to BACK STAGE store, which sells Otome merchandise. Arika claims that she is innocent, though Shiho doesn’t believe it, especially considering Arika’s financial situation. Shiho has some pretty harsh words for Arika, even calling her an eyesore. Arika is saved when Miss Maria and Natsuki show up. They give Arika a letter from a person that her mother helped, and it seems that he’s now returning the favor and offering her aid. Elsewhere in the school, the word about Arika’s uniform scandal is spreading, and Tomoe tries to get the girls to stop gossiping. In her room, Arika reads the letter, and thinks about if she should accept the offer. She remembers all the negative things that Shiho said to her when Nina walks in and sees her feeling sorry for herself. Nina snaps at Arika, reminding her that she wanted to become an Otome by any means. After Nina leaves, Arika slaps some sense into herself and gathers Erstin and Irina to help her. The three sleuth around, and Irina finally comes to a conclusion after seeing Mikoto rip a handkerchief. She thinks that Mikoto got a hold of the uniform and ripped it the same way she ripped the handkerchief while trying to get out of the academy. Someone later found it and sold it. Everyone is amazed by the explanation, but they all accept it. Arika is now very happy and grateful to her friends. Meanwhile Nina has recruited Nao to help her in their own investigation and they found the man who sold the uniform. Nina then tracks down a very nervous Miya, who had heard about the Mikoto conclusion over dinner, and confronts her, but Miya runs out. Miya then, to her horror, bumps into Tomoe, who slaps her for screwing up, despite her apologies.

It seems that all is not perfect at the academy. Arika’s already made her share of enemies, from Shiho to Tomoe. Tomoe definitely seemed too good to be true, and she was. The question in my mind is whether she’s working for her own advancement or if there’s someone else pulling the strings. Irina, on the other hand, wins major points for her wild conclusions that left everyone with a wide-eyed look on their face, especially Mashiro. That scene is hilarious…
We also learn that Sergay is now Arika’s patron. I really wanna know what happened between him and Arika’s mother, since what he said in the letter was probably true (about Arika’s mother helping him in the past). Maestro pointed out to me that the letter is probably what he wrote back in the middle of episode three. Nina also seems to be helping Arika, even if she’s still cold to her on the outside. Those two’ll become friends yet.
All production aspects today, including animation, are great. I’m looking forward to the mizugi episode next week. Yay for yuri overtones!


  1. Wow, thats totally not the way I learned how to do CPR 0_o. Not that I am complaining of course! I’m also a fan of Yuri overtones, and thankfully I have never seen a show so packed full of them as Otome.

  2. re-watching the preview almost caught me off-guard of Mikoto’s speaking cameo… lol

    Oh, pretty funny but I just realized the letter was by Sergay as I read your summary Omni (but before you actually mentioned that, which only confirmed my sudden connecting 2+2=5). I can see what you meant by getting lost in the dialogue as your summary really helped claified some things for me 😉

  3. Dojikyo: What do you mean about the uniform? Tomoe’s the class rep in Arika’s class (Star group) so she also wears a red uniform like the rest of the corals do. In the screencap she’s wearing the right color uniform (Tomoe’s not a pearl). As for the hair color, it’s night and the lighting is different so that can easily be explained. I double-checked episode 4 when she showed up and then the scene in 5 again, I’m convinced it’s her. I agree with Omni that Tomoe seemed too good to be true, I was thinking that when I watched episode 4 the first time. She seemed to be trying too hard to be super nice and came across as very fake.

    Nina’s very stubborn isn’t she? 🙂 She likes Arika at least a bit but doesn’t want to admit it. I think a lot of it has to do with Arika being a real potential threat to Nina’s standing. At the same time Nina respects that part of Arika, her comments to her this episode were exactly what Arika needed to hear to stop being unsure of herself. I’m not surprised she hunted down the real culprit though, even if she did dislike Arika, Miya’s actions disagraced the school to an extent and I just can’t see Nina standly idly by for that type of thing. She isn’t the best coral for nothing. 🙂

  4. I think the series is more at fault for having such a huge cast that’s basically everyone from HiME + all the new characters in Otome. It’s no wonder that there’s so much confusion as to who’s who.

  5. I dont know what to say about this, exept its immature and childish, yet oh so perverted, it makes my head spin…Ummm…Good work soldiers!!!….Man im bored 🙁


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