Short Summary:
Arriving on the ship that’s now carrying our group of heroes, Riku is devastated to learn of George’s death. While he shuts himself in his room, Saya dreams of chasing her father in those castle ruins, but then seeing a girl whose mouth is covered with blood – a girl that looks like herself. Kai reminds Riku of the time when they first met Saya, and George brought them out to the sea. Saya had broken one of Riku’s most important books, but George put it back together. Meanwhile, Saya hears Hagi playing the cello, and asks him about her past. Hagi pulls the sword out of his case, and performs what resembles a dance. He hands her the sword, but when she keeps asking about her past, Hagi replies that her answer lies in fighting the Chiropterans. Meanwhile, David and Julia are doing research using the data David got. At the same time, the reporter Akihiro is doing his own investigation into what happened, after he visits the bombed out Yanbaru site. Both parties find out about a shipment of wine, and both connect the wine to Vietnam, which Julia then connects to a special girl’s high school there. Meanwhile, Saya starts to practice her swordsmanship in the rain. When the sun finally comes out, Riku hears Saya hope that everyone can smile tomorrow. He remembers George saying something very similar that day by the beach. Saya tells Riku that George’s last words were for them not to forget their smiles. Kai says that they have to do their best, and the three are finally together as a happy family again.

I have to once again comment on how good the music is this episode. We haven’t really heard many of the softer songs recently, and it was refreshing to hear the one that plays during the beach flashback scene. Then again, I seem to like everything about this show that’s related to George. And given how he usually plays bad guys, I’m surprised at how much I like Ohtsuka Yoshitada’s voicing of him. But since we’re moving out of what I call the Okinawa arc, I guess we probably won’t be hearing much from him except from the occasional flashback.
This episode acts as a transition between arcs, as Saya and company are now headed to Vietnam. Saya’s determined as ever to fight, but her opponents right now aren’t Chiropterans, but rather the people of the Lycee de Cinq Fleshe. All this is connected to the Delta 69, and so I guess that they will probably find yokushu there, but probably not for a while yet. The preview shows a lot of new characters, including the masked phantom and the girl who looks oddly like Tsugumi from Aquarion.

Closing Thought: As far as I can tell, fleshe isn’t an actual french word, so I’m not quite sure what Lycee de Cinq Fleshe means. If fleshe is a phonetical spelling for flèche, then it could be anything from like “School of Five Arrows” to “School of Five Lances.”


  1. Being a french guy, I’m smiling about the screen showing the school so called ‘Lycee de cinq fleshe’ 🙂
    I think it should rather be ‘Le lycée des cinq flêches'(the high school of five arrows)…

  2. I’d like to see what they’ll do with the Vietnamese signs and all… I hope they give the Vietnam arc proper treatment (good backgrounds and all).

    Haven’t watched this ep yet (downloading now), but I agree that the music is really fitting.

  3. Excellent episode! I somehow loved it even if there wasn’t any action. Whole lot better than the past episodes, probably because of all the story development, including the melodrama between the Miyashiro family 😀


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