Short Summary:
Margery is very keen on finding Ramie, so she leaves even after Shana powers up, ready to fight. On the way home, Alastor explains that Margery is a combat maniac, but that all Flame Hazes have a hatred for Tomogara. Yuuji wants to fight together with Shana, and for once, she doesn’t reject him. Meanwhile, Margery can’t seem to find Ramie, so she goes back, gets drunk, and falls asleep. Keisaku and Eita are concerned about her, so Marchosias shows them a flash of her past. Margery sobers up long enough to kick the book, though Marchosias continues to explain that it’s a silver-colored flame Tomogara that she’s searching for.
The next day, Shana does some training with Yuuji, though it looks more like she’s beating him with a stick. Yuuji’s mother eventually comes to offer them drinks, and then invites Shana to take a bath. As Shana enjoys her first bath, Yuuji worries to Alastor about Margery and Ramie. Alastor tells him that Ramie must be protected because he’s carrying several hundred years worth of powers of existence. Back at Margery’s place, she’s experiencing one heck of a hangover, so she sends Keisaku and Eita to investigate Friagne’s lair. The two find the active map of the city that displays torches, and Margery decides to look for Ramie using it. However, Ramie is more cunning than that and uses dummies and birds to camouflage his movements. Shana and Yuuji, having felt Margery’s power searching for Ramie, head into the city instead of going to school. Yuuji suspects that Ramie’s still at the museum, and after Shana tells Yuuji to hold on tight, she uses her abilities to power jump towards there. Margery has also figured it out, and so it appears the two groups are on a collision course.

There’s lots of plot development this episode, but not as much plot progression. Shana herself seems to be cozying up more and more to Yuuji (and him to her), and Alastor reveals a lot about…ah, who am I kidding…the high point of this episode is the Shana bath scene. Yet again, the producers give Alastor important plot-related lines while showing Shana fanservice – this time, it’s her playing in the bathtub. And again, I have to ask how many of us actually listened to the dialogue (at least the first time through)?
The story does make me wonder how big of a part Margery will play overall, since it seems that we’re just beginning to develop her character and delve into her past. I would think that since they gave her a personal villain (in the silver colored flame Tomogara), then she’ll be around for a while yet as she searches for it. Next week looks to be a showdown between the two Flame Hazes, but I highly doubt that either of them is going to die.

Closing Thought: Why does it look like Shana is hiding behind Yuuji in the second eyecatch? (see pic above)


  1. woah… more fanservices! and Shana’s cuteness. Now this is going to be great/good episode without the action (doesn’t seem to be no action from the screenshots). It would be more cool for more romance fighting, hehehe…


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