Short Summary:
Flashback to the night before, when Ryo boarded the ship carrying the dying Lee Taijin. He examined the man’s chest and found scars, convincing him that this man must be the Lee Chendou that he rescued years ago in a war who got the scars from being tortured. On his deathbed, Lee Chendou taps a cryptic message in Morse code to Ryo asking for forgiveness and telling Ryo to talk to the other Lee brother. Back in the present, Lee Taijin explains that he lost his daughter when she was young in a car accident, but her body was never found. As it turns out, she turned up by coincidence in the assassin training program of his own organization. But shortly after he found out, she committed suicide by jumping off a building onto a spike that pierced her heart. The organization then stole Kaori’s heart to save Lee Taijin’s daughter. After the mob leader apologizes, Ryo takes him to the train station where he caught Glass Heart from falling in front of where the XYZ board used to be. Lee Taijin wants to find his daughter again very much, and Ryo tells him that the handprint on the wall was left by her the day before. Ryo seems to have come to terms with Kaori’s heart having been transplanted into Glass Heart and agrees to help. As Glass Heart continues to evade mob henchmen, Ryo arrives back at the Cat’s Eye and notices something is amiss. He sits by the window and soon Glass Heart arrives to sit across from him. The two start speaking and Glass Heart has a breakdown and starts crying after hearing Ryo’s voice. She’s even more emotional when Ryo tells her that he’s been wanting to meet her. Outside of the cafe, several snipers from multiple vantage points have their sights on the two under orders of Lee Taijin’s replacement.

If you thought the Chinese in FMP! TSR was bad, this is worse. In fact, to understand what Ryo and Glass Heart were saying, I had to read the Japanese subtitles (and that’s saying a lot). Actually, I’m not even sure it’s Chinese after forcing myself to listen to it again.
That aside, I found this episode to be fairly boring. We learn that the man who was killed was Lee Taijin’s identical twin while the real Lee Taijin’s been searching for his daughter. And Ryo finally gets to have a real chat with Glass Heart/Kaori. Nothing terribly exciting, though we do get several emotional moments. The fun stuff doesn’t begin until next week.


  1. I think it would be more fun if somebody actually fansubbed this series. Ok, Ani-Kraze did eps. 1, but I just get the feeling that nobody seems to really care about this series. Maybe that’s because nobody really cared (or knows about) City Hunter.

    But that’s fine. That’s why we have you to blog for us. It’s a poor man’s substitute but it’s faster than waiting 6 hours to download a video file. Ok, I did download the raw of the last episode but only to finally see what the OP animation looked like. It was pretty cool. 🙂

  2. The chatting part between C.H. and G.H is in Chinese, although not standard, ha, and I am glad to translate it here:
    G.H:This tear is not mine, but the one who loves you deeply… Because the voice… the voice I am not familiar in my dream… moves my heart…

    I am City hunter and Angel Heart fans and welcome to my blog for some information on it!

  3. I noticed that around 18:14 in S^M’s Raw, Ryo is reading the newspaper. There is an ad in the bottom of the page that his left hand is holding that says, “GH vs. CH” or vice-versa. “Glass Heart vs. City Hunter?”

  4. Thanks for religiously blogging about this show ^^

    Hmm… i don’t know about the rest of you, but i’m hooked on this series. Does anyone know whether it will be 13 episodes or 26 episodes long? even with 26 episodes, i don’t think the good stuff from the manda can be covered yet. I’m eager to see how faithful they’ll stay to the manga.


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