Short Summary:
Yamato tries to talk to Honoka, but she refuses to listen to what he has to say. Suzuka, on the other hand, apologizes to him because she feels that this is all her fault, and she gives Yamato some advice and suggests that he call Honoka. He does, but the line is busy because Honoka is on the phone with Nana. So, Yamato decides to take the necklace and see Honoka himself. At her home, he tries to give it to her again, but she still doesn’t want it, instead accusing him of having so much fun with Suzuka. Honoka even goes as far as to say that Yamato still likes Suzuka. Honoka runs off, but Yamato chases and catches her, and allows her to cool off a bit. The two finally get a chance to talk about their relationship. Honoka suggests that they break up, and Yamato agrees. She eventually accepts the birthday gift with a smiling face, and gives him a goodbye kiss. Yamato returns home to find Yuuka and Megumi there. After they leave, Suzuka comes by and Yamato confirms that he and Honoka have broken up. Suzuka still feels like it’s her fault, so Yamato tries to act happy and takes responsibility himself Seeing Yamato try to laugh it all off, Suzuka gets angry and leaves after calling him the worst.

I can sum up my feelings in four short words: Yamato is an idiot. Hrmm, that was the theme of last week too.
Having read the manga, most of the impact of this episode is lost on me, though I do feel very sympathetic towards Honoka. She’s really been hurt quite a bit by all of this. As for Suzuka, this is partly her fault, and I’m glad that she admits it. But I guess I also like her character more and more as she became less and less of an ice queen during Yamato and Honoka’s relationship. And now that Honoka and Yamato are broken up, guess who’s gonna step back into center stage?
But my favorite parts of the series are now over. I’m not really looking forward to much until the late 60s, early 70s chapter-wise. And that’ll be at the end of the animated series, if they decide to go that path. Guess we’ll have to wait and find out.


  1. I really doubt they can cover all the way up to where the manga is now in only 7 episodes. Besides, the manga itself has not ended and is still going. They are probably gonna come up with thier own cheesy ending or possibly end it once Suzuka and Yamato start going out. I believe that they will end the series once Suzuka goes to Kazuki’s grave and finally admits she likes Yamato or something (not really sure cuz I can’t read Japanese =P, just guessing).

    Kira Takuto
  2. The next episode should be on how pissed is Suzuka about his decision, since Yamato lie to Suzuka that he was sick of Honoka. So I guess the whole episode would be on that.

    I agreed that 7 more episode is not enough to cover what ‘s in manga, even if you left out some of the “insignificant bits”.

    fisherman horizon
  3. quoting “But I guess I also like her character more and more as she became less and less of an ice queen during Yamato and Honoka’s relationship”. Things should head that way, except for next week where, ice-queen will return and far more than ice. ;P

    fisherman horizon
  4. Well hopefully It doesnt just end at 26 Episodes, I do hope also, Suzuka, will find in her heart, the true feelings she Actually has for Yamato. Therees no hiding it, all Suzukas friends, know she likes him, but she is, an ice queen(sometimes), after all, becuase you know, Yamat’os, incompetant, and such :P.

    “cross fingers”, for a great ending in the season!

  5. o yess Yamato the keitaro syndrome is in this character jeez he blabs thing that will hurt the gurl and then comes back and laughs when he breaks up with the gurl at least feel sth u just broke honoka’s heart man jeez i wish suzuka would just slap him silly

  6. Yamato is way worse then Keitaro. Infact, he’s gotta be the worst harem lead I’ve ever seen. The guy needs to get hit by a car and they need to bring another male lead in. Or somehow bring Kazuki(or whatever the ex love interest’s name was) back as he was WAY cooler and more intelligent.

    Yamato = slime.

  7. I hate Yamato…but I hate Honoka more. Honoka’s so….what the hell is wrong with her? …She’s too jealous…too worried…too much!!! Like…I hate her innocentnessnessness!!! It’s seems so fake!! As for Suzuka….meybe…JUST’d be SO much better..if she wasn’t such an ass in the beginning…! Like, her as fake as Honoka’s niceness. The way the author portrayed both characters to be the opposite…maybe..too opposite. I dunno…To me, I don’t think Yamato was doing n e ting wrong…(EXCEPT..the part where he was like…”screw this, Suzuka isn’t gonna like me..moving on..”’s so stupid. How he just kissed Honoka on the spot…when he clearly knew he still had feelings for Suzuka. The only thing I hate about Yamato…is that he easily expresses n e ting to N E BODY! Like, when he was talking to Suzuka..he’s like..”Yeah, i didn’t notice it before..but Honoka is pretty cute..”…is he stupid or something? ….god..>.

  8. Hmm…I think that it was a good thing that Yamato and Honaka broke up..cuz they don’t really match together…and besides, Yamato has feelings for Suzuka..and it’s gonna stay that way! Hope the graphics look better…Yamato looks deformed in some scenes.


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