Short Summary:
Ryo tells Glass Heart that he’s wanted to meet her because she has Kaori’s heart. Suddenly the window beside them erupts in bullets, except that they don’t penetrate through because Umibouzu has installed bulletproof glass. The two make their escape into the center of the city, and the squad of troops in pursuit. The leader of the soldiers makes it known to Saeko, who is watching through surveillance cameras at the station, that the police are not to interfere or else the group will start killing civilians. Ryo acquires some weapons from a friend of his, and the two continue to run and gather information on their pursuers. Glass Heart feels that she’s the only one who should die and that Ryo should live since this isn’t his fight. Ryo doesn’t want her to be self-defeated like that and tells her that she should keep living. He contacts Saeko and secretly tells her a location to send the police to capture the soldiers. He then talks to the leader of their enemies and challenges him. While briefly pausing on a rooftop, Ryo reminisces about the city and vows to protect it. The two then try to jump across an alley, but Ryo’s jump is interrupted by bullets, so he falls. Glass Heart springs to his rescue and knocks out his assailants. When she puts her hand out and asks for a gun from Ryo, he starts to see a resemblance to Kaori, especially when she says that she wants it to protect him.

They really messed with the manga timeline for this one. Most of the important scenes between chapters 18 to the beginning of 24 are covered, but nothing is in the same order as it is in the manga. It ends up giving the same overall storyline, but misses out on some of the more humorous parts. I was quite surprised by how fast and how far they were going, but like I said, they ended up covering pretty much everything important. There’s also an insert song this episode, Ozaki Amii’s 「Guardian Star」, which is a rather fitting song for this series in a very jazzy, lounge music sort of way.
Glass Heart’s feelings for Ryo have really blossomed now that they’ve actually spent some time together. Whether those feelings are hers or Kaori’s isn’t quite so clear. However, a new figure will soon enter the scene and stir things up a bit. He’s hinted at this episode and should be making his entrance next week.


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