Short Summary:
After learning of George’s capture, the group led by David decides that they’re going to go get him. Saya overhears a frustrated Kai tell Riku that Saya is different from them. After David reports back to his superiors, Julia shows him some documents that indicate a DNA sequencer has been delivered to a research facility, and the two suspect something is occurring there. Kai walks by while the two are talking and bursts in. David takes him to the roof and shows him how weak he his by dodging his attacks and beating him up a bit in from of Saya and Riku. As Saya is leaving with David to save George, Kai pleas to her that they should go together, but Saya says that Kai shouldn’t go because if anything happened, he’d be a hindrance. Completely defeated by her words, Kai has no choice but to stay. That night, the group, including Hagi, travels to the facility through a forest, arriving at their drop-off point where Lewis meets them with some weapons and information. Before taking her sword from Hagi, Saya finds a ball of onigiri in the trunk addressed to her from her brothers, telling her to do her best. Meanwhile, the US military has been ordered to get rid of the facility, and in the facility itself, George wakes up to the noises of something walking around, something that looks like a Chiropteran.

I was a bit under-whelmed by this episode. This episode further reinforces that the US military is up to no good, and that Kai in his current state can’t do anything. The only really interesting thing is the fact that Kai and Saya seem to have developed a slight rift between them. Kai calls Saya different, and Saya later tells Kai that he’d be a burden if he went along. Both are probably just very worried about the other, so this conflict really isn’t anything big.
I’m more interested to see what will happen next episode as the military and our heroes close in on the facility holding both George and a Chiropteran. The biggest question is how George will get out of all this – dead as a Chiropteran, dead as a human, alive, or something else. I have my money on the fact that he won’t survive, though I really want him to.

Edit: I noticed that the official site now has several new character profiles.


  1. It looks like the military is going to operate George and take out his organs for sample…
    Hoho… the hot headed Kai got into fight with someone he thinks he can beat – and got beaten, again.
    A rescue operation, and Saya’s going to be part of it. that should be interesting next episode, seeing how the two groups are going to fight. I can’t wait now…


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