Short Summary:
Junichi wakes up to find Sakura in bed with him, but when Nemu sees them, she’s surprisingly not angry. That day, Sakura gets a welcome back party where everyone attends. Aisia watches Sakura’s every move and writes it down, trying to glean something from it all. Aisia loses sight of Sakura at one point, and learns from Nemu after the party that she went back to her house with Junichi. Aisia takes the opportunity to gather all of her stuff, ball it up, and bring it next door with the intent of moving in. However, when she steps into the house, her leg falls through the floor and then the ceiling cracks under pressure. Seeing that the house is falling apart, Sakura and Junichi gather the entire group to repair it. Sakura and Aisia team up to repair the roof, though Sakura spends some time admiring the view first. They accidentally drop the hammer off the roof, so Aisia tries to repeatedly conjure up a replacement but fails each time. Sakura tells her to stop, and says that she won’t teach Aisia magic.
That evening, after everything has been fixed and straightened up, Aisia tries to talk to Sakura again, but gets a door closed in her face. Seeing Aisia depressed, Junichi goes over and explains to Sakura Aisia’s reasoning and motivations. But Sakura already understands and reminds Junichi of what happened two years ago. The next day, Aisia goes over again to Sakura’s house to try again. Sakura decides to show Aisia something, and the two travel to the old sakura tree. Sakura tells Aisia about how the tree was supposed to bring everyone happiness and grant people’s wishes, which Aisia thinks is wonderful, but Sakura also says that that’s why she killed it. And when Aisia can’t seem to understand that, Sakura tells her that magic is dangerous. Aisia still refuses to believe it – she clings onto the fact that her grandmother used her magic to bring people happiness. Sakura just walks away, saying that she’ll never teach Aisia.

The episode has its ups and downs, but felt to me like it moved rather slowly. I laughed at the comedy moments, but didn’t really enjoy the episode until Sakura and Aisia got on the roof. It also feels remarkably predictable. After what happened two years ago, Sakura certainly isn’t going to lead Aisia down that road again. But Aisia is quite set in her beliefs, and we’re in for a bit of a showdown of ideals. So my favorite scene is definitely the final one – it makes me wonder what the ultimate message that we’re gonna get is (past Nemu always wins). Last season they showed that magic was dangerous like Sakura says. Maybe this season they’ll show it saving someone’s life/granting a wish? But I can’t see a wish being granted without some sort of negative effect.
My hope is that it’ll all somehow work back to Kotori and her feelings for Junichi, but that seems like a long shot. Seems more likely that it’ll be about Nemu and Aisia. The preview does have Aisia asking Kotori what happened two years ago, but who knows if that means anything. We’re getting closer and closer to the final stretch, and I have my fingers crossed for a good ending (good plot-wise, not necessarily happy ending).


  1. I think Kotori’s story is pretty much over, maybe.

    They shouldn’t have made her look like a main character. And no, I don’t mean main character = Jyunichi’s girlfriend (for example, Aisha is a main character, and Kotori was giving just a little less importance than her, if not at much, in stuff like the website, official art, covers, etc.), but they sure made her look like a major character, and with 19 episodes gone, she certainly hasn’t been one.

    I don’t really mind Nemu winning, or rather, I do, but I suppose I’m just resigned to it now. All I want for is for a good ending plot-wise and hopefully a happy ending for Kotori.

  2. Hehe, Junichi used all the girls for free labor.. 🙂

    Anyways, I’ve pretty much given up all hope that Kotori will make a comeback. I guess it’s time to sit back and try to enjoy the series without getting too worked up.

  3. Well Circus did OFFICIALLY announce that Kotori and Aisia ARE the main characters before the series even begun. Unless the Second Season staff decide to be bunch of asses, I still have a hope for Kotori playing a major role in the last few episodes. Circus has never disappointed me with their productions before, and I hope they don’t leave the most awesome bishoujo character to rot. *Sigh* And I laughed so hard when Nemu didn’t even have an introduction paragraph for her on the official site.

  4. My feelings are that Aisia will have something to do with helping Kotori with her feelings. Cause the main plot is happiness, so it seems that Aisia is going to learn that magic is no substitue for understanding a person’s feelings.

  5. >>Well Circus did OFFICIALLY announce that Kotori and Aisia ARE the main characters before the series even begun.

    Really? Then there’s still some hope. Even if he ends up with the brat which seems pretty much definitive by now maybe Kotori will have some screentime and a good closure.

    Kotori is not really a main character though, they made her look like one at the start and with all the posters, and all that, and she wasn’t really treated like one. And if you said they announced it, that’s even weirder. Aisha obviously is a protagonist, but Kotori is not really the type who gets a little screentime on every ep. and stuff like that, Nemu, for example, feels more “main” than her.

    And by main I don’t mean that she has to be Jyunichi’s girlfriend, like I said before, just one of the main characters.

  6. Ah, thenightsshadow, I haven’t really given up on her. I’ve given up on her being with Jyunichi, which wasn’t really that important to begin with, but I haven’t given up on her having a nice closure.

  7. The director of Circus stated the story will revolve around Kotori and Aisia in an interview. It was in one of magazine scans (And also stated that most Second Season staff are males, which explain all those fanservice :P).

    Of course, I don’t believe being a main character means being Junichi’s girlfriend either (Mostly because I refuse to see Nemu as a main character). Maybe since Kotori can’t forget about Junichi, Aisia will use magic to help her forget about him? Well that doesn’t sound so nice, but I think it’d be interesting, seeing as how the concept was used in the first season too.

    I honestly don’t care about Kotori’s feelings for Junichi anymore. I don’t care what happens to Junichi and Nemu as long as Kotori can become happy. But I’ll be sad anyway when Second Season ends…The next Da Capo takes place 50 years later (which was also in the magazine, btw) O.O



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