Short Summary:
When they were young, Kenji, Nanami, and Hikari found a pair of pearls in an oyster shell. But since there were only two, Hikari was allowed to keep both of them. Now in the present, Kenji and Nanami find Hikari doing a lot of diving all of the sudden. At the same time, Hikari borrows one of Nanami’s uniforms and enrolls into the same high school as the two of them, subsequently causing Kenji some trouble in class. After school, Hikari continues to dive, and Kenji becomes worried for her health, especially after she catches a cold. Despite his warnings, Hikari continues on, but exhaustion takes its toll and almost drowns her. Fortunately, Kenji, Nanami, and Hatano see her fall off the boat and go to her rescue. After they realize that she’s looking for pearls, Hikari confesses that she wanted to divide the pearls between the three of them. Kenji and Hatano decide to pitch in and find the last one, and they succeed. Hikari ends the day by presenting Nanami and Kenji with their own pearls.

Alright, this episode feels a bit unrealistic (for lack of a better word), but I enjoyed it nevertheless. I say unrealistic because Hikari kept the pearls from such a long time ago, and one day just decides to go and make it her obsession to find the final one for a complete set so that she can split it between the three of them. But like I said, I still enjoyed watching it, mostly because of Hikari, since this is really her character episode (as opposed to episode three when she was first introduced). She and Hiromi both need more screen time. The one scene Hiromi was in, in today’s episode, had Nanami getting a little angry and jealous. I’m still waiting for the Hiromi episode, but next week’s gonna introduce the only other cast member we’re missing: Ayukawa Misora, the motorcycle girl.

Closing Thought: I really should keep watching these episodes earlier in the day like I did today. If I watch it too late at night, it just bores me to sleep. But I guess that implies that I found this episode to be boring, which isn’t true.


  1. I am really starting to like this show. It reminds me of the first series of To Heart due to it being basically about everyday events. Kind of a nice counter to the seriousness of Angel Heart, which I am also enjoying . . . .


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