Kaspar pointed out to me that the RSS feed was loading way too slow for certain clients/browsers because they needed to get all of the images. I’ve changed the settings so that the feed now shows only the excerpt (basically the same mini-entry you see on the front page). There should still be a “Read On” and “Comments” link for you to click and see the full entry on the page itself. Leave a comment if you have any complaints/suggestions/whatever. 🙂


  1. Actually all the images show up as no-hotlink images in my aggregator. Which is annoying because when I click Read More, the no-hotlinked images get cached and I have to reload to get the real images. Any way to get something like a text-only feed?

  2. I am using bloglines and I am not able to see the pictures and I also get the same thing happening on the website. But I havent had a problem with this feed loading too slow or anything.

  3. I follow your blog via livejournal syndication. Certainly helpful of you to make the feed load lighter. Agreeing with Albert that loading the no-links image isn’t all that appealing, especially since the coding of them in tables causes entries to stretch past ideal widths.

  4. I’m sorry, but to prevent hotlinking, I can’t allow any third party websites to use images like that since basically Bloglines and other website rss aggregators fall under the same heading as hotlinkers (yes, that is a bit unfair, but no I can’t go and add in every single service that does this). I know it’s an inconvenience, but you folks will have to just visit the site, or get a RSS program like FeedReader (which is what I use) or SharpReader.

    Chris: All you need to do is visit the site and force it to reload the images by using Ctrl+F5 (assuming you’re using Firefox). What you’re browser is doing is caching the images when you visit Bloglines, and then displaying the cached versions when you visit the site. Forcing it to reload will give the correct images. Again, inconvenience, but for now, it’ll have to do.

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