Short Summary:
Hiroki and Kiri are assigned to chaperone the class on a school trip. The two are specifically in charge of a test of courage that’s put on by the seniors to scare the lower classmen. Kiri’s not at all happy about this because she hates ghosts. When they reach their destination, Hiroki has his hands full with the students, so Elis has a hard time getting her brother’s attention. She is out having fun by the beach when she sees him walking with Kiri up the mountain. The two reminisce about old times, and Hiroki starts to tease Kiri about her fear of ghosts. She jumps into his arms after he pretends to see something scary, and it becomes apparent that she still has feelings for him. Elis follows the two to the top of the mountain, where she sees them talking about old times with Hiroki laughing and having a good time. Feeling that she isn’t as compatible with him as Kiri, Elis breaks down crying and is found by her classmate, Hashizume Shouta.

This episode is just ripe with fanservice as the animators decided to play the show-all-the-girls-frolicking-in-various-swimsuits game. Not that I mind…. Favorite out of all of them is definitely Tomoko’s (see Lolitron for more shots).
This episode shows what they’ve basically been building up to this point: Hiroki doesn’t see Elis as a romantic interest, but he might towards Kiri. They also introduce a random new male character, Hashizume Shouta. If Kiri and Hiroki get closer, maybe Elis will start pretending to like Shouta just to spite her brother. Either way, her chances with Hiroki are pretty low right now. I guess it all depends on how the test of courage works out.


  1. I got to admit I’m having a hard time following this series…I still haven’t watched episode 5 =/

    Hard to believe I enjoyed the game SO much even if it doesn’t have all those new characters.

  2. Urgh, I’m miffed that Hiroki gets it on with Kiri instead of at least oggling Elisse a little. But then, with Hiroki x Kiri, that shows it’ll only last for a while. We’ll see Hiroki x Elisse soon enough. 😀

  3. Tomoko was the “da win” for me in her swimsuit 😉

    Not a bad epsiode overall though the random introduction of a new sub-male character was pretty out there. I guess obviously he’ll “help” test Elis’ feelings for Hiroki or some jazz like that. Next episode looks to be some decent fun with the courage test and possible (but unlikely) secondary male X Elis action. Blah, I’ve rather stick to the Hiroki x Kiri action instead!


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