I love this song, the OP to Paradise Kiss, but the PV is bit weird (and funny). It’s half Kawase Tomoko singing and dancing in a pink striped room and half her on patrol with two very 70s looking cops. It’s quite amusing, especially the police parts, but not the greatest music video. Still, being able to hear the full song is enough for me.


  1. Ha ha ha, this was a great for laughs wasn’t it? Parakiss was the reason i decided to download the PV and i laughed the whole time. you could see her looking to the sides to the directors as to when to start. Good idea to write one for this. ha ha

  2. Hahaha, it looked like she had No idea what she was doing for the video. What was the deal with her having the flask? She looked liked she was doing half-@$$ed Karaoke and ParaPara.

    However, the song is great. And yeah, the parts with the two cops looks just like something from a beastie boys video.

    all in all, its probably one of the worst edited videos I’ve seen ^.^;

    Angel Mercury
  3. I just found this with whilst searching for “lonely in gorgeous” “beastie boys” because i wondered about those scenes too. I don’t see it as a hommage. Is it now considered funny or even ingenious to produce a stupid dull PV? I guess it’s a publicity stunt because the PV is so odd and bad that people will talk and wonder about it even if they don’t care about Tommy or the song itself. The cheer leaders in the background are really really cute though.

  4. I’m not sure if anyone here has seen many/any of Tommy’s other PVs but they have a lot of similar elements (the flask, cheerleaders, etc). I really think it’s part of her act, to do silly/stupid things and look cutesy. And to rip off people. She isn’t really expecting you to take her seriously, and that’s why I enjoy her cute-happy-pop so much more than the more generic girl singers. Personally, I love just about everything she’s ever done, and I always love watching her videos..

    Please excuse my rambling; I’m a Tommy fangirl and just wanted to share a bit of my perspective… 😀

  5. ok i think there is a few thing everyone should know about tommy february to make you understand the video. there a few things she does every video. the flax is in everyvideo. also there is a cheerleader in everyvideo. and she has a thing for twin little star.

    basicly tommy february is a side project for tomoko kawase. she acts like this a persona of her self. and there is also tommy heavenly which is her evil twin who makes fun of tommy february. to competely understand tommy you have to look at her other videos.


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