Hiroki, who despite wanting to study promised to help Elis buy a yukata, abandons her with her classmates and Kiri after they all run into each other at the shopping center. Kiri helps the girls choose what to wear and even takes them to her own home to teach them how to put a yukata on. She’s rummaging through her closet when an object falls down – Elis sees that it’s a painting of Kiri, signed by Hiroki. Kiri quickly picks it up, saying that it’s from high school.
At the festival, Hiroki is paying more attention to his book than to Elis, so she mentions the painting that she saw at Kiri’s house. Hiroki’s face lights up after hearing that, so Elis decides to run off alone to get her fortune. At the booth she encounters Kiri, and the two both get their fortunes, though neither of them opens them just yet. Instead, they drink some lemonade, which reminds Kiri of her days with Hiroki. Elis takes the chance to confront Kiri about liking him again, but Hiroki interrupts them. After Elis runs off again, Hiroki and Kiri go looking for her and almost get separated by the crowd, but Hiroki pulls Kiri’s hand towards him. They find her with the rest of her classmates, so they walk off together. In turn, Elis sees them together and goes herself running in the opposite direction. She bumps into Shouta, and the two go to see the fireworks. Shouta apologizes for what he said last time, and the two even manage to laugh about it. Elis tells him about the love triangle that she’s in, but replaces herself with a friend. Shouta’s quick to realize that she’s talking about herself, not a friend, but then the fireworks start. Hiroki and Kiri are watching the fireworks together when Kiri pulls out her fortune and reads it: it tells her to keep waiting for her wish. But Kiri feels that she’s waited long enough, and the two of them look longingly at each other. Meanwhile, Elis breaks down crying after reading her fortune, which ironically gives her lots of luck.

I’ll get my main gripe about this episode out of the way first: the art is very inconsistent and below par. Aside from that, this is a pretty enjoyable episode in terms of plot, even if most of it doesn’t really move us further in any direction. I say most because the last couple of minutes during the fireworks do advance the story a little. Kiri and Hiroki look like they’re ready to kiss, though I don’t think that they will. And Kiri’s final statement may also indicate that she’s ready for a relationship, but I don’t think that this will happen yet either. Conversely, Elis seems to be getting further and further away from her brother, both physically (she does a lot of running away this episode) and emotionally (see above). Much to my dismay, it’s looking more and more likely that they might pair Elis up with Shouta to satisfy her romantic interests. For now, it doesn’t look like his character is going anywhere, as he’s become something like an emotional crutch for Elis.

Closing Thought: They couldn’t do any better than the Mandam Mobill Kuit?


  1. and by the way from the past episodes and this one we are seeing how much Hiroki really liked Kiri as a teen growning up through the eyes of Elis. But the question is if he really liked Kiri that much then why(The REAL REASON) did he reject Kiri when she confessed to him??

  2. “But the question is if he really liked Kiri that much then why(The REAL REASON) did he reject Kiri when she confessed to him??”

    Possible spoilers:

    Hiroki rejected Kiri because he knew his childhood friend (Not Kiri) had a crush on her too. He also had the urge for the three of them to stay as good friends by not taking in any romantic relationship.

    On the side note, I can’t believe that random character is still hanging around >_

  3. Also, Elis will still be happy in the end even if Hiroki ends up with Kiri, if they are going to follow the game’s storyline. If Hiroki ends up with Elis for some reason, I’m not sure what will become of Kiri.

  4. Elis moves on. She gets over her trauma with color red, thanks to Hiroki. What he did was unbelievably crazy, but he won the bet. I shouldn’t spoil this, since it’ll probably be told in the anime.

  5. Rasimel You can SPOIL it for me anytime i love spoilers so if you gotta anything elsre you wanna share you can send me on aim: missinlink15 or i wanna ALOT more taht will happen. Like what happens when he ends up with Kiri, and what was the bet, and does the other childhood friend make a appearance and all that i got lots more question just hit me up on the screennames.

  6. Why do they even do stories with the other girls that like Hiroki. You know they don’t have a shot from the very beginning. This episode really illustrates that the main conflict is always only between two girls: the childhood friend and the incest type relation.

  7. You’re comments, EliteF22, are interesting and strangely accurate from the shows I have tried to watch recently. But you have to fill out the episode count somehow, right? It’s either that, or try and have a real plot unrelated to the romance (ala Comic Party).


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