Short Summary:
Elis has trouble sleeping and instead talks with Tomoko about her brother and Kiri and how she feels alienated. Tomoko asks the important question of whether she likes him as her brother or as a man. The next morning, Elis has to be woken up by her brother. He doesn’t stay for long, and Elis ends up alone by the waterfront. Shouta shows up and invites her to eat some chipped ice, so she goes with him. Hiroki comes and scolds the two for sitting around, but Shouta stands up and takes responsibility. Later that day, Elis goes to the same open air bath that Kiri is in. Elis tries to figure out what happened back then and learns that Kiri got rejected in her confession.
Elis remembers when they were young and Hiroki taught her how to swim. She recalls how her brother liked Kiri back then. When night comes around, it’s time for the test of courage. Elis gets paired up with an easily frightened Shouta, and Hiroki ends up going with Kiri. Elis is fairly immune to all of the scares, that is until a costumed monster approaches her and causes her to faint. After Shouta leads Elis away with his arm on her back, Misaki tells Kana that Elis was frightened because the costume was red. Kiri is just about as scared as Shouta was, so Hiroki takes her back down the mountain, but the two accidentally see Shouta confess to Elis. Elis starts crying, so Shouta apologizes and the two return back to the hotel. Hiroki and Kiri are reminded of Kiri’s confession, and then a sudden noise causes Kiri to jump into Hiroki’s arms. The two embrace and both seem ready to kiss, but Kiri pulls away at the last second when she remembers Hiroki rejecting her back then. Kiri changes the subject, acting as if nothing happened, and the two also go back to the hotel.

Two big events happening in one small spot: first, Shouta confesses to Elis, and though she doesn’t directly turn him down, she does start crying. And unbeknownst to her, Hiroki and Kiri saw it all, and even have a moment of their own afterwards. And since I prefer the KirixHiroki pairing over the ElisxHiroki one, I was really cheering Kiri and Hiroki on at the end there, but it just didn’t happen. Hiroki’s rejection of her back then must have made a REALLY big impact if she can pull out of a kiss at the last moment there with the mood right and everything.
So what impact does this have on Hiroki? If he had more-than-brotherly-feelings for Elis, than someone else confessing might have made him jealous or depressed. But he mostly seemed surprised and it felt more like a parent watching on than a love interest. So at this point, it feels like Hiroki is only romantically interested in Kiri. But if Elis is supposed to be the female lead, then where does that leave her? I guess there are 19 more episodes to develop that. Next episode is the summer festival! And that means yukata πŸ˜€


  1. “i dont think hes neccessarily a random..”

    Oh, he’s random. His face looks like a rushed job, and he was definately not in the game. I reckon F&C decided to make an excuse to have the romantic moment for Hiroki x Kiri at the last minute.

  2. I don’t think Shouta is random, I think he’s there to put the HirokixElis pairing in conflict. With signs of HirokixKiri this early in the series, you can safely bet that they’re not the main pair of th series, unless this happens: Hiroki and Elis ackknowledge their feelings for each other, but there is some reason that they can’t get together, and they accept that reason.

    And I could have sworn I heard somebody saying earlier in the series that Hiroki and Elis are just cousins meaning Elis calls him Onii-chan out of affection. So why do I hear talk that sounds like they’re actual siblings?! @_@

  3. This is what I call the related-but-not-by-blood syndrome. Too many times we’ll have two characters who are somehow related, but it’s not by blood, so it’s ok for them to be together (Nemu and Junichi of DC/SS for example). However, the argument against that is that if you’re raised like brother and sister, the relationship is still socially unacceptable because you’re loving them despite the fact that they are your sibling, in name or otherwise. Same thing applies here: I use the term “brotherly” because he’s basically her brother, whether that’s really how their bloodline is or not (cousins in this case).

  4. Shinji103: Nah, Hiroki x Elise isn’t like the Kenji x Nanami situation in Lamune, where they already know eachother’s feelings. Elise’ love for Hiroki is pretty much unrequited. I’m still betting on Hiroki x Kiri pairing, as the main plot of this series actually isn’t the romantic relationship between Hiroki and Elise as many people think. Well, at this point of anime, they are still missing a very important character, so I would say it’s too early on to judge anything.

  5. Rasmiel: Sorry, but if anything what we’ve seen so far points towards HirokixElise. HirokixKiri this early? Sorry, uh-uh. Then what drama will there be in the next 19 episodes? It’ll be stupid if it’s all Elise angst just for hiroki and Kiri to get together. So the main couple is Hirokix Elise, although admittedly that doesn’t mean they’ll get together, just look at Kimi ga Nozomu Eien. Haruka was clearly the main heoine and still didn’t get the hero. >.> But hopefully Canvas2 won’t be like that. Either way, Elise is the main heroine. πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

  6. Shinji103: Sorry, but being a main heroine =/= the main hero’s girlfriend. I think you know pretty well what I’m talking about. As I said before, the main plot isn’t necessarily about romantic relationship for Hiroki x Elise (People seem to forget that Hiroki has no longer the will to draw). And I never said Hiroki and Kiri will get together early on, as I noted that this series is still missing a very important character. It’s when that character appears, that Hiroki and Kiri will start developing their relationship.

  7. Rasmiel: ….errr, you cloned what I said in my last post about not being the main girlfriend cause you’re the main heroine. But still this isn’t KGNE. πŸ˜› And as I’ve said, HirokixKiri appearing this early in a 26 episode series is a dead giveaway that it’s not the main pairing of the series. And top that off with the introduction of SHouta at the same time, and it’s clear as day. πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  8. Dammit Shinji I’m telling you, that rejected fool is just a random character X(

    There are lots of storylines to uncover in Canvas2. So it doesn’t matter if Hiroki x Kiri appear this early. I could bet $2 that the main pair won’t be Hiroki x Elise.

  9. Ras: But he’s a character that was put there for a purpose: While Hiroki is off with Kiri, Shouta is moving on Elis. They both eventually go “No more!” and realize their true feelings for each other. πŸ˜€ Shouta appearing at the /same time/ that HirokixKiri kicks in so early in the series makes it way too obvious. πŸ˜€

  10. I heard somewhere about the reason why Hiroki is not draw right now and why he reject Kiri backthen.

    It happend because….. someone at their highschool time…….when this person show up I think we will

    all see the drama of this show.

  11. for whatever reason i don’t like elis… not sure why; i mean i like her, just not her and hiroki together… i definately like him and kiri better but he doesn’t seem too keen for her (up to epi 6 which i’ve seen)

    *sob* what a cruel world this is, most likely hiroki will end up elis, that is how it is in anime, the male lead ends up with the female whom he spends the most time with

  12. It’s a little too early to say whether there’ll be a Kiri or Elis ending yet.
    And if you’re going by the female who he spends the most time with case, Hiroki probably spent more time overall with Kiri then Elis.

  13. Lots of interesting assertions being made here at ep 7 of a 20 something episode run πŸ™‚

    Shouta’s character design sucks …. but he’s pretty clearly intended to symbolize the sort of person Elise *SHOULD* be interested in instead of Hiroki and to provide conflict in Elise’s feelings for Hiroki. Personally, I think the story has more to do with Elise realizing the difference in the *kinds* of affection one can have. Hiroki cares for her deeply but doesn’t appear to be sexually attracted to her. Kiri is deeply attracted to him but he apparently thought he wasn’t good enough for her (wow, shades of Megatokyo).
    Oh the angst of it all….. and we’re way too early in the series for any resolution so it seems we’re going to be treated to an emotional roller coaster ride.

    Liking this show a lot so far …. aieee, the Hagino cuteness (she’s starting to remind me of my wife — small, perky, cute, mischievious).


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