StatCounter informs me that Random Curiosity has crossed over the one million page loads mark! This comes on the heels of two other major milestones: 350,000 unique visitors and 2000 comments. All three are since this site moved onto AnimeBlogger in July. I’d like to once again thank Maestro, Matthew, moyism, Mentar, Ren, everyone who has supported the site, and especially you, the reader. Special thanks also goes out to the anonymous AnimeBlogger hosting bill donor who left a Kawaii Radio email address. Here’s to another million hits – Cheers!


  1. Haha we both reached a milestone today! Well actually yesterday. Haha I’ve been blogging for a month..pretty big accomplishment coming from me.

    Dude you totally win! haha I remember reading someone’s comment where they were like “keep up the good work everyone!”..your answer “its just me”. You totally deserve all this recognition, because you always kept your site updated. You put so much effort and work into it..that it amazes me. It shows by how many visitors and commenters you receive. Haha to be honest..the first blog I usually go to is yours! Oh Question..I was wondering how many posts have you made? Also do you sleep? Haha don’t answer if you don’t feel like it.

  2. Haha, congrats Omni. I’m making a celebration post over at mine too, for you.

    And to the readers, please, at the least, please be patient and not bug Omni to do work. Remember, bloggers really work for nothing, so at the least, give them time to do stuff. Besides, since when has Omni let us down? ^_^.

  3. Grats 😉 … I think your site has become the reference page for most shows of which you want quick raw impressions. I have no idea where you find the time and energy to do all this. Amazing!

    Keep it up!


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