Short Summary:
Recovering from the kiss from last week, both Tsukasa and Tsukushi are confused about their feelings – Tsukushi in particular because she also likes Rui. On her way home, she overhears a conversation between Rui and Shizuka where Shizuka tells him that she’s returning to France. At home, Tsukushi thoroughly washes the handkerchief that Rui gave her, and looks for him at school the next day. He’s not there, but she does hear that Sakurako has stopped coming to school. She visits Sakurako’s house where her friend asks about her kiss with Tsukasa. Sakurako feels betrayed, but Tsukushi promises that they’re still friends. Tsukushi then runs into Tsukasa who wants her to come with him. She runs away, so he chases until a woman decks him then kicks him. That woman turns out to be no other than Tsubaki, Tsukasa’s sister. She takes a liking to Tsukushi and drives her to school. Tsubaki later questions Tsukasa if he likes Tsukushi, but he denies it. At school the next day, Tsukushi finally finds Rui, but doesn’t get a chance to return the handkerchief, instead getting caught up by seeing Rui looking quite sad about Shizuka leaving. The two go to Shizuka’s house, where Tsukushi makes a plea for Shizuka to stay. It fails and even backfires on her because Rui gets angry at her for interfering. At the airport, everyone except for Rui shows up to bid Shizuka farewell. Rui arrives only after she’s entered the gate, but he surprises everyone when he pulls out a ticket of his own. Tsukusa is shocked by Rui’s decision to leave, and has no choice but to accept it despite him really wanting Rui to stay. Tsubaki later gives Tsukasa a bit of insight on why Rui left, which motivates Tsukasa to ask Tsukushi out on a date the next day. Rather, he more demanded it by giving her a time and place and expecting her to be there. Tsukushi goes out with her friend Yuki instead, but feels pangs of conscience, especially when it starts to rain. So she runs to the meeting place, and is shocked to find him still waiting for her in the rain.
Note: This episode has too many characters whose names start with “Tsu.” It’s driving me nuts…

There is so much material in this episode that I can’t help but wonder if Tsukushi herself felt overwhelmed by it all. For starters, Shizuka and Rui both leave for France. The scenes where Tsukushi asks Shizuka to stay, where Rui gets angry at Tsukushi, and where Rui kisses Tsukushi on the forehead at the airport are all similar to the manga, but Shizuka announcing that she was leaving was not (meaning that she didn’t get to cut her hair short). Don’t count on Rui staying away for too long though. 😉
Tsubaki also arrives on the scene. Her entrance was so very cheesy, but I was cheering every moment of it. Although she wallops Tsukasa early on, seeming like an imposing figure to him, her character turns out to be quite kind and understanding (which is a bit more fitting for Matsushima Nanako)
I thought the first two-thirds of the episode are alright, but I really didn’t start enjoying it until the final third, after the night where everyone has an angst overload. And as much as I like Planetarium, using it every episode seems a bit unnecessary. Overall the episode is still very good, with plenty of funny and dramatic moments. My favorite scenes are at the end where Tsukasa is writing a letter to Rui (like a little kid lol), and Tsubaki has to explain to him some of Rui’s motivations. And the scene at school the next day is hilarious because of Tsukasa pushing down one of the three bully girls, his attitude towards the date, and him butchering Hemingway’s name.
Next week we’ll see a lot of Tsukasa and Tsukushi getting closer, plus more of Sakurako.

For those of you who are wondering, Tsubaki quoted Hemingway when she was explaining to Tsukasa why Rui left:

When you love you wish to do things for. You wish to sacrifice for. You wish to serve.
-Ernest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms


  1. This is the first time I’ve been to the site. Good review, you should write for a living! I was having trouble accessing story info at the official site, you saved me from withdrawal while I wait for the torrent to finish!

    Sakura Golden Gate
  2. i LOVED this ep ^^ tsukasa was so cute, esp when asking tsukushi out on a date… and the end was such an “awww” moment when u see him in the rain ^___^ can’t wait for the nxt one =)

  3. I thought this episode was way cute! I have it in Japanese! and I finished all the episodes all in like 4 days! I love watching japanese drama’s! Tsukushi is so cute in this! I think she’s made for Ryu though…(he’s so cute) ^_^

  4. i have a question. what channel do they broadcast this show on? i have direct tv.. so i dont know. i view this series over a paid website.. also do you guys know where i can buy the series too? thanks a lot. ill check back soon

  5. Just in case anyone can’t read the kanji on their computer, the romaji version of what she said is:

    Aisuru toki wa (the kanji says ha but it’s supposed to be wa) sono tame ni nani ka o shi taku naru mono desu. Gisei o harai taku na mono desu. Houshi o shi taku naru mono desu.

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