Short Summary:
When they were still living at their old home, Kenji and Suzuka tried looking at a meteor shower, but couldn’t see anything. They made a promise that they would look again together when they moved. After they did, they ended up looking at the stars together with Nanami. Their father gave Suzuka a telescope and told her that tomorrow’s the meteor shower again. She brought it upstairs, but overheard Nanami talking with Kenji, telling him to keep tomorrow’s meteor shower a secret. Hurt by what she perceived as a broken promise, Suzuka ran out crying after having taken out a screw in the telescope’s stand. Back in the present, all of this is coming to light because that same meteor shower is once again about to occur. Suzuka still has the screw, though she admits to Hikari that she’s no longer angry. That night, Hikari drags Kenji to the beach, where the telescope and his sister, along with Nanami and friends, are waiting. Suzuka places the screw in his hand, and the entire group enjoys the show.

Well this episode is certainly a lot more interesting than the past few weeks, but I hesitate to call it great. There is actual conflict, though fairly minor, between Suzuka and Kenji & Nanami over a broken promise to watch a meteor shower. That promise is eventually fulfilled in the present, but was the source of tears for both young Suzuka and young Nanami. I’d say that Suzuka is a bit too close to her brother, getting almost jealous of Nanami, but that’s all probably just young kid possessiveness – especially since present Suzuka tells Hikari that she wants her brother and Nanami to be happy.
So, not a bad episode plot-wise compared to the past couple of weeks, though the animation quality is once again on the lacking side. Next week is about “three people and two pearls” (that’s the title – 「三人と二つの真珠」), which looks like a Hikari episode.


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