Junichi is working on his homework while Sakura is reading an apparently hilarious manga. She offers to help, but he turns it down after remembering all the trouble everyone’s gone through for him these past two years. Sakura comments on how she liked the lazy Junichi, and then appears right in front of him, leaning in close enough for a kiss – of course she’s just kidding and backs off when Nemu appears. Over lunch, Nemu notices that Aisia is gone, and Junichi almost lets it slip that she’s out magic training. Sakura, who saw Aisia leaving early that morning, has a good idea of what she’s up to. That night, Aisia returns home and goes immediately to bed, even while she’s covered in dirt.
The next day, Aisia is trying to revive the tree again when Sakura tells her that it’s futile because she already killed it. Sakura goes on to explain that she needs to clear up some misunderstandings from what she said last time. First, she re-clarifies that however hard Aisia tries, she won’t bring back the tree. When Aisia brings up the fact that the tree granted her wish for Junichi and Nemu to reconcile, Sakura moves on to her second point: Junichi and Nemu would have done so even if they were left alone. She then lectures Aisia on how relying on magic for convenience is dangerous. Magic can help a person grant their wish, but the wish being granted is not because of the power of magic. Convinced for now, Aisia returns home with Sakura. That night, Aisia emerges from her room after thinking long and hard to hear Sakura happily preparing dinner with Junichi. When Sakura mentions how happy they are, Aisia can’t stand it anymore and calls it a lie. Aisia knows that Sakura really still likes Junichi, but can’t have him because of Nemu. The reason she speaks badly about magic now is because her wish wasn’t granted. Sakura shoots back saying that even though she still like Junichi, she also wishes for Nemu to be happy, and that she herself is happy enough right now. Aisia then asks Sakura why she came, accusing her of not having given up on Junichi and wanting to live like they were before. With Sakura stunned by her final words, Aisia runs out, vowing to prove that magic can bring everyone happiness.

This episode shows a bit of the changing roles that the characters are taking on. For a while, it looked like Sakura was going to be the experienced, “magic is dangerous” figure, but it seems that Aisia blows that image apart with her arguments. Aisia herself doesn’t really change, but she does grow much more resolute in wanting to use magic for happiness and she gains a lot of points for taking on Sakura and the “system” (ie. everyone should be happy if Junichi and Nemu are happy).
For the most part, I enjoyed this episode, even if I really don’t know where most of the the time went. There’s a ton of dialogue, but it feels like they could have covered everything in half the episode. Basically nothing major happens the first half as all of the important stuff comes in the second. It’s certainly taken them long enough to reach this point where everything boils over and Aisia finally does something. Well I guess she hasn’t even done anything yet. That’ll be next week (hopefully). Based on the way the preview changes (that really caught me off guard), I get the feeling that Aisia may succeed next episode and that maybe something big will happen to change the way people think and feel.

Closing Thought: Did they really have to spend 30 seconds on Aisia grunting and moaning? 😀


  1. Ehh, Aisha is a looot better than Nemu. If anything, she’s DCSS’ saving grace.

    Even if I’d rather it actually was Aisha and Kotori who got focus, like I thought it was gonna be. >.>

  2. Actualy i’m starting to find Aisia rather anoying, How many times that has to be said that magic can also go wrong, sure not everyone is truly happy but thats what feelings are in real life. You certainly dont need magic to become happy cause that really makes those feelings so artificial and not necessarily real. I guess Aisia will try untill something does go wrong and afcourse realize what she’s done. God I hate for the tree to come back.

  3. I wonder what kind of ending this will have, really.

    All of sudden, everyone (apart from the obvious ones, Kotori and Mako, and maybe Nanako) liked Jyunichi in episode 16. And now, all this. Maybe it won’t be a happy ending? Or maybe the closure will not be that good? I dunno really.

  4. I agree with srtargets I mean, magic actually conflicted alot on trying to make them happy. Like how kotori was irratated once she was able to read people’s mind. Magic cannot really make people happy. But if Alisha does succeed with reliving the tree, will it really make people happier?

    thats what i am questioning about the ending. of course i dont want nemu to die like other people out there >__.;

  5. Aisia grew up believing that magic is the source of happiness because she saw her grandmother do nothing but make people happy with magic. She wouldn’t be able to change her mind about it just because someone said magic made everyone suffer 2 years ago. Telling Aisia to stop using magic is like telling a devote Christian to become a Satanist. Indeed I find her “Magic makes everyone happy and I’m right, while you are wrong” attitude a bit annoying too, but it isn’t at all her fault.

    I still demand more of Kotori dammit. Bastards. Such a torture for a Kotori fanboy like me X(

  6. More Kotori and little to no Nemu would be asking too much for a series where Kotori is supposed to be the centre of the story obviously >.>, so so I’ll be happy with what we -could- get: almost no Nemu

  7. As for the tree, maybe it’s coming back, not sure, but it probably wouldn’t be alive by the end of the series…either that, or it’ll be different. (considering the tree IS supposed to be alive in DC II…)

  8. kotori still have a chance =D im probably sure. and in episode 1, uhm, jyuchi said “im really in ur dept for my whole life, I’ll repay the favor with my own body” ^^ oh ya when..uhmm D.C II will come out??

  9. Isn’t DC II something like 50 years in the future? I would think the ending to this series will be concerte enough to allow them to trasition into that. Meaning, he’s likely going to end with one girl.

  10. I agree, it’d make for a very cheap ending.

    I never thought he deserved Kotori either, as long as Kotori has a well done closure I’m happy, even if it doesn’t make up for the lack of screentime she had this season.

  11. I dunno…I mean, with Miharu, you COULD say that maaaybe she adopted Minatsu or something, since she doesn’t look anything like Miharu…

    But Nanaka looks just too much like Kotori not to be blood related to her…however, her surname is Shirakawa…could it be that our Kotori is a single mother? >.>

    And hey, Suginami is bad…but Suginami > Jyunichi anyday.

    And I think it’d be much harder to imagine someone in DC as her husband…

  12. I have to admit… sometimes I wonder why so many of you keep watching this show from week to week if you find it so disappointing (do you even watch it, or just check the blogs/forums?). Sure, Kotori doesn’t get much screentime (see last week’s debate) but, from amount of resulting whining, you’d think that we should just throw the baby with the bathwater. Or perhaps you’re watching the show just to see how much it can piss you off?

    I dunno… do any of you actually *enjoy* the show for what it is? I have a feeling that I’m one of the few. Could be because I didn’t go into the show as incredibly biased towards Kotori… who knows… I never felt like I was promised lots of Kotori screentime, so that never disappointed me. For whatever reason, I feel like I understand why she’s not the central focus on screen. I feel that her role in the OP is justified… She got a more substantial role than in season one and plays a role in the main plot, and that’s good. I enjoy the other D.C. characters too, and so I’ve found Second Season to be pretty good overall (obviously not perfect, but neither was season one.). I just really don’t know why so many people have Kotori blinders – she’s one of my favorite characters too, but I still don’t get it.

  13. I don’t really like the show, no, but it’s DC, and as long as it is, I’m gonna watch it till the end.

    The expectations we went into it with are cleary different. Maybe my whining can get on your, or anyone’s nerves, and I can understand that, and I apologize if that’s the case. But my reason for watching it, is basically that it’s DC. Even if I don’t like -this-, I’m still a DC fan…so I plan to watch it till the end.

  14. Well I never said the plot itself was disappointing. In fact, it’s sucking me into it. What disappointed me was the lack of Kotori, but that’s another story. I already watched all episodes to date, and it’s not too boring that I could just stop watching the series. Besides, being a stubborn Kotori fanboy that I am, I wouldn’t feel right to stop watching it while Kotori hasn’t shown 100% pure smile yet 😀

    And regarding Kotori’s daughter…Her surname being Shirakawa is pretty interesting. It would mean that she hasn’t married, but she has a child, which means she must have had a intercourse with someone, which also means Kotori was screwed…Oh noooo! Or maybe she adopted her, yes, that would be better.

  15. Mm…it’s been sucking me in, too. Besides, I really like Aisha’s character…I’m just very disappointed at some things, but I can’t say it hasn’t made me want to keep watching and see where it’ll end. And boring? Not really; I’m just frustrated, but nope, this isn’t boring. So I guess I wouldn’t be right to say that I didn’t like the -show- more like I didn’t like some aspects of it. And of course, I’ll watch till the end for Kotori too, I want a good ending for her.

    I do realize it’s probably my fault for the most part, because of the expectations I had, but that doesn’t mean I was going to be less disappointed when it didn’t go the way I thought it would. >.>

    Rasmiel – look at Kotori’s, uhm, grandaughter, more accurrately, quote in the DC II page. “Nanaka! No, Na-na-ka!” Is it just me, or is that a blatant reference to “Please call me Kotori.”? (and not Shirakawa, because of her backstory, but you probably remember that anyway). So…that makes things even more interesting. Maybe Kotori’s grandchild was adopted by the Shirakawa household again? Because she looks too much like Kotori not to be related to her…
    And Kotori adopting Nanaka’s mom or dad (and them getting her surname) would maybe mean that she didn’t find anyone, and that’d be just ;.;

    Maybe we’re looking too much into things and they have those surnames just to identify them with the characters from the previous version.

  16. Hmm, I don’t think Nanaka is Kotori’s grandaughter…It’s only 50 years in the future -.-

    And yes, it seems like they are making a reference to the first meeting of Kotori and Junichi. Nanaka is similar to Kotori in the way that she’s the school idol and likes to sing. But other than that, Nanaka looks like Kotori turned around 180 degrees (doesn’t like to study, likes to tease, etc.). I can’t wait until they put the story up ^_^

    By the way, have you noticed that the Asakura family has three children? Jeez, Junichi and Nemu must really have gotten on. Yume is like an exact carbon copy of Nemu.

    All this is confusing, I think you are right that we are judging too much just by looking at surnames. I mean, Miharu wouldn’t have a child who hates banana and people, would she?

  17. Well, you see, I say that Nanaka is Kotori’s grandchild because right now Kotori is 17. 50 years into the future, she’d be 67…and if Nanaka is only 14 or 15, that means she gave birth at 52 or 53, which I really don’t think would be the case. >.> I definitely think two generations have passed since then…

    And yeah, it’ll be interesting; I want to know why Nanaka wouldn’t want to be called Shirakawa either. And there are 3 Asakuras, yeah…Otome’s interesting, and Yume looks quite a bit like Nemu indeed, though her personality doesn’t seem to have to do anything with her…but they’d almost certainly pull off the “non blood related to the male” thing, so, I wonder…

    And of course she would. ^_^ Precisely because she’s the exact opposite of Miharu, is why I think she’s related to her. It wouldn’t make sense if a Mizukoshi or a Saitama hated bananas and people, mm?
    What I meant by “we shouldn’t just judge by the surnames” is that maybe they just kept the mother’s rather than the father’s surnames just to show us those girls are related to the original characters. It doesn’t have to be all that logical.

  18. I don’t think ALL our Da Capo heroines kept their surnames. That would probably be the weirdest anime phenomenon ever.

    I wonder if the next main character will be Nanaka and Koko’s childhood friends? It says in Koko’s profile that she’s a childhood friend, and if Nanaka is Koko’s childhood friend that would mean the main character must be her childhood friend as well. But Nanaka’s Kotori quote makes it unlikely -.-

    Argh, my head is starting to hurt. How did we end up talking about DCII again?

  19. >>I don’t think ALL our Da Capo heroines kept their surnames. That would probably be the weirdest anime phenomenon ever.

    Of course not. But Miharu and Kotori did. Somehow. And like I said, maybe it doesn’t have to make sense, and it’s just to identify them with their mothers/grandmas, rather than their fathers/grandpas.

    And, yeah, what you said about Koko/Nanaka is weird. I have no idea. As for Nanaka being a main character, I think Shirakawas are doomed to failure >.> (if they make an anime anyway, Kotori’s is one of the 4 main routes in the game). Unless she knew him from before, which doesn’t seem likely, I think Koko and the Asakura sisters are probably the main ones.

    Who knows how we ended up talking aboud DCII.


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